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  1. Make Your research... Her last tour gross around $2M per show, similar or better average of other pop girls (besides Beyonce / Taylor) The “”low”” final gross is because she made just 49 shows, her fibromyalgia attacks and she can’t add new shows around the globe or even finish the dates already marked. Anyway, this thread is about the movie and i really don’t know why her musical carreer is relevant here.
  2. She just made 40 shows or something, the other made 90 shows or more, so...
  3. can you tell about the songs? i have high expectations for the OST
  4. A Star Is Born Opening Weekend Range: $25 – 35 million Social media buzz is steadily growing for this remake thanks to strong trailer reception over the summer. The mega-star power of director/actor Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga could prove to be irresistible for audiences even beyond their fans. If award season contention follows, long box office legs wouldn’t be hard to develop — especially considering the renaissance of successful musicals in recent years. The breakout potential of this one is hard to ignore right now, putting current forecasts in bullish territory. 10/5/2018 A Star Is Born $30,000,000 NEW $117,000,000 NEW Warner Bros.
  5. I think it has a good shot at 4x multi... apparently audiences are loving it and don't have any competition, the next "big movie" is The Nun next month Forbes are saying CR costs $ 75M maximum, so Disney will probably be happy with $ 100 - 120M DOM and $ 200 - 220M WW
  6. 69 on Metacritic 66 on Rotten Tomatoes
  7. Hope Fallout could make $ 6 - 6.5M in previews I really want those $ 70M debut, it's an excellent movie, deserves the best
  8. there's no way this isn't be successful maybe it won't make $ 3B [but i think it will, thanks to China], but $ 1.5B seems like a safe bet, which is enough to say it's huge
  9. Who cares if anime adaptations never break out? Hollywood never made a good movie with those type of material too, so supposing Alita is good like it seems, this already put the movie in a completely different situation Plus, the world is not just black or white, yeah there's no anime adaptation who made a lot of money, but this could be the first, why not? They just need a great movie and people will show up And yeah, i'm in, i could easily see this exploding in China [and Asia in general]
  10. The trailer views are fine... It's already with 2M in the fox channel in 10 hours With almost 1M on the Film SelectTrailer channel And almost 400K on the fox UK channel it's doing much better than the teaser [and the reception for the trailer is great]
  11. exactly... i can't see why Alita couldn't opening with $ 30 - 35M but finish with $ 250M or more [and yeah, i'll be happy with that number haha]
  12. it seems really good, and they didn't reveal much they probably will release the killer trailer in october or november but now i'm convinced this will be good [and could be a success with a good WOM, opening weekend isn't everything, especially on christmas]

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