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  1. Unless they changed it for some reason, yes. This guy is an extremely realiable insider, i follow him for years to get earlier infos about music.
  2. They won't. GvK was huge at the theaters and at HBO Max at the same time, their biggest movie to date and bring many new subscribers giving 100% of the money to them. They have no reason to give up from something that is working for them. Maybe Dune can change because of Legendady (i doubt that) but the rest will stay as it is.
  3. The funny thing is: they're also gonna watch it. I only hope Disney stop pushing theaters, they can't keep releasing movies with boycotts. They already gonna have 100% of PA money, they can easily split the box office with theaters like Warner did.
  4. And people say nobody cares about this anymore lol 70 million views on the fourth trailer
  5. Well, we have some official numbers. During the week of Raya release, the movie get 355 million minutes watched on Disney+ according to Nielsen. Remember, the movie came out on friday, so this number counts only the 3 day first weekend of release and US only. Now speculating, the movie have 107 minutes, but no one sees the credits, so 100 minutes watched at every play if everyone watched until the end. That means Raya get around 3.55 million plays on it's first 3 days. Of course we have to remember people can split the price or rewatch the movie. But since it counts only it's first days, is hard to believe much of that number is rewatchs for example. So maybe 2-2.5M actually pay for the movie on that period, which brings around $ 60-75M for Disney. And remember, this is US only and counts just the first 3 days. Raya never left the top 10 trending chart on D+ platform, so i think it's possible to think that maybe the movie actually gross $ 120-150M globally in this month available for premiere access and it can reach $ 100M at the box office despite the boycotts, these numbers together can be enough to at least cover their budget and marketing. We'll probably never know for sure, but now it's possible to think it is actually a success, especially for an original animation. Maybe that's why they're continuing to use PA to release some bigger movies like Cruella and even Black Widow, because it can bring good numbers for them. Note: The movie also became available for VOD outside their platform this weekend, and it's doing pretty good on that too, reaching #1 on some charts.
  6. This movie only needs to be entertaining, exciting and present a well done "world" with likeable characters, but not too much so they can expand that on sequels. They don't need more than 110 minutes to do that, actually GvK shows that this type of escapist movie being smaller and more straight to the point could do wonders with the audience.
  7. Nah, this will flop hard in a month like March. And NTTD and Venom aren't that big on US, but if they decide a delay is better they can put it on Thanksgiving and enjoy way better legs than a random early 2022 date. Especially because Dune also have a trailer that did great numbers, people know the movie exists, keep delaying it to 2022 can make the movie looks old before even get released.
  8. I think this will have a limited theatrical run. I can see they giving 3-4 weeks for Dune only because of Legendary / Villeneuve pressure and put on HBO immediately after that. But it's probably the only movie from their slate that can get a mini exclusive theatrical run this year, since it's clear they can have box office successes and get those HBO signatures at the same time just like it happened this week with GvK. But let's see, they also have troubles with Reminescence and they find a way to win. I think they can win this if they agreed to approve Dune sequel before any results.
  9. Hard to believe they will do that. They're not exactly in a good position, boycott an animated movie is fine, an MCU movie? Doubt It.
  10. Yes. It did less on YouTube and more on Twitter. In general is probably on pair with the last one, let's see if Disney will drop the numbers.
  11. It won´t match the last one on YT, but will surpass on twitter from what i remember. And 631k likes is actually a lot, is pretty hard to do more than that, the teaser did 1.6M likes and is one of the biggest ever on YouTube. Usually the first video is the biggest, but i do think the restart of the campaign so many times really didn´t help. But i don´t think it will impact the movie anyway, everyone knows the movie exist, they only need to keep pushing the date.
  12. 1.5M now The views usually are frozen on YouTube, it only starts to update close to reality after a few hours
  13. It's probably doing +10M views on twitter since it has 3M already, which is pretty good. YouTube is hard to tell because it's frozen, but it has 131k likes in 3 hours, so it's probably doing 400k on first day, which is also pretty good. Nothing wow like the teaser but since it's the fourth trailer, is really solid.
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