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  1. BATB aged very well for young generations... aladdin not so much i think $ 300 - 350M for this is correct... i expect around $ 800M worldwide despite the quality, disney should be happy
  2. The album is also expected to sell around 200k in first week on USA (similar to Joanne and ARTPOP, both debuted at #1) Gaga WON
  3. Shallow Will oficially be sent to the radios next week... it’s obviously becoming a hit iTunes: 1. Shallow Spotify: US:#17 (+11) UK:#11 (+6) WW:#18 (+9) Apple Music: 18. Shallow (+7)
  4. ThomasNicole

    An Upset is Born : A Star is Born over Venom DOM

    I agreed, especially because she doesn’t want to be just a pop singer... after her last pop album she release a jazz album, a country album, appear in 2 seasons of American Horror Story, win the golden globe, is nominated for an Oscar, filmed A Star Is Born and write / produced basically the whole soundtrack (again with country / rock influences) etc. The fact that she made a lot of different things in the past years and it’s still a big popstar is really impressive.
  5. ThomasNicole

    An Upset is Born : A Star is Born over Venom DOM

    Her last trully pop album was released in 2013... and despite the fact that she abandoned the album promotion because of personal problems, she still have one of the best selling albums that year, and a multiplatinum hit single. She’s been off the pop radar for years because she want it. In 2014 she release a collaborative jazz album (grammy winner), and in 2016 she release an album highly influenced by country / folk / rock (grammy nominated). They both succeed, peaked at #1 and selling around 1.5M copies each, which is not phenomenal, but good enough especially considering the different sounds compared to her past works. The fans expecting a new trully pop album for next year, her first in 6 years.
  6. This has a chance of breaking out now... it’s a much better release date and more time to make a Good marketing campaign. I don’t think the change it’s because “They know they have a flop”, it’s because they know it’s gonna been murdered against MPR / Spider / Aquaman / Bumblebee.
  7. 0 hype lol... 109M views being an “””unknown””” superhero This will cross $ 500M DOM
  8. 16M on YouTube with 14 hours This is going to 22-23M views on first day... beating all MCU movies except IW obviously Confident in my $ 500M dom prediction
  9. It’s beating all other superhero movies, except IW But let’s pretend this could go under WW haha
  10. 3M in 3 hours on YouTube, and it’s lagging This could do 15-20M on YouTube alone in 24 hours The hype is surreal
  11. AM&TW made $ 220M domestic Hype for CM just with this trailer is already bigger than AM&TW during the whole campaign, so is funny seeing people thinking CM will do just $300M or something
  12. Marvel is 2 years late because Hollywood made ONE female superhero good and successful movie? Lol They’re exactly in time

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