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  1. There wasn't even reason for that, people doesn't care that much about rotten tomatoes, people here and on twitter are obsessed and overthinking it. Of course it's not helping the hype but that's it. The biggest OW of the year opened with +90M coming of a terrible movie and getting bad reviews too.
  2. This is not happening, he's just trying to make people that find it slow excited because Part I doesn't have much action at all. I'm sure the sequel will be gigantic having massive action sequences and won't have to introduce so many new concepts, but definitely not full action mode. I bet it will have 3 hours and around 2 will be development since he have new characters to introduce and a whole political perspective to work on it.
  3. THANK GOD FINALLY The last months of people insisting this will bomb, mocking everyone expecting a sequel, claiming the numbers aren't good enough (even during the domestic OW) is insufferable. Seeing the sequel being confirmed just 5 days after release is just delicious because it's clearly succesful. Very happy for Denis which have a hard time since last year decision, and happy that this time will be theatrical exclusive.
  4. What i found most intriguing is that they talk about Star Wars and she say this: When asked if she would ever consider directing a "Star Wars" movie, Zhao replied that she would "do anything Kevin asked [her] to do." Seems like talks about it happened since Feige will produce for SW too. To me it looks like he really like her (and Eternals), even if the movie ended up rotten i suspect he will simply ignore it because he seems to love the movie and enjoy working with her. Next time they just need to be more careful about the script, since her direction on this movie is being v
  5. Seems like Zhao already have some ideas for the sequel, i think she's going to back. "What I loved about making this film is that it tied so close to the origin of the MCU is also going to have a big repercussion moving MCU forward. With those two as secured, we get to play and do whatever we want and make a stand strong standalone film and leave everything on the table. I would be back in a second working with the team at Marvel for sure. So we'll see." https://www.slashfilm.com/642868/eternals-2-chloe-zhao-is-ready-to-direct-a-sequel/?utm_campaign=clip
  6. Reactions today seems way more excited than last week lol. Maybe the all over the place reviews make people adjust their expectations?
  7. They're probably counting it won't go rotten, which is likely but i would wait at least 100 reviews before add a consensus.
  8. Well maybe with people more interested in seeing on theaters than at home and keeping IMAX / PFL screens, second weekend drop actually can be pretty good. HBO numbers aren't bad tho. Let's hope WB announce the sequel this week like rumours are saying.
  9. Agreed, is far from the worst MCU movie. I think it's hated because it should be released after CW and not now that seems pointless, and also the third act is very weak, which usually it's the part people remember the most. Which is preventing me to think people will reject Eternals is exactly the fact that apparently the third act is by far the best thing of the movie, even if the first half drag indeed, ending very well will make people go easy on it.
  10. Of course, i'm just worried because they already reshoot some things for DS2 and now again. It really looks like it's in bad shape and they delay it less than 2 months, i hope everything work out because i really want this to be a comeback for Sam Raimi as director
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