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  1. There is a movie about a cute bunny and a fox that teach us about stereotype and racism. So i trust Disney what they do with wreck it Ralph. nd the way pocahontas hair floats in the non exist wind is just gorgeous
  2. At first Vision get stabbed in the back by the Black order corvus glaive and in the end corvus glaive get stabbed with his own weapon by Vision. Karma
  3. I wish Ebony maw could live longer, his fight style is pure elegance and beautiful
  4. Poor Nebula, she went through a lot and just want some hug And the way Thanos torture her is just.....
  5. As a "Best Thor Film" sounds kinda weak. I hope something like "Better than Captain America 2" "Best Mcu movie" :V
  6. Still can't get enough of this beautiful scenario Her Diva ish pose Her hand gesture at checking her manicure Her slow turn with that gorgeous headdress and her ominous eye contact

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