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  1. I’ve always wanted to see ESB on the big screen. I’ll be there for sure!
  2. What’s your username on JCF? Also I think everyone on the cast was tired of JJ’s mess by the time this thing hit theaters
  3. Yep. I thought the FO turning against Kylo was a given for IX. Whether that be from them finding out him killing Snoke, Kylo just being a bad leader and not having similar views as everyone else, or his refusal to kill Rey, I thought it was going to happen. JJ just decided to forget about the FO entirely though in TROS so so much for that. Hux leading and internal rebellion against him would have really helped his character and made sense narratively.
  4. I don’t have a script for my ideal Episode IX but here are some things that definitely would have happened: - The First Order turns on Kylo after they find out he was responsible for the death of Snoke (video recording in the throne room, ect idk) - I would have Palpatine return, I think since we are connecting all nine films, he would need to be the big bad. - A Sith acolyte lets themself be willfully possessed by Palpatine. This cult follower could be Hux or a Knight of Ren. Palpatine spirit then takes over the body returns to his younger form. (This is fishy and idk how I would pull this stuff off). - Finn/Poe/Rose are all on a mission (this should have been the “trio”. - Rey is trying to still understand the force. Her and now a rogue Kylo end up meeting on some sort of force planet. They learn here why they are connected and more about the force. They have to come together as light and dark to achieve the balance. - Final battle is Rey and Kylo vs Palpatine (Matt Smith). Matt Smith would have a lightsaber similar to the one “Dark Rey” is using in TROS. - Leia would have a moment with her son in the film. This would be the key to his “redemption”. - Ben Solo lives and begins traveling the galaxy at the end of film to atone for what he does. I would probably have him freeing the kids on Canto Byte (Broom Boy) as a sign of this or something. - Poe would die (we need some prices to be paid) - Finn leads Stormtrooper rebellion - Force ghost Anakin plays a role This is just some rough ideas, obviously nerds a tone of work. One day I might actually flesh it out.
  5. Agree for the most part. I didn’t think they gave BDH much to work with in her episode (thought the “story” was kinda weak) so I give her props for making something out of nothing.
  6. Star Wars Theory is such a hack lol. The fact that he has 2.5 million followers and thought what Filoni said was “mind blowing” or so new that it changed his opinion is crazy. His job is literally to come up with theories and he gets paid for it and he had never thought of this? What did he think Duel of the fates stood for? He’s such a clown now and has got the biggest ego but tries to act fake humble. Also I don’t think Filoni was going to say the ST was crap, but I mean it’s true it doesn’t add anything to the story. 1-6 are all about the rise and and fall of Anakin Skywalker. He was the chosen one and brought balance to the force. Ultimately it’s his story. 7-9 don’t really add anything other than just repeating what already happened. I like Filoni a lot but he’s done some really dumb things in Rebels before and his two episodes of the Mandalorian were pretty easily the weakest, so everyone appointing him as Star Wars god needs to chill out.
  7. Wrong but ok. He talks about the Mandalorian and various rumors all the time. Also he goes into detail here after he has had time to thing about it. Campea has read all the books and seen all the shows so he knows his stuff with SW. Your assumptions fail you as usual
  8. Great Trailer. Glad it didn't reveal much plot/story so I can go in the theater fresh. Hope it keeps that July date.
  9. I feel the poorly directed acting has been a far bigger gripe than the politics. I find the politics to be some of the more interesting and best parts of the PT. Trilogies don’t need to be planned in advance either (the PT/OT weren’t) but they do need one central vision.
  10. Leaving a kid with his only living family on a planet that the empire won’t be actively seeking is a whole lot better than selling your kid into slavery for drinking money
  11. JJ has said what I said himself about the PT, so I don’t think it’s that far of a reach. I don’t like that he reverts to trying to replicate his childhood with a new shade of paint and neither did George Lucas
  12. I get what your saying but I’m of the belief that JJ is so close minded he doesn’t even truly believe there are real PT fans out there, and that they don’t like his “real” SW (OT)
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