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  1. If you want me to name a specific person I won’t, I’ve said what I’ve heard from someone working on the movie. If you don’t want to believe it, fine, I can’t say much more than that to change your mind, you’re set in your ways. You just carry on believing whatever you want, I’m not here to try and convince anyone to believe me until I’m blue in the face.
  2. Didn’t say anything about VFX. If you noticed 90 % of the last trailer was VFX heavy that has no context. So that is all staying, the rain fight, leia training Rey ect. Nothing else was shown because they don’t have a final cut
  3. It’s not making a profit with production and marketing unless it goes over 700. Domestic is where it could make most of its money and it flopped.
  4. Advertising would be at least 150+ so it needs to make north of 750 to break even. Don’t use deadline as a barometer for what a movie needs to make. They still think the 90 million Once a upon a time needs to make 400 million to break even
  5. Maflopicent has a 200 million price tag excluding advertising costs so even if it makes 500 million that would still be a magnificent loss
  6. Joker may well end up making more profit than Endgame since it cost a fraction of that films budget
  7. China is going to ban the world because it can’t take a joke. Joker doesn’t even need China and it’s looking like it will crack a billion. Chinese movie studios should move out of this bubble classic Tarantino! That Bruce Lee scene was hilarious
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