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  1. People bitch about actors and characters and then in 15 years beg them to come back. Case in point Hayden Christensen and Ewan Mcgregor.
  2. Boyega said after the cast watched TROS that he was going to wait to say his opinion until the public saw the movie. If that isn’t proof that he’s just going to gravitate to however the public feels then I don’t know what is. He doesn’t want to offend anyone, and take a side.
  3. There’s a reason why Rian Johnson and Adam Driver ( who loved TLJ) are having the best careers out of anyone associated with the ST...
  4. I mostly have a problem with it because he is flakey and just going with the way of the fans. To scared to form an opinion of his own.
  5. It’s because he’s scared to pick a side. He doesn’t want to offend anybody so he’s just playing safe. He loved TLJ, but once the backlash began, now he doesn’t. He was praising Finns arc in TLJ before the movie, now he is mocking it. It’s pretty rediculois of him. This is a bad look for him. At least Mark Hamill bitches ahead of time, and doesn’t look like a two face.
  6. Boyega bitching because he didn’t get to film it with his friends. This is after he praised the movie, but now changing his tune to fit the “crowd”. Pretty sad, and fair weather of him. He didn’t act like this at all until the controversy began. He’s just trying to please everyone. Doesn’t work
  7. I mean when comparing it to probably the best story of all time, sure it might pale a bit. That doesn’t stop it from being very intriguing and interesting though.
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