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  1. ........Nothing wrong with Marvel playing catch up with hiring non-white male directors..Better late than never
  2. Charles and Magneto is one of the great comic book romance...Patrick-Ian.... .Fassy---James have way better chemistry than most MCU and DCEU couples...The bromance is strong....😎
  3. The reveal of who the main baddie really was is a bit of a twist
  4. The trailer can't possibly be as bland and generic as Granny Puncher...Captain Marvel
  5. The usual Disney twist villain...Can't remember the last time Disney animation did not have a twist villain..
  6. He did not need Feige for the first 2 films...He won't need him now. Eh....I trust Reynolds with the character a lot more than Feige....Ryan has shown them hows its done.Its best they follow his lead...I know Disney/Marvel's arrogance won't let them, but still... Iger does not want multiple Marvels.....he should tell that to Marvel TV and SONY
  7. Dunno...If I were Ryan, I would have a one on one with Alan Horn so he can convince Iger to let him make his Xforce and Deadpool 3 ....completely free from Feige.. After that they can reboot ,recast and pg-13 the character to death in lame Deadpool joins the Avengers movies.....
  8. Iger did not mention Rian Johnson trilogy.... PG-13 Deadpool confirmed? What a surprise...
  9. Not bad....I'm not asking for live action Beauty and the Beast trailer views but is the Greatest Showman trailer views numbers too much to ask for a beloved property like this? Chris Robin type trailer views is too small for this. Jumanji has 30 mil views for one of its trailers. on the Sony Youtube channel...
  10. We need another Avengers over 300 mill opening weekend club for next year. No failure this time..

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