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  1. If it sell more than even TFA on first hours is impossible to not be on top 5 all time Hope they update again tomorrow, still expecting to be behind EG / TFA
  2. They’re not that fast, probably coming today or even tomorrow. Based on our trackers is highly unlikely to not pass RO / IW, probably passed TLJ.
  3. The OW expectations seems really similar here, almost always between $ 190-230M (which is all possible i guess). The only difference is some people expect similar legs to TLJ and some people (myself included) expect a very clowd pleaser movie and legs closer to R1 than TLJ. Still expecting something like $ 210M OW (with $ 43M previews) and $ 650-680M finish.
  4. Probably yes Hoping for The 3rd place behind EG / TFA
  5. Thanks 68% please me considering how mindblowing EG was Anything between $ 40-50M for TROS previews Will be great And bodes well for another $ 200M OW
  6. The worst part for me is see people proclaim “people will not gonna like it” because they know spoilers, acting like they actually see the movie and the execution.
  7. I also find The views kinda low across all platforms but that’s not expected considering it drop pretty late? It have very good numbers on the first 2 hours And then stop. So majority Of The first 7 hours counting people are probably sleeping, i suppose the numbers will start to grow fast again when the day starts.
  8. Glad to see It’s doing great Anything over TLJ will be great
  9. If it can pass TFA i’ll be very surprised Impressive for a dead franchise
  10. I said majority. ”As of now, it is not known what the reshoots entail, but we heard it is for significant battle sequences.”
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