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  1. expecting $ 26 - 27M for I2 and $ 90M for the weekend JW should do $ 140M, probably will not cross $ 400M, huge drop... but still it'll do a billion worldwide, so who cares
  2. reactions seems better than IW, i think 90% is looking good this should gross at least $ 250M dom and $ 700M ww
  3. it's terrible for comparison, pre sales for Solo is much better at the same point... but i don't think JW depends of good presales to have a good opening... expecting $ 130 - 140M debut, much smaller than JW but not bad like Solo
  4. i think Lasseter leaving Pixar will actually helps a lot... Docter / Stanton will be better for Pixar now than Lasseter in the past years and in my opinion their mixed days is over, i don't think we'll see movies like the good dinosaur or monster university again for a long time... apparently they took their lessons from the mistakes the new talents they bring it's not the problem, the studio itself loose their focus, but i really have the impression they recovered... mark andrews have a original movie in works [this time he's not trying to "save a movie" like he did on the problematic production of Brave], brian fee is also working in a original movie, and he made a good job in Cars 3 considering the situation of the franchise, pete docter is also working in a original movie and i completely trust on him, dan scanlon made the terrible monsters university but his original suburban fantasy seems really great i can see a incredibles 3 or other sequel in the mid 2020's, but i don't think they will actually need it, they just passed for a bad time, like Disney and other studios already passed and recovered
  5. OUT I can see CR breaking out, but Mary Poppins is obviously the strongest movie for holidays this year I can't tell how high MP could fly, but i don't see this doing less than $ 300M DOM, the trailers views doesn't matter, especially because it's just a boring teaser...
  6. pixar say TS4 will be their last sequel for a long time, i think they will maintain that especially because they already have movies planned until 2022, and probably other movies in development right now... plus, TS3 become the highest gross animated movie ever back in 2010 and still, they wait 9 years to release another movie... considering their calendar, the time for making an animation, an the fact Bird is probably make at least 1 movie before thinking in I3, i think we could easily expect another 8 years or more to see another sequel [and i doubt this will hurt the BO potential]
  7. outside marvel / pixar / SW, they still have christopher robin, wreck it ralph and mary poppins this year, all of them will be hits
  8. excellent opening $ 500M DOM / $ 1B WW is locked, let's hope it can make $ 600M DOM
  9. And that’s exactly why i don’t buy the “TS3 was the perfect ending and no one asked for TS4, so it will drop a lot” argument... Yeah, TS3 have a perfect ending to Andy’s arc, TS4 is not necessary and no one really asked for it... but it’s still Toy Story, one of the most beloved franchises of all time, it’s been 9 years since the last movie, when they start the marketing, nostalgia will kick in and People will get excited about it... if Pixar delivered in quality, i think $ 500M DOM is totally possible for TS4
  10. I agreed that nobody really ask for Dory, but still, people get really hyped about It when they announce, so for me is a highly anticipated sequel... i mean, a movie that break all the animated records and gross almost $ 500M DOM has to be highly anticipated I also expect I2 to be more frontloaded than Dory because of the higher OW and the bait on the ending of TI, but not by much, probably around 3.3-3.4x
  11. People wait 13 years for Dory and still manage a 3.6x besides being the biggest OW even for an animation (and also facing another + $ 350M animation) I can understand your point, but there’s no big sign hey to think this will be much more frontloaded than Dory
  12. Probably the high end... It needs to drop hard to get “”only”” $ 150M
  13. Well, nothing is completely certain until it happens, so...
  14. Oh shit, that’s true lol But i still think I2 will drop 50% maximum, no matter how high JW could go

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