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  1. Well, a billion dollar post pandemic gross still equals around $ 500M for MGM If they sell the movie for +500M they’ll getting basically the same amount. Theaters otherwise will riot about this
  2. Agreed, but i doubt they’re not think about the movie chance on awards to decide. Chloe Zhao is probably getting nominated next year for Picture, Director And Screenplay with Nomadland. From what we know, Eternals is not only very different from MCU but also a very ambitious movie with a very diverse cast and a strong artist directing it. So, considering the movie is basically done, this longer delay for me is because fits better too, but also because it’s on award season cycle.
  3. Some changes... BW only coming soon, Soul also coming soon but still 2020
  4. WandaVision is confirmed today to be released still in 2020, and it wasn't suppose to be the opener of Phase 4 Let's see how this goes, i think BW will go to Eternals date
  5. Well, the full article doesn’t talk exactly about the quality of the movies. Even this part you posted here are incomplete. He’s talking about insurance and how the changes to keep the sets more safe is making the budgets grow. He said for example, because everyone needs to get tested everyday, they have less time to shoot, so they need more days to make everything and this make the movies more expensive. He also questioning the need to shut productions when someone get sick, but not exactly because it will affect the quality, but because this brings $20-30M additional budget.
  6. Seems like he still think that what he could've done is the only right way to do it, based on his full opinion
  7. The trailer finished it’s first day with 9M views on Youtube, and also 9M on twitter This is just from Warner channel on YT and Dune US page on twitter Excellent numbers! And also the reactions for it are extremelly positive, so... yeah, seems like a very effective trailer afterall.
  8. Despite the concerns here, trailer stats are very good 4M views on twitter already , could reach 10M on first Day Almost 200k likes on YouTube, can reach 500k likes on first day For a movie not related to Marvel/DC, this is excellent
  9. Excellent reactions on social media Also great trailer, didn’t show much but it’s very intriguing And considering this will probably be delayed, showing too much right now is dumb
  10. This is actually a normal reaction, and a expected one, this is why the tests have 3 phases, and the last phase is with a very big amount of people because they know some people have bad reactions and they need to check them before drop the medicine for the entire world. It doesn't mean it won't work. And also "put on hold" doesn't mean anything to concern too much, it's also common, when they put on hold, they still keep tracking everyone involved with the tests, they just don't bring anyone else to be tested. This type of write it's just because everyone is very anxious about it, and well, this bring clicks
  11. We all know the entire industry will face a big loss next year with box office, numbers won't suddenly just go back to 2019 level Unless this gross something like $ 200M worldwide which is truly terrible, the sequel will be made, it doesn't need to make much more than probably $ 450-500M anymore to green light a sequel Especially because well, they will never know how much more it could do if it wasn't for this whole situation But they really should delay this, i mean, after seeing Tenet numbers (DOM), they really can't complain if they keep the december date
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