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  1. by now: 1. edge of tomorrow: nice start, cool premise and cast, HORRIBLE third act and really boring aliens. 2. guardians of the galaxy: LOVE THIS etc etc but wow, very FLAT story.
  2. 1. Mockingjay - 380 2. Hobbit - 310 3. Guardians - 290 4. Interstellar - 285 5. Winter Soldier / Big Hero - 260 Exodus will be lucky crossing 150...
  3. Didnt aware of that, anyway this last years proved that means nothing. All depends on the buzz and markenting. The buzz right know seems great with fans, and you bet Universal campaing its going to be HUGE for this. Theme park plot Chris Pratt Universal campaign No THAT big competition right now Im in. 100-120M OW 325-350M DOMESTIC 1000-1150M WW
  4. Surprised by those numbers, especially in August, but seems to follow the weak interest in Spain for superheroes. Even Mr. Peabody & Sherman outgross Cap2, TAS2 and Xmen this year. Do you think Lucy is going to take the top next weekend?
  5. is ID42 happening? 'cause we dont have any news for a while isnt it? is Emmerich suppose to direct it? In case its on time I can easly see surpassing 300m, dont know why all predictions I see lately are on the 200m range...
  6. Torrente 5 looks awful. I see on the top2 of 2014 only behind 8AV, anywhere b/t 25-35. Spanish are not Transformers-friendly, but for sure they like Torrente.
  7. Zootopia seems like an old Disney classic in the post-Frozen era. Merchandising its gonna be huge. Finding Dory, as now, its only a moneymaker sequel to me, i hope Pixar puts all efforts to bring us a good movie, b/c Monsters 2 was lax (is that the word? ). If its on the level of Toy Story 3 sky is the limit and I can see beating Batman vs. Superman. i though Dawn would do better, we'll see where Fox is going with this franchise. Jungle Book has done really cool cast announcements and although Favreau is no Truffaut it can deliver a good product I guess. IMO zero interest but should do well. Its goint to kill overseas.
  8. I'm not criticising your predictions or anything. I'm just too lazy to make a list of my own
  9. 1. Avatar 2 - 580 2. Batman v Superman - 430 3. Zootopia - 390 4. Finding Dory - 345 5. Star Wars spin off - 325 6. Capitain America 3 - 315 7. X-Men: Apocalypse - 310 8. Dr. Strange - 285 9. Shazam! - 280 10. Fantastic beasts - 280 11. Jungle Book - 245 12. Giants - 240 13. Planet of the apes 3 - 235 14. Star Trek 3 - 210 15. Ben Hur - 200 Trought the looking glass - 180 Sinister Six - 135
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