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  1. The Laymen (two aussies who are running a video game YT blog) are VERY convinced... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJ5lKVSfA_8 ...so am I. 😊 By the way, that cinema Sam and Raph are visiting: is this a kind of out of world super über cinema? I have never ever seen such a theatre (leather seating, seats that can go into a relax position) here in Germany. Do such things really exist?
  2. *sigh* Sometimes you enter a thread and it reads and feels as if a pair of monkeys have entered it shortly before you and started to throw shit at each other. It's a sad sight to behold and it's kinda disturbing also. And don't let me start about the horrendous smell... Anyways, I am one of these terrible toxic white males, Hollywood movie makers made a trope of to have someone to blame their lack of box office success with their latest mediocre pictures. As for Birds of Prey, as far as I can see, it seems to be a fun and "okay" movie. I simply lack the interest in it to watch it in a theatre. I will give it a shot when it appears on a "serves all" streaming portal though, as like I said, it seems to be a fun movie. Why this movie does not click with the general audience, I don't understand. From my viewpoint it doesn't make anything different than, for example suicide squad, besides being more "grounded and realistic" in comparsion to the squad's dark magic yahoopla. So, in theory, this movie should do very well, but... well, we know the figures. And no, I don't blame this on "wokeness", since as far as I can see through the trailers, this movie treads just so very lightly over this dreaded minefield, that it is simply a non-issue. So, maybe the people out there are just not that interested in a Birds of Prey movie? Controversial opinion, I know. But sometimes, just sometimes it is the general audience that likes to subvert expectations.
  3. Nearly 20 years ago, a young producer working at Square Japan had the idea to create a crossover between some characters from the Final Fantasy universe and Disney's main cartoon characters. When this idea was revealed, nearly every FF-player (even the japanese ones) and their uncles were laughing from here to the moon and back and dismissed this idea as horrible. Then the first pieces of concept art came out and the laughter started to calm down, the critics got quieter. Then the first demo hit the usual fairs and the laughter and critical voices silenced completely. Then the game came out and created a new fanbase that is so rabidly obedient, that it still buys mere updates with mainly cosmetic changes disguised as new episodes, Now, nearly 20 years ago someone had the idea to bring a third tier Marvel comic book hero to the silver screen...
  4. Yes, it does. I don't care much for the scum of the twitterverse, but within discussions with normal intelligent human beings the MS-critisism has shifted from "MS / unrealistic character because much too powerful" to "ok maybe not MS but still too powerful too soon", with the latter being a valid critisism in regards to SW canon and lore. Nonetheless it also sure did help getting away from the MS discussion that Rey was clearly portrayed as a human being with flaws, fears and doubts in Rise.
  5. "They win because they make you think you're alone, but you are not. There are more like us." (not sure if that's the exact wording used in the english version though, as I watched the german one) Say what you will but this twist is a very good explanation why Ray is such a powerful character in the first place and it destroys the whole Mary Sue nitpicking agenda. Also, it gives Luke's expression of fear and terror during the rock trembling sequence of her short-lived training on hermit island a new meaning. I am still at odds how Ray could become so powerful in such a short amount of time, but now I can at least understand WHY she is so powerful.
  6. I agree with you on that. However, given the fact that the Star Wars brand is still a juggernaut in terms of box-office income, I'd consider this more of a non-issue. If they would have had other movie contracts that would have been in conflict with this schedule, now that's another thing.
  7. I liked this movie. I had some issues with it, yes. The pacing was unrelenting and merciless, giving neither the movie nor the audience enough room to breathe or to take in the scenery, whiplashing me into dizziness. I did not like the declaration of a certain character to be something this character clearly isn't at the end. And I am still at odds with how fast same character became so powerful without any or minimal training throughout the sequel trilogy. I really did like the movie's explanation WHY the character was / became so powerful though. The chases from one MacGuffin to the next and then to another, I had no qualms with. Coming from a videogame background with heavy emphasis on JRPGs, this is a well know trope to me that I can dig. The acting was good in my book, I did not felt the dialogs to be cringy and the action was great. I would have gone another route for the ending, but I could deal with it without being off-put. There were some suprises I liked and overall, this movie conciliated me with some (!) of the decisions Johnson made with The last Jedi. Do I think it is a better movie than The last Jedi? Yes, I do. While I liked some parts of TlJ and dispite acknowledging that Johnson is a very talented (and bold) director, the portrayal of Luke alone and the deconstruction of this beloved character is still simply too much for me to take. Also, having some characters in a separate (and long) storyline that ultimately led to, well, nothing besides the trope "rich people bad", making a side-villian a caricature of himself and killing off the main-threat mid-movie, still doesn't help to convince me thinking otherwise. I do understand why there are people who love The last Jedi of course. It is a competent and surprising movie that reflects (on) the modern society and zeitgeist, giving a modern audience what they want. Alas, after the wave of nostalgia the fan-base rode after the phenomenon that was The Force awakens, I imagine it would have been better to convice Abrams to direct the whole sequel trilogy, doing his Spielberg thing, and THEN bring in Johnson for a new trilogy, turning the lore and canon inside out and prepare Star Wars for a new/future audience. Yes, easy to be said afterwards. Maybe, just maybe, Abrams should have asked Disney to do something bold and pull of a Harry Potter here, splitting Episode 9 into Episode 9.1 and 9.2. It would have given Abrams and the writing team the necessary time to create something a bit more coherent and to flesh (or even dish) out some (additional) storylines, giving some characters that were simply moved into white noise more to do and especially bringing the movie to a somewhat lower pacing, giving the audience the time to breathe The Rise of Skywalker outright denies them most of the time. It saddens me that the sequels seem to go out with more of a whimper than a bang in the eyes of many people, but then again, I am not one of them, so that's fine I guess. I will wait for the BR to surface and revisit some of the places the movie had no time to let me marvel at. Looking forward to that. May the force be with you. Always.
  8. Instant ass in seat on release day atm based on that trailer. That said, I'm a sucker for Super 8 and Stranger Things, so as for me, I don't need the old crew back anymore after seeing they're going the 80s, Spielberg/Abrams, Goonies route. Never thought I would say that anytime soon.
  9. Yeah. You could easily confuse that with This ain't Charlie's Angels XXX. What were they thinking?
  10. Watched it today and was very positively surprised. It has a slow start to set things up and the story is somewhat lukewarm, but the interactions between the actors are point on and funny. Also, this is modern moviemaking done right imo. It caters (meant in a positive way) to both old-school viewers as well as a modern pc crowd and brings these two "opposing forces" together (except maybe the most hardcore ones). And, imo, hits that home. My only qualms are that they underused Richard Roundtree, bringing him very late into the story. But then again these (roughly fifteen) minutes really deliver. Clearly not a masterpiece but an improvement over the year 2000 Shaft movie. I will definately watch it again.
  11. As if anybody could forget Cameron's "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" moment in movie history. But at least he nailed it first take.
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