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  1. .....they are not nervous....The Rock and the movie will be fine...
  2. Apparently Chase is 7 years old........Why does he look like a puppy..
  3. I want this to make it to cinemas so bad... It deserves it....oh and for the meltdowns...
  4. Wonder what film will get released first, this film or Guardians 3....The New Mutants of the MCU?..
  5. An alternate reality where Disney did not buy FOX and no Corona Virus would have been amazing...right guys?..would love to live in that reality.... Also is it true HBO still has streaming rights to the Xmen films in the US?
  6. This is going to Disney plus If it does not make that July date....
  7. Its a FOX/Spielberg production, it at least won't be as lazy as a Disney fairy tale remake production .
  8. Still waiting for Sam Rockwell's return to the MCU.....maybe he is Taskmaster...
  9. Yeah this movie may be the most pointless and only exist because of initial fan demand...BUT have faith in Papa Feige, Dammit....
  10. The FOX integration has been a mess so far...Good luck to the new guy...
  11. Surely Shang Chi will cost less than 175 mill to make.....but then its Marvel I expect cgi dragons and 190 mill plus budget for that... Ant man 3 will cost over 200 mill too..
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