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  1. You look very different from what I imagined, Baumer. I always figured you had a Hockey mask on all the time.
  2. We have very similar taste. Thought I'm watching Fargo now, and after a season and a half, I'm yet to find a flaw in it, it has to get up there somewhere. Do you like Death Note? I usually rank shows by season, and would have Death Note's single season as the second best season I've ever watched, after GoT's 4th.
  3. Fun fact, when I watched Apocalypse Now I didn't know the normal version didn't have a boring french family scene near the end. I really liked it, but the redux version was a little too long, should watch the the theatric cut someday.
  4. Really digging this list. Need to rewatch Once Upon A Time in the West, I had it in my top 50, but I feel I would like it even more now.
  5. Yeah, I feel like Brazil really doesn't have enough teathers for more than one movie to do big numbers at the same time. My small town only has one movie screen and they are ditching IW completely for Deadpool. At least I got to watch it 3 times before it went away.
  6. Can't believe The Departed never made the list before, not that I was the only one to have it at the top 10, it's so damn great. Is this footlo see thing serious? I didn't know it was that well regarded. Did people make it surrogate Infinity War?
  7. Right? I don't feel the hype for this one at all, but didn't feel it for the first either (and it was comparetively just as big in Brazil as in the US), so it might surprise everyone again.
  8. Maybe because there are no weekends on which they don't have a huge tentpole opening...
  9. Just wait until Ant-Man and the Wasp opens to 240M and has a shot at beating them both with good legs.
  10. Happy for Unforgiven! I was the one who had it at the top 5. Lost count of how many of the list so far were on my top 100.
  11. Actually surprised that Jurassic World and Dead Man's Chest are this high. I really like Dead Man's Chest, but had the impression that it was not well liked here.
  12. I like Gravity, but think it's too short, usually when a movie is that short I can't really get too invested on it. Singing in the rain is great, wasn't on my list, but could have easily been. Monty Python and Good Will Hunting are too low. 5/10 so far.
  13. Great start, don't love boyhood, and haven't watched grave of the fireflies, but he rest is really good. Sad that There will be Blood and Cidade de Deus are so low, though. 3/6 from my list, so far.
  14. I think much of the reaction comes from the fact that presales seemed to indicate a OW in China over the Dom OW, at least to the most knowledgeable users in this subforum. I for one thoughh the floor was 230M, based on POTUS pojections so, since I thought 200M was already in the bag, it doesn't look too great for me, even though objectively it is a great number. Also, I'm not blaming the users who made the projections at all, I'm thankful to them for trying to predict as well as they could. I reckon this movie behaved very differently than what's normal in relation to presales, so not their fault.
  15. This following the box office real time is really intense!

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