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  1. Seems good for TLK... maybe can make $ 70-80M afterall
  2. $ 21-24M can happen for Scary Stories and good legs considering lack of competition Anyone knows the budget? This could be a hit if the budget wasn’t big
  3. Definitely. Hereditary is a classic horror movie in some ways, it does break some cliches, the pace and direction are different and strange, but the structure isn't really far from a typical good horror movie. The legs for example are pretty good for Hereditary, not so much for Midsommar, but since they're both on top 5 of most successful A24 movies, they're probably happy with both.
  4. Hereditary did $ 44M and is a lot more commercial than this, i think it did better than expected honestly
  5. It's normal though for teasers having way more interest than the other trailers, with Frozen 2 even the second trailer have really impressive numbers, the teaser was just insane exactly because like you said, not only break the record but also keep high numbers after the first day. The interest is gigantic, it could easily grow from the first, maybe not the way some people want, but still a solid jump.
  6. I'm also happy with anything over $ 100M... but i also think the dead August and September will help this tremendously, especially if Warner make a really aggressive marketing close to release and the movie have strong reviews like the 1st one. If everything goes right, i think it can make $ 125 - 130M OW.
  7. $ 60M OW will be good for this, especially considering this franchise becomes an OS monster. Anything over $ 700M will be a win. This is a spin off of a franchise with 2 decades and 8 movies already released. Also after the peak on Furious 7, the franchise faces a kinda big drop with the sequel which isn’t that well received, which probably affect this too.
  8. Excellent teaser, really effective, great use of music (as usual), amazing cinematography, and seems really intense (I also get the time travel / time loop vibe). I think this will be a huge movie, if Nolan can make a 3 hour scifi make almost $ 700M and a war movie make almost $ 550M, he definitely will pull +800M with a proper blockbuster (like he did with Inception).
  9. Your analysis are always based on people’s prediction a year before the release without anything concrete? People are just excited for the potential of a remake of one of the biggest movies of all time, then everything back to normal and we realize that this doesn’t equal a billion dollars domestically. The first tracking was $ 150M, the final tracking was $ 180M, our fellas from the tracking thread always say it seems like an over/under $ 200M, if you see the average prediction from members here you get around $ 550M DOM and $ 1.5B WW. And finally, the movie debut with $ 192M, will finish with around $ 550M DOM and $ 1.5-1.6B WW. There’s no revisionism here, the movie is doing exactly what it’s predicted to be, no more, no less (generally speaking). If you keep throwing “predictions” from a year ago to sustain your point that the movie is a disappointment it’s your problem, your revisionism.
  10. TS4 will finish way higher than basically everyone was expecting 3 months ago before the presales situation
  11. Most people here expect around $ 1.6B for TLK, it will come close or match that This whole narrative of bringing TLK down everyday is so annoying, if you hate the movie, that’s fine, but stop trying to make concrete numbers worse based on nothing or you own personals feelings about even the existence of the movie. This is slowly becoming another TLJ situation, for god sake.
  12. Because some people on a forum say it could do $ 2B or more based on nothing concrete? Sure Jan
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