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  1. The Downside of that happening (I admit now that there's a >>50% chance this will happen), is that we'll never see Cameron fully dominating the worldwide box-office in 2021 as follows, that's a bit unfortunate. 1. Avatar 2 2. Avatar 3. Avatar 3 4. Titanic
  2. I think an Avatar related series will come sooner or later though, and I would happily watch that.
  3. I have doubt about Minions 2 getting to 1B as well, not sure if this is a Ice Age/Shrek situation yet, but the DM franchise would start to see declining returns. DM3 already suffered domestic drop, usually that could indicate a worldwide drop sooner or later, Minions was generally perceived as terrible, that won't help. I'm kind of curious how SLOP 2 will do this year, that will give an indication whether illustration is as powerful as it once was, I mean, a lot of people don't even remember that The Grinch came out...
  4. What an uninspiring year box office wise, and movie wise for the most part, thankfully there's Avatar 2, Nolan and Dune to look forward to, and a Pixar original. It doesn't look like anything is going much beyond 1.2B next year (if even that) before Avatar 2 arrives, which is kind of nice, I like a relatively quite year to pave way for the the excitement at the very end. A quiet year with no distractions and imagine all the fun of watching movies struggling to get over 1B mark, and then once A2 comes out, the worldwide list is going to look so skewed that it'll remind everyone of 1997 and 2009 again....
  5. So is the film definitely on track to release this Dec, Or is there still a chance of delay? I'd really be interesting in seeing Jumanji vs SW part 2, not saying Jumanji will outgross Star Wars, just looking at how much of a threat it would pose, the dynamics back in 2017 was interesting.
  6. Out, but this is going to be very close, there are many things in its favor, but also a few things against it (exchange rate compared to IW, run time, slightly stronger competition and the fact that it's really only been 1 year since IW), I would still predict under IW numbers, but over Titanic would certainly not be a surprise. btw, the hype might be insane, but there's isn't exactly a trailer that connected quite as well as that IW first trailer, you could say that it doesn't matter, but marketing primarily toward people who are already fans might just be what keeps this below Titanic, who knows?
  7. I'm going to have to borrow this quote at some point
  8. This is not exactly true, online reactions that I've seen seems mixed at best, RT audience score seems to confirm that (there is no known coordinated attack against this movie), and most of the criticisms that I've seen either focus on tonal inconsistencies, or plot logical inconsistencies, with latter being more common
  9. You can't tell people to just do that, speaking as someone who suspend their disbelief very easily, I simply can't with this film. There's got to be a balance between creative premise and believability, and this film cross that barrier to a point that I can't buy it thematically because too many things don't make any sense. It really doesn't help that the film tries to ground itself in reality and thus sort of inviting the audiences to explore logical inconsistencies, if it doesn't attempt to explain as much, I think it would have turned out for the better. If it comes to the point that in the process of trying to explain away 1 plot hole, I inevitably create 3 more gaping plot holes, I can't focus on the message and themes anymore. "Just try to have fun" is something you say for a Roland Emmerich movie, the thing is they never take themselves this seriously.
  10. I think 20 M OW with even more divisive reactions if not for Jordan Peele. This film does inspire discussion and does tend to linger. Usually a movie that I deem to be just OK, doesn't stay with me quite as long, that doesn't help my perception of the film though, the more I think about it, the more tonally inconsistent and narratively messy the film feels.
  11. There are so many logical inconsistencies with that premise, that it basically can't stand up to any level of scrutiny. Which is why it's probably best just to leave it. I don't think either speech made much sense in the context (the chalkboard one or the one in front of the fireplace).
  12. yeah, I kind of agree, also those three you listed got progressively worse in relation to their exact order of release dates. With Hateful8 being really a pain to watch.
  13. I have to agree though that picture that's been posted everywhere doesn't exactly inspire too much... confidence. We really need more promotional material!
  14. This trailer has way too many unnecessary text...

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