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  1. Mistah Jay truly is an agent of chaos... Causing chaos among directors, butthurt Disney CEOs, fanboys, etc....
  2. Lol... Hack Iger should stop bitching about people bitching about his films. He should concern himself with increasing the poor pay of Disney Park workers..how about that...
  3. The moral of the story.....no famous person should dare insult the MCU...A legion of fanboys and the Disney worshipping media outlets will come for you .....Just ask SONY ...Fear them people..No freedom of speech with them...
  4. Marvel wishes their Iron boy films are half as good as Spiderman 1, Spiderman 2 or Into the Spider verse...
  5. This thread... It all comes down to some MCU fanboys being triggered by Todd and WB for making a well received DC film that is getting free publicity....right?
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