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  1. TLJ didn't open at the same time in China, so at least TROS has got that going for it 😅
  2. First of all, I never commented on the box office prospect of T:DF. Also, you're quite annoying...
  3. Well, I will be part of the dozen who's not going to see this movie even though I was totally planning to see it. This has nothing to do with Liu Yifei, as I'm neutral toward her, it's more that since the CCP started to stan this movie in support of her statement so I won't be taking part of the stanning. Also, over the weekend, pro-CCP Chinese international students in Toronto and Vancouver was taking full advantage of their "right" of expression here in Canada by driving Maserati and Ferrari full with Chinese flags, and shouting at the pro-Hong Kong protesters : "Qiong Bi" which translate to "impoverished C**t", without realizing the irony that they are supposed to be the mouthpiece of "communism", and that in a country that gives them freedom of expression, they're using it to shut people down, block pro-HK parade, utter obscenity in order to promote CCP dictatorship in the name of Chinese patriotism. As a Chinese Canadian, this is disheartening to see, and I honestly don't want to see any more children CCP officials using that corrupted wealth to taint my country with CCP influence. This doesn't have much to do with Mulan or Liu YiFei, though obviously, this puts me off from seeing the movie , I will be advising a few others to do so as well.
  4. While America does have an awful police brutality problem, much worse than that of HK, actually. The main difference is that the issue at hand in HK is the kind of issue that could have been resolved democratically in the states, this situation wouldn't even arise. Imagine if you have 1/3 of the population of US on the street (2M people is not that far from 1/3 of the entire HK population), any government in the US would almost certainly have to immediately concede to the demand of the people, otherwise people will just vote them out democratically. The frustrating thing about HK is always that their puppet Chief Executive do not truly answer to the people, and it's not like Xi will sit down personally with the protesters (despite trump suggesting that twitter), there's truly no other outlet or resolution. One other thing to take into consideration is that in a place that you are almost certain no civilian has guns, police brutality should naturally be expected to be much more tame.
  5. The situation is gonna be quite amusing next year, as we don't have any guaranteed domestic $500M+, but with China, you never know which film could explode and demolish records, we'll likely see a few $600M for sure as we are seeing them with increasing frequency.
  6. Other factors may also have contributed to it, personal issues for example...
  7. I think for the intent of Chinese box office comparisons, beating it in RMB is probably the more meaningful parameter. Gladly to know it is likely, let's go Ne Zha, finally something to cheer for!
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