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  1. DMan7

    Legally Blonde 3 | May 8 2020

    You did it wrong, it's supposed to be Legally Blond3
  2. He is the assistant director, they needed help and only Bay was available.
  3. Yea was just thinking the same thing, the official trailer to be shown in theaters will have to be condensed somewhat considering its too long to be shown in theaters.
  4. DMan7

    Legally Blonde 3 | May 8 2020

    Is this a porno? Didn't know this site covers those movies also?
  5. I knew you were going to respond with that lol. We've had lots of older actors play younger characters, it's not a big deal and I doubt the audience would care or notice the difference especially in this case, I mean it isn't an obviously old man of 80 playing a 21 year old.
  6. What if Phoenix is playing a 21 year old Joker? It would mean that he's close to 50 in the current DCeU since this movie takes place in the 80's. It also lines up with Batman's age in the DCeU as well.
  7. But why though? Aquaman comes out months before and doesn't have a 2nd trailer in the pipeline first?
  8. It looks good, still have reservations about that director though. Phoenix will knock it out of the park for sure though.
  9. People are going to start to wish they hadn't made fun of a 'turd in the wind' line with direct reference to the movie itself.

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