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  1. Why do you even care then? Why post it here and get post after post of people complaining about a inconsequential twitter conversation.
  2. It's you getting offended by other people's twitter conversations and getting other thin skinned posters to collectively whine with you.
  3. Superhero fans are the worst. Beings fans of superheroes, you'd think they'd try to be better people.
  4. Snyder is doubling down on the Jesus metaphor with Superman and taking a shortcut to develop the character. Snyder's take on Superman in Man of Steel and Batman V Superman is that he's SuperMAN, there's an emphasis on how flawed he is as a person, how he's not the Superman that he should be. Superman returning from the dead in Justice League will parallel Jesus's resurrection, his accession. When Superman returns, he will be the Superman he should be, the one he must be to the greatest hero of the world. A better filmmaker would develop the character instead of taking a shortcut, but this is Zack Snyder.
  5. This is on point. The costumes are embarrassingly bad, and suggest that Wonder Woman will be another faux female empowerment piece, which is really not at all that surprising.
  6. I Am Going Tomorrow With My DC Fanboy Friend. Maybe I See Some Of You There.
  7. I Am Part Of The Thread So The Gif Still Goes To Me.
  8. That Make Superman Sound Like A Terrorist WTF
  9. Thank You Kayumanggi People Must Not Do Things They Is Trolling.
  10. You Think BKB Is Trolling And Now You Are Going To Do The Same For CW? That Mean You Are Trying To Troll CW Cochofles Because You Doing What You Think Is Trolling. BKB Just Says What He Think Of BVS Because That What He Think But You Are Saying Things About CW To Poke BKB.
  11. I Am Changing Again After The Epic New CW Trailer 1. CW (680 DM) 2. DS (368 DM) 3. BVS (365 DM) 4. DP (340 DM) 5. XA (210 DM) 6. SS (130 DM)
  12. SpiderMan Looks Out Of Place Because Of The Story Bro. He Is Teenager Working With Iron Man And Everyone Is Surprised By Teenager Is Working With Avengers Heroes But It All Part Of The Story That Will Be Epic.
  13. What Matter To People Should Be How Much They Like BVS. Dont Feel Bad Just Because GA Will Like It More And It Gross More...
  14. I Am Changing My Predictions. 1. CW (580 DM) 2. DS (360 DM) 3. BVS (350 DM) 4. DP (330 DM) 5. XA (210 DM) 6. SS (120 DM)

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