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  1. That’s the mindset of MCU fans, they think star power means something to normal people.. it has nothing to do with it.. if a movie is better it’s better and audiences will enjoy it over a name.
  2. There’s a distinction, Marvel fans don’t equal MCU fans lol but overall I agree. Venom had a rotten tomatoes score that would send MCU fans to rehab and believe me they tried to make us fail but we laughed at there stupid faces and made almost a billion dollars and are about to do the same with the sequel
  3. Didn’t they believe this could be an Oscar contender? I think it was actually a headline on this thread before it all came crashing down in a big ball of flames.
  4. Really.. Other notable launches include: Sweden (No. 1/$910K), Netherlands ($825K)and Austria ($775K). Russia, where Venom 2 broke records atopen, has now grossed $30.3M to become the No. 8 biggest Hollywood movie ever. Other EMEA cumes include $14.6M inthe UK, $6.6M in Spain and $6.1M in Italy. The symbiote held the No. 1 spot in all six Asia markets in its second frame, pulling in $5.9M for a regional running total of $26.8M. Top markets include Korea ($14.2M cume) and Taiwan ($4.2M)
  5. It’s so nice to see the love the world has for Venom, they really got behind us, a true underdog story.
  6. Brazil coming in strong for us! Love to see it!
  7. I agree, luckily the majority of audiences don’t pay attention to these dodgy review sites with there suspect reviews, but still a portion do which is sad. Voting with your wallet is the only review that should matter none of these sites can be trusted, all as bad as each other and easily open to review tampering/bombing.
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