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  1. I expect another TDK trilogy. THR said Reeves is not setting anything up or crossing over. So 3 movies and WB reboots yet again
  2. It might've taken Sony a while to make another truly great Spider-Man movie but in the meantime they gave us Spectacular Spider-Man and Spider-Man PS4 Whenever something truly great comes out about Spider-Man it's usually Sony behind the wheel
  3. JJ knows what he's doing. This won't be the boring dreck TLJ was In
  4. The hyperbole regarding Pattinson's performance in a couple indie movies is hilarious. Dude's are legit acting like he's the second coming of DDL
  5. Yea reading over the tweets again that seems to be the case Basically it's a movie incels will love
  6. Is Todd Phillips the kind of director to rise above a mediocre/bad script?
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