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  1. I think that we can agree that sooner or later Hildur's concerts will happen, and WB will not deny themselves pleasure of announcing that Joker won with Skywalker.
  2. Last TROS OS update added 321k, needs another 162k to pass Joker.
  3. Like you can see in my post from 6t march it was 737,700,000. Even if skywalker will pass this movie, joker will have additional gross from Hildur's live concert.
  4. I agree with you, but i hope that we agree that after both movies will finish their runs Joker will be #6.
  5. And after Hildur concerts it will move to number 7 again
  6. DOMESTIC (31.2%) $335,451,311 INTERNATIONAL (68.8%) $738,800,000 WORLDWIDE $1,074,251,311 Another 100k OS
  7. DOMESTIC (39.8%) $316,782,404 INTERNATIONAL (60.2%) $479,428,868 WORLDWIDE $796,211,272 Somehow Sony is still finding another millions OS;p
  8. It's not that bad Wed, right? Maybe no sport in tv will cause that people will go watch movies.
  9. Jumanji OS wasn't updated in march so either it ended it run, or Sony will wait how much they will have to add to help this movie pass 800m.
  10. Grosses DOMESTIC (31.2%) $335,448,104 INTERNATIONAL (68.8%) $738,700,000 WORLDWIDE $1,074,148,104
  11. Theater Counts for weekend of March 6 - March 8 Movie Distributor Theaters Previous Theaters Change Onward Walt Disney 4,310 new The Call of the Wild 20th Century Studios 3,914 3,865 +49 Sonic The Hedgehog Paramount Pictures 3,717 4,177 -460 The Invisible Man Universal 3,610 3,610
  12. Jumanji welcome to the jungle made 4m after 1.622 weekend, so 320m+ (with this coronavirus) seems very optimistic.
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