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  1. I'm sure some folks will like Kingsmen 2 a lot too and it does not have to be better than the first.
  2. Same thing happened with MIB 2, Guardians 2, Avengers 2, Dark knight rises.
  3. Did you see the movie posters or trailers for this film?
  4. Homecoming 2 needs Ironman Captain America and Hulk in it to ensure it can beat Spiderman 3 worldwide. Iron man is not enough apparently. This is SONY's way of thinking, most likely.
  5. FOX should do everything in their power to get a China release for Deadpool 2. If both Kingsman films can get release dates there, why not Mr. Pool.
  6. Disney are rushing all the top dogs out and I can't see stuff lake Pocahontas, Hunchback, Hercules. doing so well, while stuff like Peter Pan is toxic at the moment.I hope desperation won't force Disney to do a live action Frozen in the next 10 years or less.
  7. I have noticed some rivalry between Pixar fans and Walt Disney animation fans. For me at the moment and even though Frozen is crap: Walt Disney animation >>>> Pixar. Incredibles 2 should own next year though.
  8. So no release date? September or late August next year should be fine
  9. Disney wishes it had a Monopoly. Ilumination are still making billion dollar animated films despite the presence Disney animation and Pixar. Also Disney can't make all kinds of films, they are not brave enough to make films like IT and Deadpool, so the other studios will take advantage of the starving general audience members tired of safe by the numbers Disney flicks.
  10. He did not get to that number on his own though. Uncle Tony helped out.
  11. Everything about Frozen is insufferable.
  12. Poor Mulan. I don't blame Disney for putting that on the back burner in favour of this film and Lion King. Mulan is no where as beloved as those two and won't come close box office wise.
  13. Starting to think this will open November 2019 replacing Frozen 2 which may be delayed.
  14. The sequel will need another iron man boost to get to 400 mill domestic. I do think a Spidey/ Hulk team up for the sequel is the next best thing.

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