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  1. Can you post a link? TLJ teaser made 90.1M on first day and that teaser dropped on April 14,2017. If it is the biggest for April, than it surpass TLJ which is great... I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce in that weird way because we also only know TLJ teaser numbers in October after the full trailer when they say “trailer made 120.1M, which is 30M bigger than the teaser”.
  2. Not really. I track some numbers, from what i see: Facebook - TLJ did way better (31M x 20M); YouTube - TLJ did slightly better on SW channel (IX have 26M right now and VIII have around 32M at the same point), but TROS did better on repost channels, balancing the whole thing; Twitter - TROS did way better, like basically 4x bigger than TLJ (26.2M x 6.8M). Numbers across the world seems decent, but i couldn’t track them deeply... i would bet TLJ and TROS did basically the same numbers counting all the platforms / channels, but we’ll probably never gonna have official confirmation.
  3. They never announce SW teaser views, so there’s no surprise. Especially because none of the new SW broke any views record, the biggest number is TLJ trailer 2 which made 120M (way below Thor Ragnarok, IT, Fifty Shades).
  4. Captain Marvel coming for $ 425 - 430M finish. Amazing how it will surpass CW / IM3 by around $ 20M even having a $ 20 - 25M lower debut than those movies. It's obviously being helped by EndGame buzz but let's give CM the credit because it's having good / great drops for the entire run, the movie simply pleased audiences.
  5. Nah, critics see 3 hour movies all the time, this won't affect in any way. Considering EndGame is essentially a part 2 of the history they started on IW and the grand finale of this MCU saga, i'll be surprised with anything below 87-90% [and yeah i know Russos said this is a completely different movie in tone etc and i really believe that, but no matter what they say, it's still a single story told in 2 movies]. See, historically the franchises with the last movie split in half get better reviews for the second part: Breaking Down I [25%] vs. Breaking Down II [49%] Mockingjay I [68%] vs. Mockingjay II [71%] Deathly Hallows I [77%] vs. Deathly Hallows II [96%]
  6. No one is really overpredicting this movie, in general everybody think this will gross $ 220-230M (which is reasonable). The question here is OS, that’s why Aladdin isn’t like Solo. After TLK, Aladdin is the most famous Disney animation overseas, so expect $ 500M OS is also reasonable, could be even bigger if somehow does well in China. Dumbo did bad not because of reviews, it’s because promotion are terrible and the movie itself didn’t connect with public. Aladdin could have the exact same reception on rotten tomatoes and probably public will still gonna love it because unlike Dumbo, Aladdin will be energetic, colorful and with numerous songs. Also marketing for Aladdin is already way better than it was for Dumbo. My prediction now is: OW: $ 85M (105M 4-day) Total:$ 235M OS:$ 520M WW: $ 755M
  7. They aren’t talking seriously (they can’t be). I mean, I do think $ 2B is the floor, i’m expecting $ 2.5B and I think it have a tiny shot at $ 3B depending on China. More than that is just make fun.
  8. ThomasNicole

    DUMBO (2019) | $206.6M Overseas, $307.9M Global

    If this can pull $ 220-230M, Aladdin is coming to + 500M
  9. star wars NEVER are that huge on trailer views, why it will grow that much this time? It's doing better in general than TLJ, it's already good, especially considering the situation.
  10. I'm tracking the views, ROTS is making basically the same numbers TLJ did, there's nothing concerning about it. It's about 4 million lower than TLJ on YouTube main channel at the same point, which isn't a big difference [ROTS also have around 10 million views in others channels, so maybe is slighty lower on main channel because of that]. On Twitter it's around 20 million ahead TLJ at the same point. On Facebook is around 10 million lower than TLJ at the same point. See? It's really balanced, little lower in some platforms, but bigger in others. And Disney didn't release official info about SW teasers, just full trailers. The only teaser we know the numbers are TLJ which made 91M, but we only know that because after the full trailer in october they said the video made 120M on first day, 29 million more than the teaser, so we just do the math. If they didn't drop ROTS numbers, it's normal.
  11. It won’t and nobody is expecting that in the first place.
  12. I was hoping for an extended edition on BD, but ok, I hope at least we have some deleted scenes.
  13. You know CM is being attacked on YouTube right? This “merchandise is doing bad” is just another lie. Started with “the movie is gonna have terrible reviews” to “this will be the first box office failure of MCU” to “Avengers cast hates Brie Larson” to “right the movie was well received and a smash hit, but products aren’t selling well”.

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