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  1. So, i saw Alita and thank God i’m not disappointed. The best thing for me is Alita herself, her arc is so well done, Rosa Salazar performance is really strong and she’s so charismatic, it takes only 10 minutes to make you root for her. The cast in general works well, sadly the movie is really rush so the development of the other characters is not so great, but still good. I really like that everything that happens on the movie moves Alita and her decisions, i think they did a good job building the script around her. Rodriguez direction is really good, action scenes are spectacular, the movie in general is really fun to watch. Technically the movie is a triumph, CGI deserves an Oscar and the photorealistic face which so many people complain is really brilliant, the big eyes not only work but upgrade Rosa’s performance. The problem for me is the editing, script have some problems like cheesy dialogs but is really well scructured and works, the thing is the movie really needs more time to work better some concepts and characters. Probably if they didn’t cut the 200 pages original script the movie will be even better, but i understand that commercially this will suffer with a 3 hour runtime, so i can deal with that. In general, great movie, i hope i can see it again in theathers. Rating: 4/5
  2. Industry does the tracking with companies. According to Deadline rival studios say CM metrics are giant and interest is huge. Disney doesn’t say nothing yet (but they’re really lowballing their movies in general, so tracking close to release could be $ 140M and Disney probably will say they expect $ 110M).
  3. Black Panther challenge gross around just $ 1M, so... Anyway, CM challenge is not so behind BP, so i guess this is a yes.
  4. Yes, but this time he’s not wrong, Disney really lowballing their movies. And early tracking for BP and CM is really the same even with both BP / CM presales indicating much more than that. Like i said, i don’t think CM will be a phemomenon like BP domestically, but could easily debut with $ 140 - 150M. Overseas they probably will be close thought.
  5. It’s just editing... the last spots basically doesn’t have complains about it anymore because they’re showing her personality more. And people against the movie find a better way to attack than just keep saying she’s bad and doesn’t smile.
  6. Of course, but with those 2 movies people find other things to complain and attack. In the 3 cases, it seems more like an online thing, people outside this bubble doesn’t care or doesn’t know about it.
  7. I agreed with you, but i don’t think people in general are angry about it. Even the people who is trying to destroy CM aren’t angry about, they’re just bring this back to use against Brie. They’re searching things to attack her and the movie for months... it started with the whole “she’s not smiling, she’s bored, she can’t act” thing since trailer 1, and now the press tour started and they’re manipulating everything she said and bringing back old things to attack again.
  8. Of course they could criticize whatever they want, like i said she have a point, hearing the whole thing it makes sense but still she really choose terrible words to express. But still, this is the only case she really said something bad. Those “she said a man can’t watch CM” or “white male are not allowed on press tour” statements is just fake news.
  9. Even in the USA this probably won’t hurt it... Black Panther faced something similar last year and nothing happen, same for Wonder Woman. It’s just annoying this is hapenning and turning social media into a even more toxic place. But commercially speaking it doesn’t matter.
  10. Well, she has a long speech and this is just a fragment. She was saying that we should hear what black woman think about AWIT since it’s a movie with a black girl protagonista, but we don’t know exactly what they think because almost every critic was a white male, and then she said the quote you find it. I agreed that in this case she could use better words, but hearing the whole thing she have a good point. And this is a year ago, she doesn’t say nothing since then. And during CM press tour she really doesn’t attack anyone.
  11. Honestly i don’t think this online backlash will do anything bad (or good) for the movie. Media isn’t against the movie and in the real world people don’t care ou know about this whole situation, they excited for the movie and will just see it anyway. But yeah, maybe she really should be more careful in the next days to doesn’t see her words out of context again.
  12. Well, one is just a blog and IndieWire didn’t say anything about her, just post what she said... in this article by the way she said clearly that she’s not trying to get white man out of the press tour, just add more diverse people, but i guess a lot of people just read the tweet and understand what they want. Anyway, like i said, i hope the movie delivers and people who are spreading fake news online just have to deal with it.
  13. I read all she said and honestly, nothing seems like an attack for me. Saying a movie was made for womans =/= saying a man can’t watch it. Saying press tour was full of basically white males so she work to put MORE diverse people =/= saying white males are not invited for the press tour. Even the whole AWIT situation, which is the only time i agreed she could use better words, still make sense in the context of her whole speech... also i’ve seen a lot of critics supporting her recently from the attacks so i don’t think CM will suffer with that (specially because critics shouldn’t judge a movie based on a personal opinion from someone in the cast).

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