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  1. Comic con this year for DC movies will be the most interesting in a long long time. There are 3 movies they have to show (WW 2, AQM, Shazam) which I think has got to be the largest amount of movies that WB/DC will be bringing to comic con. I know it's too early for WW 2 to show anything but I'm sure we'll still get to see storyboards or something.
  2. Someone check on @IronJimbo, 2 movies just destroyed a Cameron movie in the past few months.
  3. I HIGHLY doubt they will shelve any future SW spinoff movies outside of the upcoming Obi Wan. They should know the reason why Han Solo might lose money (if it does) and that will most likely come down to the bad publicity with all the reshoots drama. Rogue One still exists and that is evidence that these spinoffs are highly profitable based on OT characters and they will keep making them.

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