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  1. Warner should just put Godzilla x Kong on VOD since it’s probably gonna be just ok and put WW on November.
  2. If they need to keep delaying it, i bet this will come to VOD or D+ The timing is already destroyed, the buzz is fading, There’s no much space to changing the date again and Again and they won’t do a big marketing campaign from the start to a 2021 release after finishing the massive campaign for this year.
  3. It’s a $ 200M Pixar movie, of course it won’t go to Disney Plus Still think it will get Thanksgiving with Raya moving to next year
  4. People are already scared on Onward release date It just get worse after that, much worse
  5. Onward obvious suffer already on it's OW [not much though, probably could debut with $ 45-50M in normal conditions] But yeah now it's brutal... this could easily get at least $ 180M DOM without this sad situation
  6. If they marketed well when finally get released maybe they can do $ 300M on US, $ 200M on China and $ 350M OS I guess buzz will fade but a good strategy can bring people back... at least now the movie has a shot
  7. I guess some buzz will fade until they release it... but at least Now it could still do around $ 600M I guess BW will also be delayed next month
  8. I still think they will delay They can’t be so dumb right? The tracking is huge, presales are great, reactions are great... they can’t release a movie Now to gross $ 200M if they can move to idk June - July and gross $ 900M
  9. I’m very surprised Early reactions are always good, but the bunch of Mulan reactions i’ve seen is very good
  10. Trailer views are pretty good Especially considering this already have a Teaser, a mini trailer (90 second “special look), and a SuperBowl spot
  11. They’re probably gonna delay just on specific markets, which isn’t a bad strategy. Japan is already delayed, China will probably get a date on May - June when theaters re-open, some European countries should get a delay too.
  12. Maybe $ 43-44M OW with $ 17.5-18M saturday. I’m convinced it will be $ 50-55M in a normal situation, but anyway Strange to see an A- cinemascore, but i think it’s not much about the movie quality. I’ve seen it today, is a pretty good movie, obviously not a Pixar classic, but Way better than their 2011-2015 phase. The thing is, the movie is pretty sad despite the adventures and gags, and i know Pixar always make sad sequences, but this time it has a “sad vibe” all over it. I get the feeling the grown people on my theater enjoy it a lot, but the kids not very much except for some funny parts. PostTrack pools also indicate adults gave it 4.5/5 but kids gave it only 4/5, maybe that explain the A-.
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