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  1. I understand they are trying to gain some of the “haters” back, but they could find better ways to do it. Rian Johnson is one of the most loved directors this decade by critics, he is a gentleman (his reaction to TLJ hate is unbelievable), and he get out of the entire situation with one of the most acclaimed movies of 2019 and a box office success... and let’s not forget he will back to SW, so why throw shit on him? In 20 years from now, his film will be the one people will still discuss, and like it or not, this is a memorable and impactful movie. This whole press tour is a mess, i’m trying to not get affected by it and still hope is a worthy follow up to TLJ. JJ promise this time he didn’t remake anything and that Rian inspired him to be more bold, so that’s what i’m expecting, a movie that don’t renegade what happen in TLJ and evolve that, sadly the cast is not selling me that, they’re selling a mess, but i’m still confident.
  2. Still expecting $ 41-42M previews and $ 190M or so OW But i’ve been thinking, with Frozen didn’t reaching it’s full potencial, Jumanji coming for a hit but still very well under the last one, Cats without any hype... i’m even more inclined to expect at least 3.2x for TROS, competition is very weak.
  3. Yeah i don’t know if i believe that... sounds too much @ViewerAnon do you know if reception on test screening are that bad?
  4. This movie is absolutely impressive, i have the chance to see the trailer at CCXP and indeed is very different from the MCU. The tone is very epic and serious, felt like LOTR in a way. The cinematography is mesmerizing, clearly it’s not the digital shit MCU is using for years, almost seems like a Nolan movie in some acenes. Also the use of real sets make difference, everything felt real in the footage. I’m very excited to see the whole thing, it’s really great to see they’re actually trying something new and risky, especially with a director like Chloe Zhao, one of the best MCU ever have.
  5. They showed the entire “they fly now” scene on CCXP Obviously doesn’t reveal Anything, but it’s very Good, JJ direction seems excellent... and it have a very good energy
  6. Black Widow / 007 probably overshadow a bit Also on TT the teaser are up on Disney account, the trailer are up on Mulan account (which have just a few followers), so probably That hurt too. But i wouldn’t worry, the teaser alone is enough to build buzz and it did, now they’re gonna show the new trailer in front of Frozen And Star Wars, which is more than enough for a movie that already have big buzz. WB made a smart move by not drop BOP trailer, i think it will be overshadowed too if they release it yesterday.
  7. I was on the CCXP and the material they showed are very good The first sequence of the movie have a little too much exposition, but resolve the SS conections quickly and have very good energy, it’s better than the entire SS The exclusive trailer are excellent, who reshoot the action sequences deserves applause, they seem great. Also, the movie is Rated R, they showed yellow blood because there’s children in the room, but it’s very violent
  8. Lol at people thinking this will suffer a boycott in USA We’ve seen how much dislikes affect Captain Marvel or Aladdin performances SK will boycott That, and that’s all, backlash online means nothing in this case because GP Don’t know and Don’t care with that
  9. The views for the teaser already guaranteed a huge success, they only need a good second trailer to sustain the hype, and they did it, this is spectacular (the cinematography... just wow) I’m thinking around $ 300M DOM and +$ 1B WW Finally we can move on about that 4 months reshoots thing
  10. Good trailer, basically the same MCU structure when it comes to teasers. Directing seems good, cinematography is beautiful, action is edited but since people who see some sequences say it’s like Winter Soldier, i’m sold. Should be huge too, trailer is having excellent numbers across platforms.
  11. Asia Never cared that much about SW so... a hard drop is expected, should be up in Europe to compensate Only Japan is a big market for SW in Asia, and i see no reason for such a big drop there
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