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  1. Yeah. You could easily confuse that with This ain't Charlie's Angels XXX. What were they thinking?
  2. Watched it today and was very positively surprised. It has a slow start to set things up and the story is somewhat lukewarm, but the interactions between the actors are point on and funny. Also, this is modern moviemaking done right imo. It caters (meant in a positive way) to both old-school viewers as well as a modern pc crowd and brings these two "opposing forces" together (except maybe the most hardcore ones). And, imo, hits that home. My only qualms are that they underused Richard Roundtree, bringing him very late into the story. But then again these (roughly fifteen) minutes really deliver. Clearly not a masterpiece but an improvement over the year 2000 Shaft movie. I will definately watch it again.
  3. As if anybody could forget Cameron's "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" moment in movie history. But at least he nailed it first take.
  4. As for all this "how dare the effin manchilds raise their voices!" craze... You know, actually both sides are right. With examples like Aladin, Alita and Sonic, I do not see anything wrong to go and tell the filmmakers that this isn't what I want to see on the screen. Of course, every filmmaker, every studio can always say "Eff you, that's our vision, this is how it's going to be! Deal witit!" - and that's totaly fine. They won't get my money, obviously, but kudos to them for going through. Now, I don't know about Aladin (not following the movie, as I have no interest in it) but with Alita the feedback lead to a superior design, making her actually look human. With Sonic... I think we all (well, at least most of us) can agree that the design of the speedy hedgehog is horrible and WILL hurt the movie if they don't do something about it. So getting this kind of heavy backlash is actually helpful, because the filmmakers do see that something is clearly not working here and that they better do something about it if they want their movie to have some success. In the end, these are digital characters, whose feelings cannot be hurt. Then again... imagine a movie that has been made 30 years ago, would be made today instead. A big studio named Warner Bros. announces a new take on an iconic comic book (anti-)hero named Batman. Fans go batshit insane in their delight, since there has been no Batman movie in ages. Then they read further: Tim "Dark Wierdo" Burton as director? Michael "Beetlejuice" Keaton as Batman??? WHAT THE EFF! RAAAAAAAAAGEEEE! Given the fact, that back then fans were in fact so outspoken against Burton and Keaton that this news made it indeed to some media outlets like MTV or cinema magazine (otherwise, I would have known nothing about this back then), this must have been quite the "silent" storm. Now imagine such a "silent" storm in the present internet day and tell me that Warner in fear of their future profits would choose to turn a blind eye to the fan protests. I don't say that the above HAS to happen, but we all can surely imagine it COULD happen. Therefore I am very torn about giving in to fan protests. As a gamer, I know sometimes I have to have my voice get heard when a greedy publisher tries to fuck me and other customers over. When again a game is released unfinished, with missing content, but implemented monetisation mechanics and broken as hell, you simply have to raise your voice or nothing will change. But that is about games, and it's about a "finished" product. This here is about movies that aren't even finished (thank god, in Sonic's case), so I think this is a very delicate issue we are discussing here, that has to be assessed on a case to case basis. In Sonics case, I feel it's justified.
  5. It's an effin' juggernaut. And I am more than happy that I can witness such BO craze for the fourth time now. UN-effin-believable.
  6. Yes. They made 'em even bigger. In a way. https://www.slashfilm.com/alita-battle-angel-eyes-fixed/
  7. Ok, I'm going to play Captain Obvious here and spoil the party. Just because Sonic did an supersonic emp-blast on the road, that doesn't has to be related to the power loss we see in the city and then on the continent. Especially if you consider that the emp scene was shot in daylight and the power outage happened at evening / night. My money would be more on Eggman being responsible for the power outage. Or like General Akbar would put it: it's a trap.
  8. I guess we can be thankful that gramps didn't remembered how much his grandson loved 2 Unlimited back in the 90s. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkEXGgdqMz8
  9. While this may be true, it's also true that the internet doesn't forget. If they don't come up with a very good second trailer to turn around the ship, Sonic is roadkill.
  10. I love it when the music supervisor of a movie digs up classics that I have long forgotten. The rush of nostalgia intertwined with these songs - priceless. Oh, to be young again.
  11. Watched the trailer against all good senses and immediately felt strong Blizzcon 2018 vibes. You know, the one with this guy asking "is this an out of season April fools joke" during the Diablo showcase. Ok, the "You serious?" meme would also fit like a glove. What the heck is ths? A comedy? An action movie? A parody? A furry trap? As it looks now, this will be either the worst movie or the biggest BO disappointment in 2019. Maybe both. Carrey looks good in this though for a man appoaching his 60s.
  12. Hmmm. But wouldn't it "just" take a movie of likewise high quality and demand/anticipation but with a shorter running time (e.g. two hours)? I agree that at the moment, there doesn't seem to be anything like his to be seen on the horizon (maybe, just maybe Avatar 2/3 or in a few years a new SW-trilogy), but I wouldn't rule it completely out. Then again, I'm already 52, so there you go. ;o)
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