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  1. Seen this today thought it was alright nothing spectacular as alot of critics and people are claiming it to be. It also to me doesn't feel like a Spiderman movie but more of an anniversary movie celebrating the character of spiderman since it's creation by having all these tropes the character is known for and being self-referential at times very much in the vein of Lego Batman.
  2. Someone mistakenly added a 0 to the number should be: The Immortal Box Office Engine: Mortal Engines Over 25M Domestic
  3. How much was Venom at after it's 2nd weekend?
  4. Ya know I genuinely thought we were expecting the first trailer for this, I completely forgot the first trailer. 😅
  5. I have yet to see this film. I know I know, I must be the last person on Earth who haven't seen this.
  6. Those posters just prove my point further that this movie resembles the Netflix Godzilla animated movie. I think those creatures looks way too animated for a live action movie and before anyone says its just in the poster, I thought they looked very animated in the trailers as well.
  7. DAMN! Jim is looking to make about 20B over 4 Avatar sequels. I wonder what he'll use all that money for?
  8. So how's the presales for AQM in Brazil compared to other movies?

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