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  1. Bob iger and the creatively bankrupt folks over at Disney are entertaining turning their baby sitter boba/yoda show into a movie. That show struggles to have enough story to make a 25 minute episode let alone a whole movie
  2. 5 movies in 5 years? Next thing you’ll be telling me is they were planned by a 5 year old with a box of crayons in some Mickey Mouse company!
  3. I know exactly what it means thank you very much, you might want to consider the reason people keep saying it is because that’s what actually happened. Rey handed Luke the lightsaber and he threw it over his shoulder, hence everyone’s expectations subverted. JJ directly attacked him for that scene when Rey threw his lightsaber into the fire and then who should pop out as a force ghost holding his lightsaber with that line about how “A Jedi's weapon should be treated with respect” ..Luke himself. That stuff on Canto bight was Rose’s crusade not Finn’s. And it wasn’t an arc it was filler at best..
  4. I agree the way it was set up in TFA it’s obvious Rey and Finn were supposed to be a thing with Finn possibly having force powers like Rey and them fighting the Sith together as Jedi's. But RJ subverted expectations with his whole doing the opposite of everything. You’d think JJ would spend time establishing the Rey, Finn and Poe dynamic and make us actually believe these characters care about each other by the end of the movie and that we should care about them. But then you remember he’s a hack so after a short reunion it’s straight into ripping off the whole Pirates of the Caribbean find this thing to tell us how to find that thing x10 with some sprinkling of Reylo mixed in to get people ready for that ridiculous Reylo kiss at the end. Get some girlfriends who nobody cares about for Poe and Finn to take away more screen time from the main characters we already don’t know much about in the first place annnd movies over. Absolute mess of a movie.
  5. I can see the sales pitch for the trailer.. ”From the network that rendered your GoT boxset’s unwatchable, comes a new adventure, to remind you how it all ended by showing you how it first started, this fall..get ready..the bells are ringing”
  6. The hurt will only rear it’s ugly head when they try and release another GOT spin off. You’d think people would have learned this after the Star Wars debacle
  7. If you think that’s big just look at the drop from TFA to TROS .. oof
  8. https://variety.com/2019/film/news/star-wars-trilogies-disney-ceo-bob-iger-1203442206/ bob Iger thinks they’ve done an amazing job with this trilogy and they have endless Star Wars movies planned. He also said they Disney didn’t react strongly to the last Jedi backlash when they called fans man babies.
  9. I hope it can have really late legs and make it over 900 million but I’d be satisfied with 750/800. The cast is great, they are all funny and this is easily the best movie out in December. It deserves it.
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