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  1. Finally!! Someone gets it......😄 Its like forcing Roland Emmerich to direct a film with 15 million dollar budget....clueless...
  2. Imagine if a film like FOX's The Revenant was currently in post production development ...Disney execs watching test screenings will probably have multiple heart attacks....order pg 13 cut....kill any marketing push thinking it will bomb... The idiots....
  3. This has no cgi armies and blue portals or sky beams, of course they see no Box office potential...
  4. Hulk falls on Widows's chest, Flash falls on WW's chest...so who will fall on Jean Grey's chest , I wonder....Its what fans want to see in MCU Xmen , right....😏
  5. They are the Michael Bay of the move industry, only less creative .....Years from now we will look back at that strange time where Disney went all Michael Bay on the industry and dominated with disgust and confusion..........Just a warning to Disney...Too much Michael Bay is never a good thing as the Transformers franchise found out....... Them and their shills like you should enjoy it while it last.....
  6. Yeah, I give FOX Searchlight 2 more years, max...I tried to warn you guys... Disney....A true cancer to the industry....Their shills will still defend them..
  7. Disney are the modern day masters of fudging BO numbers....Sony should learn from the masters
  8. Something other than the usual Disney trash is making money ...Don't be butthurt.....Don't worry, Disney will be back with Maleficent 2 in October....
  9. Queen B won't get an easier paycheck than this film...Truly terrible acting. Glover was almost as bad as her. The film was a scam..The Transformers films have more creativity...Years from now we will be embarrassed how much this film made
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