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  1. Critics from Brazil already seen the movie too That guy don't have a good point, he's just upset because he don't see it
  2. Embargo already lifted? This is so going to +90% on RT Except Screen Daily, all the reviews are great
  3. If this movie it's good like it seems, i doubt this will gross less than $ 200m
  4. Based by reactions, high 70's seems low to me... right now i'm thinking 85 - 92% with an 7.5 - 7.8 average
  5. Another critical acclaim is coming Waiting for 85 - 90% on RT Very happy with the reactions, is better than the Guardians 2 reactions and on pair with SMH reactions
  6. If it's really good, i can see a $ 55 - 60m debut
  7. i didn't talk about you specifically
  8. I will never understand how some people can act like a $ 300m domestic total is a bad number [especially after 15 years, 2 reboots and 3 bad movies]
  9. It could make $ 150m in China, so still could hitting 900m ww
  10. Foreign sounds right, but Domestic it too much for me Thinking $ 115m debut and $ 305 - 310m total
  11. Exactly, some people care because Marvel fans is trying to prove SMH run is spectacular, but people trying to prove SMH run is meh is equally annoying.

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