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  1. Yep I knew something was off straight from the opening crawl. Then the first 20 min of the film is a cluster montage and nothing is making any sense whatsoever lol. By the end I was just laughing/crying in disappointment. Agree though, all the actors did the best they could with the crap they were given. In the bonus features on the digital release, JJ and Terrio were making major adjustments on set. The Dagger wasn’t even in the script, they just added it as another Mcguffin on the day they shot lol!
  2. They were desperate to make the release date. They disposed of JJ’s ideas for 8/9 back when RJ was making 8 so obviously they didn’t think they were the highest of quality. With CT getting fired and Iger refusing to move the 2019 release date, I guess they just didn’t care about the quality and desperately asked JJ to come back with the ideas they already threw in the trash lol. I think I have finally settled in at ranking TROS 10/11 in my overall Saga rankings after 7 viewings. I only have Rogue One ranked below it because it is one of the most boring movies I’ve ever seen multiple times. TROS does irreparable damage to the saga, but at least it’s not boring to watch.
  3. Isn’t the Corona Virus enough suffering for the weekend? I wish TROS could have been delayed a year, it desperately needed it.
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