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  1. People on test screening (which are really good) said it doesn't waste much time with humans and confirm it's less than 2hrs long
  2. To me, this is definitely keeping the HBO Max release I think they will make a deal like: Warner pay what Legendary spent on Godzilla and put it on their platform like it´s announced, Dune move back to theatrical release to compensate, no legal actions required.
  3. they don´t have much content for their entire 2021, and they need to keep their subscribers interested that´s why i think some movies lives cruella, raya, or even some fox movies (if they truly create the adult section soon) could ended up on D+, like rumors suggest i only doubt they will make this with their big tentpoles, unless there are no other choice
  4. i agreed, they should wait WW84 results before make their decision, and announce just half of the year in this crazy model the theaters situations is true tho, it won´t be fully back before 2022, but even knowing that they should be more careful
  5. there won´t be massive vaccination worldwide by may they probably will release it in theaters if there are enough of them open, but still probably selling just half of the seats or so. Depending on the situation they can easily make some similar move if they need, because another delay is highly unlikely.
  6. no, they made a very aggressive and impulsive decision, but now it´s done and cancel will be worst for them like the CEO said, they made this decision because every doctor they reach said theaters won´t be fully back next year, and they really need their streaming platform to grow too
  7. Honestly i don´t see they changing this,, they could easily announced this model just for the first six months of the year, but they announced for the whole year very aware of what this means and it´s probably the biggest news of the year in Hollywood, they can´t just give up now. What they can do is change for specific movies, the biggest ones (Dune, TSS and The Matrix). But aside from those, they will do exactly what they announced. And exhibitors won´t have the final word anymore, it´s a fact, the old release model is dead. They can decide to put a big movie like TSS to debut exclusively on theaters, but maybe just for 4-6 weeks before release it on HBO Max. Let´s wait WW84 results, if turns out to be a success, we can only wait because other studios will do something similar for some movies on the first half of 2021, but probably with more caution than promisse their entire year for streaming.
  8. Same here in Brazil and at this point i don´t care. I would happily pay for it if they put it on PVOD or something where´s HBO Max is not available, but since apparently they only care about US safety and everywhere else if you want to see it you have to risk and go to a theater, i will ´´find a way´´ to see it anyway.
  9. Make sense for them to be desperate... i mean, Netflix is Netflix and they have a bunch of Oscar movies and series coming really soon D+ already have a big subscriber number and they´re dropping Mandalorian, Soul and WandaVision between now and January Prime which already have a huge hit for them this year with The Boys, they have Coming 2 America for Christmas and more Oscar movies Even Apple TV have Cherry directed by The Russo Brothers starring Tom Holland coming just in time for the Awards Season With low subscribers for HBO Max and no big product for them until Snyder Cut (which is rumoured to March), seems obvious to me why they make this decision, suddenly they have the biggest movie possible for their platform which needs visibility.
  10. I doubt it’s coming next month and then to HBO Max, but at this point i wouldn’t care. The timing for this is terrible right now, they’re making promo for a year and the movie don’t come out. If it’s delayed again to june i doubt it will be that big, especially because the theaters are not coming back to high numbers so soon, doesn’t matter if it’s a billion dollar contender before, it’s not anymore. But still sounds better for them to delay than release on December with PVOD / Streams right after.
  11. Well, a billion dollar post pandemic gross still equals around $ 500M for MGM If they sell the movie for +500M they’ll getting basically the same amount. Theaters otherwise will riot about this
  12. Agreed, but i doubt they’re not think about the movie chance on awards to decide. Chloe Zhao is probably getting nominated next year for Picture, Director And Screenplay with Nomadland. From what we know, Eternals is not only very different from MCU but also a very ambitious movie with a very diverse cast and a strong artist directing it. So, considering the movie is basically done, this longer delay for me is because fits better too, but also because it’s on award season cycle.
  13. Some changes... BW only coming soon, Soul also coming soon but still 2020
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