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  1. Suicide Squad 2 and BOP risk not getting released in China,,,so its not as important to them, unlike ass kissing Disney.
  2. People wanted Thanos.....no one cared for heroes fighting each other or random evil A.I robots..... Marvel gave the people what they wanted ...easy fix
  3. People will then say random Star Wars film will bury Aquaman 2..😄 This time next year they will say Joker making a billion was no surprise and was expected ....
  4. Marvel wants that CBM monopoly so bad...being dominant is not enough...They can increase their output to 8 films a year, it won't still prevent SONY or WB from having breakout or billion dollars CBMs....
  5. Some MCU fanboys tend to root for other non- CBMs to fail bad....They also don't want their precious stupid Disney brand to be tarnished lol....A bit late for that..
  6. Under Alice 2 confirmed...I dare Disney to greenlight another of these pointless films...
  7. Mistah Jay truly is an agent of chaos... Causing chaos among directors, butthurt Disney CEOs, fanboys, etc....
  8. Lol... Hack Iger should stop bitching about people bitching about his films. He should concern himself with increasing the poor pay of Disney Park workers..how about that...
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