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  1. So I guess I did know what I was talking about?
  2. No not 70, it’s already blown past 70 Disney wanted to have it’s cake and eat it last week by insisting on adding its Disney+ numbers on top of OW box office boasting over 110 OW or 215 WW so now the chickens have come home to roost. Time to face the music.
  3. I forgot that even happened but they really expected us to believe he went from moving like this.. To this.. before you could say order 66
  4. The meltdown as the numbers dropped from 125+ to 100+ to 100 to 95 to 90 to 88 and finally to 80 has been the only thing that wasn’t a let down. Truly hilarious stuff, we had people blaming the numbers on Loki, someone wrote a book about how people wanted this and wanted cinema to die.. and then Disney throwing in Disney+ numbers so people forget about the OW numbers. Bet they won’t include them next week when they calculate the drop..
  5. Yup. And good for them, you gain literally nothing from watching it. It’s like F9, stuff happens that means nothing and then it ends. Time wasted.
  6. Lucy made 463 WW and Black Widow will be close to that it may not even crack 500 WW. Venom made 856WW so I don’t know why your comparing it to that.
  7. 158 WW is even lower than expected, Lucy has a shot of beating a MCU flick with that opening. China would barely get this over Lucy let alone 6.
  8. It was a struggle to get through, even the lead acted bored in her own movie. It also has about three endings.. each one making even less sense than the last.
  9. Tigerpaw and Jartinder don’t want it to come out in China because they think it will look like a bigger flop. There own words.
  10. 600 mill WW is off THE MENU. Can it crack 5?
  11. Would you pay 30 dollars to watch it on a small screen? Even if the answer is yes plenty of people here were predicting at least 100+ OW. Didn’t deadline have it pegged as high as 125? So 88 for a MCU film with Disney’s marketing has to be a big disappointment for those people. F9 is also in the same boat in that it was nothing spectacular and the second week drop was big. Both franchises are getting repetitive.
  12. I said America is mostly vaccinated and fully open which it is. I said 100+ OW was predicted knowing what you said but you can’t accept that and want to pretend this is a new revelation about Canada but nothing has changed that explains Black widow not making the 100+ OW that was predicted.
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