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  1. The scenes are heavily out of context so any informed opinion about it is complete nonsense tbh. Not to mention the poor quality video shown as well too.
  2. A true Dark Phoenix MCU movie can be an event the size of IW's box office as it will include not just the x-men but the entirety of the MCU as well. It's a shame FOX held on so long to the X-Men IP, what could've been.
  3. Why did that video leaked? Was it parts of the movie or was it shown exclusively as video footage to a crowd?
  4. Does 1B people in the world out of 7+Billion even have access to HBO / Internet service? And even if they did are all of them going to be watching GoT season 7 premiere. Seems kinda silly to me.
  5. Is it wise to wait a few weeks to binge watch GoT or watch it each week? 🤔
  6. Sounds like a re-releae or remake is on the cards for that one. 😎
  7. Technically Jared Leto's Joker should be new school and Phoenix Joker should be Old School considering the time period of his joker is in the 80's. 🤓
  8. Let's hope Holland doesn't have to grow a full beard/moustache for Chaos Walking, would hate to see how they do FFH reshoots around that. Didn't work too well for the last movie that did this.
  9. Are we sure that was Palpatine's laugh or Luke's? That sounded alot like Hamill's joker there at the end.
  10. Well those haters surely could've fooled me with the sort of vitriol that has been spilled on here over the past year for anything SW related. Now people are doing a 360 degree turn just from a laugh. It is just too silly when you think about it.
  11. Looks like everyone is on board now after hearing a.....laugh??? What happened to all the haters of the SW movies up to this point? This is reminding me Alladin when everyone came on board after trashing the genie's look when A whole new world song played at the end of the last trailer. I think people here are too bipolar.
  12. A worse RT score than FF 2015?
  13. I get the feeling that $6.99 is going to be the starting price for this platform subscription. Other streaming services got lucky since their inception especially Netflix since no other major studio took the platform serious now with Disney getting serious with their high brand recognition IP's it's going to be a complete bloodbath in streaming competition.

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