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  1. The reason why I count captain marvel as a sequel is because the only reason it was made was to bring captain marvel into EG so even though it didn’t happen after IW it’s still a sequel of the MCU, I mean that’s why it’s called the MCU right? All these films and characters are just sequels of each other that dip in and out of different timelines. You can’t call them original movies.
  2. Disney animated sequels are getting worse.. finding dory, Ralph breaks the internet, toy story 4 and there remakes just scream cash grab. When’s the last time these guys came out with a movie that wasn’t a sequel or remake?
  3. No I agree it’s disappointing for them and they should be disappointed after hyping Disney up that much. I mean why would it open at 180? Was anyone really asking for toy story 4? I’m just saying outside of comic book movies does Disney have much to offer that anyone wants to see? Maybe they might get lucky with the odd remake or avatar movie but generally speaking there movies outside of MCU make modest amounts.
  4. It didn’t even have like 17 movies of lore to build up hype or any die hard fans behind it when it came out so yeah it was a one of the kind performance
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