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  1. Well under, unlike SJ2 this won't be available for free on streaming And SJ2 reception aren't very good too, that make things even worse.
  2. If it manage to do 2.5M previews, it can have a shot at +30M OW. Fingers crossed, we have enough bad news last weekend
  3. LOL Cruella have 97% from audiences on RT, A on Cinemascore, it's the most well received Disney LA on both IMDB and Letterboxd. And of course, 4x multiplier on box office despite being available on D+ I mean, like it or not, it's one of the most well received movies of the year and every data suggest that.
  4. 72% with 65 reviews, 6.40 average. Yeah seems it's going to finish around 70% at this point. Curious to see if audience reception will be stellar like Cruella.
  5. I was expecting 70-80% and seems like it's where it's heading, maybe more towards to 70% I can't remember the last time a movie based on a ride got generally good reviews so that's a win. And based on the reviews, it does looks like a big crowd pleaser. Let's hope people show up, we need some movie to do well right now.
  6. So they´re really restarting the marketing campaign for the third time to release the movie on it´s sixth date. This time i think they´re not even considering delaying it again, this need to gross a billion at this point to be profitable (which is not happening), more delays will bring only more losses. I do hope this can be released in October without many problems related to the pandemic tho, this deserves to have some peace.
  7. I think part of the lackluster reception maybe is not because of the movie itself, but the awful timing. I mean, it's basically useless to MCU now, it should be released 5 years ago. All the recent MCU projects are building the multiverse theme and BW are just there bringing almost nothing new or exciting, for fans i think is easy to be cold about this, especially because the movie is good but nothing very special.
  8. Oh, reviews on tuesday confirmed. Expecting RT to being around 70-80%, which is actually surprising for a movie like this.
  9. Next weekends will tell us exactly if these big drops if because of meh reception or something else. F9 wasn't very well received, so as Space Jam. BW is well received but underwhelming and the concensus seems to agreed is one of the worst MCU movies. All these movies face big drops. Both Snake Eyes and Old are also bad received by audiences, so i'm fully expecting 65-70% drops for them too. Jungle Cruise reactions just came out and all of them screams "crowd pleaser". Reactions for Suicide Squad and Free Guy are similar to this. We need to wait reviews but
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