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  1. I think I have pretty thick skin, I can deal with criticism about movies I like. I’ll even shrug off posters personally attacking me with names “bully “troll” “evil” “villain” for not liking something they do but I’ll never stoop down to their level because once you start personally attacking someone you’ve already lost the argument.
  2. Should I have knocked first? Not sure how I could have made it up when JJ came out in the EW interview at the end of November saying it’s still going through reshoots and it would be a race against time to get it done. That’s what people were arguing about already before I even said anything, I just gave a number and I mean just watch the movie if you still don’t believe it, it’s a hot mess Haha just because I poked fun at some movies or companies you like it doesn’t make me a bully, that’s just called a difference of opinion dear.
  3. You guys really want to have your cake and eat it.. you can’t handle people disagreeing with you in words and now you can’t handle emojis disagreeing with you.. how do you manage real life people disagreeing with you?
  4. It’s doing worse than BOP and costed twice as much to make so yeah surprisingly strong
  5. They have effectively banned disagreements by banning the one place you couldn’t be accused of offending anyone or get called a troll for not liking a movie they liked. Now it’s just a place full of complainers and yes men.
  6. You are a perfect example yourself actually. I simply told you to stick to something you can handle and now I’m being accused of having “behaviour”. I can imagine you in a real war asking both sides to have a polite exchange of bullets and complaining when firing begins. Well it worked, you got mods to ban the Fanboy Wars thread for daring to be what it said on the tin which was apparently too much for people.
  7. How about you stop reading the thread you are complaining about and stick to something you can handle?
  8. For anyone who couldn’t be bothered to read this nonsense the message is clear, “go somewhere else if you are not on the same team”
  9. DAJK, Nobody threw around comments about race or gender so throw that out your straw man argument. Now if we move on to movies, after all, that’s where this all went sour, everyone should be able to express their resentment for any poorly made movie whether it’s from Disney, MCU or Lucas film but shouldn’t have to face bans because it hit a home run against those opposing fans.
  10. Even if I believed that speech it wouldn’t mean much because one person who was impartial wouldn’t be able to run this site, so the better option is just go elsewhere where it isn’t a problem
  11. If you want to stop being accused of anything let it be a free for all on all movies or you could just become irrelevant and only allow PC comments that paint a pretty picture but don’t show what people really think.. I don’t care what you decide since I can live without this place now I see the mindset of the people running things, plenty of other places will give the people the freedom to express them selves, a lot of people have already jumped ship
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