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  1. Yep. JJ Abrams really shat the bed with both TFA and TROS if you ask me. And the funny thing is it was for different reasons for each. Why the hell he got back for IX I will never know.
  2. Would they rather have a film that is more fondly looked back on in 10 years or make more money up front I guess will be the question now?
  3. The CT script is indeed unique and has some very interesting parts to it. I feel it does a lot better things story wise than TROS, but it ultimately fails in giving Kylo a proper redemption arc. You can’t have the final Skywalker go out evil in the last movie of the Skywalker Saga. Just inexcusable. A lot of it does sound better than TROS though (which isn’t a high bar). The best part though would be the lack of maggufins. JJs fascination with those to tell a story is horrible.
  4. 1000% agree with everything you said. Bob Iger will refuse to let it happen though. He doesn’t understand the product at all.
  5. The making of this film seems very strange. There was no Palpatine at all in the art book that was released in Korea. Was he thought of at the last minute? Now destroying evidence? Lol
  6. I never found canto byte boring. Is it a great Star Wars sequence? No. Is there a lot worse Star Wars sequenced that don’t get near as much hate? Yes.
  7. Don't go to the Jedi Council Forums. I've been banned there three times in the last few months just for having a different opinion from their cult following.
  8. TLJ at least gave us the dynamic/relationship/connection between Kylo and Rey. If there is anything that can taken away from the ST as being unique and new it was that. A lot of the ST is just stolen story beats from the OT, but their connection is something that will remain apart of what the ST brought to SW. While JJ tried to forget most of what happened in TLJ, he kept that the focal point in TROS, as their connection was the heart of the trilogy. If TLJ didn’t bring that then I don’t know what the hell the ST would be known for. JJ literally would have just made the OT 2.0 with ugly paint.
  9. It’s not the same at all. He does everything in TFA for Rey. He doesn’t give a damn about the resistance. He’s scared and runs. The only time he fights he gets his ass kicked and almost dies. I wasn’t surprised at all he was still in the running mentality at the beginning of TLJ.
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