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  1. Brie is going to be the face of the MCU moving forward....Show some respect....
  2. Most of those CW Dc shows are bad....but that's the CW, they dominate there...Agents of Shit is on ABC where loads more successful shows have been cancelled.... They can give the show 20 more seasons if they want....Its still a money losing failure
  3. Whats smart about a rehash of the first Incredibles films.. Anyways... can't believe That Agents of Shit show is still going...they really are aiming for 10 seasons...
  4. Love the way SONY has been trolling Disney lately....Disney bought he wrong studio
  5. Just sayin...They did the same dark teaser thing with Cars 3 🤣....Relax guys, it will just be a mini rehash of the first.
  6. Can Disney dub over the voice of Jafar to a more grown up voice ..... Also, did they just re-use the character model for the cgi Tiger from live action Jungle book?
  7. The Mary Floppins debacle...Will ensure no typical Disney over expectations.

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