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  1. This joker movie people are soo hung up on might not be what most people think it is. I don't think it's going to be categorized into the "blockbuster" mold people are thinking of here similar to how Venom most likely is shaping up. More like a history of violence type of deal will be going on here I'm predicting.
  2. The Joker movie will more than make enough money within 3 weeks time before WW84 comes out.
  3. If they are doing elseworlds movies based on pop culture icons / villains then the next one should be Lex Luthor.
  4. Really don't see what's the point in doing this though. WB is making it seem they have very limited characters to pull from so they have to double down on the 1 character they have by making movies based on Batman's world and related characters. Birds of Prey, Joker Origin, Batgirl, Nightwing, Joker/Harley. They need to give other major characters a chance to shine on the big screen not related to only one character and his world.
  5. DMan7

    Thank You CJohn, May Ghost Rider Bless You

    BKB and Parking Lot Reports have now become synonymous with each other.
  6. TDKR was good but not as great as TDK, unfortunately for fanboys online being not as great as the last installment in the franchise = crap
  7. The TDK trilogy is still the greatest comic book trilogy of all time, other comic book franchises or franchises in general should use it as influence for their movies if they haven't done so already. Nolan knows no equal. That being said TDK's world and aethetic isn't the reason for the DCeU's failures because they were following a "dark and gritty" approach for their characters, their failures lies soley on the filmmakers behind the scenes and studio heads. A movie can be made for a predominantly known dark character, light and it would still be good and vice versa, it all comes down to the approach which has eluded WB in terms of adapting their DC properties on the big screen. They have been making missteps with DC characters on film way before the TDK trilogy began with Batman Forever, Batman and Robin, Steel, Catwoman etc..
  8. I have no doubt Superman will cameo in this movie given how much of his presence is in the movie from all the merchandise. Probably as a cameo after the end credits, something like at the end of Iron Man 3 where Tony was on a psychologist couch talking to Banner.
  9. The idea applies to all movies, whether they've been successful for not. I still think the first poster with the sharks and Aquaman alone is more casual movie going audience friendly as it isn't busy with characters who the GA don't know. They can probably release a poster like that after the first trailer when the GA has seen all those characters. It's too soon for a poster like that.
  10. This type of poster makes sense for a movie sequel where people know most of the characters in the background. Outside of Aquaman, the casual movie going audience has no idea of any of those characters. It's a good thing they've done this poster exclusively for comic con

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