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  1. Yeah, unfortunately I think money is left on the table, what could have been a $100M+ re-run in China is now probably a $55M to $60M run, which, as far as re-release go is still very impressive! Also, still expecting some sort of rerelease globally in anticipation to the sequel, I still need to see it in theatre again! 😀
  2. We've done this same mental exercise two years ago as well, If Avatar and Titanic never existed, the highest grossing films worldwide would have been changed hands between 8-9 sequels one after another consecutively in fairly close succession. The highest grossing films would have been something like: SW: TPM HP1?? LOTR: ROTK Transformers 3 HP8 Avengers Jurassic world Star Wars TFA Avengers Endgame so an original film coming out and takes the world by storm literally hasn't happened for almost 3 decades if not for the
  3. Back in 2019 I commented on the film that I thought Endgame's run was probably the most comparable to - Jurassic Park (1993), and that idea was ridiculed thoroughly, but while I realize it's a pointless exercise to compare global box office runs of completely different era, if we were to compare endgame to another worldwide historical record holder, I stand by the judgement that JP is the best comparison. The resemblance is definitely there, JP didn't win the domestic crown (against ET and TFA in Endgame's case) and won the worldwide crown without actually tapping into the potentia
  4. Yes, what I found interesting is the fact that 2009 (~$29B global market) and 2019 (~$42.5B global market) were both the most obvious thing yet somehow simultaneously the most difficult/puzzling thing to comprehend to a lot of people.
  5. Technically, Avatar has not had a single global large scale re-release yet, this one is also China only. Some people are trying to spread the false impression that Avatar somehow achieved its box office from several rounds of release when in fact, its original run, not counting the one tagged at the end of its global one as a victory lap, still amounted to $2.74B+, surpassing Titanic's original $1.84B by $900M, becoming the undisputed champion of global box office in 2010, in fact, Endgame was the one that needed a expansion/re-release to squeak by Avatar's box office (by $7M) in a global mark
  6. Avatar has earned about $3.5M on Friday in China, and looking at the presales, Saturday will easily double that amount, which means by afternoon Saturday China Time, Avatar will have (in actuality) reclaimed the the title of "the highest grossing film of all time ". With this pandemic and its effects on theatrical attendance in the west, my original conviction in the box office performance of Avatar 2 is a bit shaken, but having Avatar back at the top still feels great!
  7. Probably the single most infuriating video that I've seen from her, and she has a lot of annoying videos....
  8. Avatar would have the potential to do great in a China re-release under normal circumstances, but this date is a bit questionable. I heard that most Chinese college students are under fairly strict lock-down and can barely get to the theaters, September is usually a pretty down month in China even without the pandemic. Also, it pretty much has less than 2 weeks to earn money before the national day films rush in October. My ideal Avatar re-release would be a simultaneous global large-scale release with enhanced visuals, but I guess under the circumstances this is fine.
  9. Well, the general Chinese population might know even less about Canada. Vancouver is probably widely thought as the national Capital. I still remember getting into a discussion about Canada being a larger country geographically than the US years ago back in China and my classmates were shocked!
  10. Since it's Dec 2022 now, those "billions of dollars waiting to pounce" better pounce even harder 😉
  11. I am fine with delay, considering the situation over the past few months, I am not sure if 2021 Dec date will help unleashing the box office potential of A2, even if the situation completely recovers by then; the global box office market (if it doesn't start to progressively decline) will need some time to fully revitalize. I will be there opening night, that is something I can always hold on to😂 btw, once this is all over, before the new 2022 date, they should still do a global re-release of Avatar at some point.
  12. Really enjoyed Onward, the way they approached the ending was a semi-surprise but also very pixar if I think about it, I liked it. Agree that Tom Holland does some amazing voice acting. Mulan, Minions 2, Trolls world tour, Soul, Artemis fowl.
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