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  1. 0% chance this is more emotional than the ending of TASM2 which had me feeling all sorts of ways the first time I watched it 😅
  2. I guess they are going for the memes, because the shot isn’t great. It’s also not worth overreacting about either though.
  3. I like both trailers a lot but did prefer the first a bit more because it flowed a little better and had more of a narrative to it. The action was awesome in the second but it was less focused. They don’t really have to show much to sell me on the film though.
  4. Agree 100%. It’s nice to have a film that feels serious and has real stakes.
  5. The score is amazing. Glad they are revealing basically no plot in the trailers, we don’t need it.
  6. Saw this tonight at a 10pm showing. Theater was about 60% full. Though the movie was kinda meh unfortunately. No anywhere near the 2018 quality.
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