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  1. Cameron fanboys always have great comebacks ....😅 I'm just enjoying the arguments...
  2. You always trigger them when you ask this question....don't stop....
  3. Jim made An Aquaman movie in an alternate reality...😵
  4. Sex in the MCU ... They barely do any form of romance or love interests these days...The Nat and Bruce debacle really scared them.. I remember the Tony and random reporter scene in Iron man 1 and Bruce and Betty scene in Incredible Hulk....I miss phase 1
  5. Well Mickey Mouse won't make a mutant Franchise film on the level of Logan Deadpool , XDOFP....So...
  6. That Avengers game.... They better do a Sonic Movie and delay that nonsense.......The makers of the last Spiderman game should have done this
  7. Spiderman FFH release will give it the boost to reach 3 Billion ...
  8. They have turned Spiderman into Iron Boy...so anything is possible...
  9. One of the MCU producers says the name ...Xmen.... is outdated....Can't wait for the MCU Xmen re branding...going to be so much fun... No wonder we won't see anything Xmen related for the next 5-6 years
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