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  1. I don’t expect a trailer any time soon. This film may get delayed depending on how COVID evolves.
  2. Hopefully the trailer shows nothing: 1. To keep the surprises, surprises 2. To piss off internet fanboys
  3. I just saw this and actually thought it was fairly decent. It’s certainly not boring and the “noise” is a cool concept/visual. Holland and Ridley give good performances. The ending is rushed af and abrupt but honestly I came out pleasantly surprised (had very low expectations). This is better than a 25% RT movie. 6.5/10
  4. I'm actually looking forward to seeing this in a theater. I haven't been since WW84 back in December.
  5. Tried to watch this today but just not my cup of tea. I was bored af after the first and turned it off at the beginning of the second episode. Happy for those who enjoy it though and reception seems solid enough.
  6. Unfortunate and doesn’t deserve the hate. Criticism sure but the hate that the man babies on YouTube are once again profiting off of no.
  7. After watching it a second time not sure about the sloppy complaints or messy. It’s a pretty straight forward plot. I can understand how some might have wanted more action or WW scenes.
  8. Seated to see WW84 at the local AMC for the second time. Got the entire theater to myself and only had to pay $15 instead of the $200 rentals I’ve been seeing 😂
  9. I think he is gone long term. If he comes back quickly then that kind of diminishes the final scene of S2. I think S3 will focus on reclaiming Mandalore.
  10. While not as good as the first and a messy script, I still quite enjoyed the film. Gadot and Pine are once again fantastic in their roles. The final scene with them saying their goodbyes and then Wonder Woman regaining her powers was amazing. Their chemistry and scenes are enough reason to go see the movie. Hans Zimmer delivers a very impressive score, and really enhances the film. Pedro Pascal hams it up really well as Maxwell Lord and you can tell he was having a blast in the role. It was great to be back in the theater and while the film has some undeniable flaws/shortcomings, it stil
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