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  1. Definitely TS4 will jump around 25 - 35% compared to TS3 [which is already huge]... that's excellent It's sad though that media put the range so big that now something like $ 140M doesn't seem that impressive
  2. Opening around Dory seems like a safe bet, i'll be happy with this. I think the ffs internal multi will be better than I2 though, even the presales seems more spread... so maybe even with $ 13M previews [which is probably the low end] it could surpass $ 150M OW
  3. Impressive club, it lasts 13 months TS4 will always gonna kill it, but Aladdin being the one who kill it is impressive considering everything went wrong before the release Congrats anyway, bold club and almost succeed
  4. At worse TS4 will make $ 130M OW and match the total of TS3 with a just ok 3.19x multiplier. I mean, the time to make crazy predictions and tell reasons for underperformance is like 4 months ago.
  5. This is probably don’t going below 96% at this point Final Average should be in 8.2-8.3
  6. 8 points less than one of the most beloved movies of all time... seems really good for me
  7. Only 4 points less than TS2 and it’s not good? LOL
  8. RT: 100% (39 reviews) 8.59 Average MC: 85 (15 reviews)
  9. 100% with 26 reviews 8,74 average Yeah, Pixar do it again
  10. I guess Frozen 2 will need to be much better than the first one to beat TS4. The good news, Frozen 2 actually seems way more interesting than the first based on trailers, so it will be a good battle.
  11. I’m living for these reactions LOL Really happy to see Pixar makes everything right again, they really care for this franchise.
  12. TS4 will take the crown though... expecting 82-84 on Metacritic
  13. Officially now, for those who are worried
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