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  1. Antman 3 needs a 210 million plus budget. Go big or go home...😎 Its going to be the last Antman movie anyway so just go nuts with a third...and not the boring visuals from the first 2...
  2. Poor Zoe....trying to emote with all that green make up was a bit distracting...and funny.
  3. People actually prediction 400 mil domestic for Poppins....... can't wait till December...
  4. Hades

    Tuesday's Numbers:

    Making more than Justice League is nothing special anymore.. The other DCEU films have done it. A lower budget R-rated comic book movie with no 3d and no China have done it...sooooo...
  5. I find Jennifer Tilly's voice oddly sexy....but Keira doing it in this kind of movie.... Disney can post-production that voice...Its not too late.
  6. He is going to be one of the major selling points..and dominate the posters..🤑
  7. Seriously can't wait for the trailer, mainly for Keira Knightley funny voice...😄 And to confirm my sub 70 million prediction.
  8. Who wants to see a Suicide Squad film? It will flop......... WB have not even began to scratch the surface with their DC library. If they can do Shazam, then nothing is off the table.
  9. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/fox-shareholder-sues-stop-disney-acquisition-1125698 Your Dad?

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