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  1. New trailer arriving with Nerve:
  2. Finding Dory - $152.4m (It is the first major family film - besides the slightly underwhelming The Angry Birds Movie and the bombing Alice Through The Looking Glass - since The Jungle Book) and the wait is long enough that nostalgia should have set in. Finding Nemo sold 50 million+ on DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital HD platforms (probably also VHS) and this film could potentially explode as all the fans see it in the theater due to positive reviews. Central Intelligence - $54.5m This is the first true four-quadrant comedy since Daddy's Home in December and has a similar idea of two proven box-office draws playing opposites of each other. The trailer has gotten huge audience responses in theaters and will probably be a choice for general audiences after they see Finding Dory, and will appeal more to males as an alternative to the aforementioned movie.
  3. The Conjuring 2 - $55.6m Warcraft - $31.2m Now You See Me 2 - $29.5m
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