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  1. One wonder why folks like this gets to see Pika Pika before everyone else.
  2. I think they should've made Tony's fate similar to Steven Hawking where he is paralyzed but still alive and can shepherd in the new generation of tech wizards. Cap's fate should be linked to his super soldier serum effect wearing out causing him to age rapidly or something to that effect.
  3. Yea that's what I've been thinking with that Godzilla vs Ghidorah fight scene heavy dark scenes plus flashing lights. Very old school way of hiding CGI.
  4. We are witnessing history, kid. Everything is getting mowed down my EG, sadly even this.
  5. Why soo much unclear nighttime scenes though? Especially with that Godzilla vs Ghidorah scene. 😒
  6. It feels like a modern day version of Arnold's The 6th Day where they cloned him.
  7. For you 3rd point they didn't collect the stones they made copies of it when they went back to the past.
  8. EG 3rd weekend is going to be over this 1st weekend. Sorry Pika squad nothing is stopping that freight train.
  9. The scenes are heavily out of context so any informed opinion about it is complete nonsense tbh. Not to mention the poor quality video shown as well too.
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