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  1. How many Hart / Johnson comedies are we going to get from this point onwards? Will Hart also be in a Black Adam solo?
  2. DAMN for a second there I thought this was a local movie. There is a ho house by that name where I live.
  3. Hopefully there aren't any cameos in the movie unless its relevant to the story, they just need to focus on the main JL group and developing their characters and stories without jamming other irrelevant characters into the movie. We don't need another overstuffed mess. Everything else can appear after the credits.
  4. I thought this movie wasn't scary at all and that goes for the original tv movie as well. I guess being afraid of clowns is an American thing.
  5. That's an odd date for it to drop. At least wait for Ragnarok in early November.
  6. GL could be in the movie as a cameo but not necessarily the actor playing him. They can just show the character without having to show the actor's face so the actor can be cast at another time for the solo movie perhaps.
  7. And so it comes to pass, Disney now has the IPs that they can release anywhere on the movie schedule and other studios will just have to get the fck out of the way.
  8. Massive achievement from the 6th Spiderman movie. Who would've thunk?

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