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  1. After 2019 i think we must learn how to manage expectations I’ve seen people pretending CM should do more than it did. TS4 have the biggest debut of the franchise after an 9 year hiatus and people almost call it a disaster. Afterall the movie surpass the third one both DOM / WW and still some people say the performance wasn’t that good. TLK made almost 1.6B and some people legitimately say it’s a big disappointment. Now Frozen 2 become the biggest animation of all time, surpassed the first movie which is already giant in everything, is going to finish with almost 1.5B and people insist the numbers aren’t that good. Even SW9, despite being a true disappointment, is treated by some like a complete disaster when it’s not. And let’s not forget some people freaking out because EG didn’t make 3B. $ 600M DOM and +1.6B doesn’t fall off trees, it’s time to stop expecting this mindblowing numbers for every big movie.
  2. Doctor Sleep was very well received, get an 7.02 and 77% approvation average despite being compared to one of the greatest Kubrick movies
  3. Birds of Prey is counting on strong word of mouth to build its grosses, versus a mega-debut. The film, like Shazam!, cost far less to produce than most superhero fare; its production budget was $81 million, including roughly $6 million for reshoots. The most recent trailer debuted Jan. 9. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/birds-prey-tracking-50m-bow-north-america-1270438
  4. The problem is not have an negative opinion, the problem is keep saying that repeatedly in a short period of time Not everyone does that, but some people do, that't all
  5. We get it you don't like visually, now get over with, you can't say a movie is a mess etc several times because you've seen 4 minutes of it and don't like it
  6. Cover of the OST lead single Could do good on charts, Megan is a rising star, her latest single peak at #11 on billboard charts
  7. I mean, i said after the mixed reviews and the meh debut, we are expecting basically this boring range since then Calm down dude, we all get it's doing way worse than it should
  8. SW seems almost locked to do $ 500M DOM and locked to pass a billion, so pretty much the boring range that everyone was expecting Jumanji showing excellent legs again LW seems to be a crowd pleaser, should pass $ 100M easily KO is a monster, won't be surprised with $ 160-170M finish depending on possible Academy Award nominations Frozen is still great, hope it can manage $ 500M somehow just to not die so close Very good weekend overall
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