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  1. Wrath

    Box Office Casino 2.0

    This looks like fun, I’m in. 750 points, eh?
  2. Wrath

    Biggest bomb of 2018

    Probably, but Mortal Engines hasn’t impacted yet.
  3. First the Dark Universe, now the Spideyverse. The world is a cruel place.
  4. My wife just got back from seeing it, which is funny. I thought previews were tomorrow night and usually I'm the one telling her when stuff comes out. Anyway, she said it was spectacular. I'll prob see it.... crap, weekend is super busy. Maybe next week sometime.
  5. So, the final Monday is included, right? Want to make a ruling on International/China monday totals before we start?
  6. Christ, Han! Its not even October yet! Stop!
  7. Wrath

    All Time Summer / Winter Table

    Thank you for doing this! Nice! My plan of global domination via total bingo coverage proceeds well. One minor correction: I think I have a 5th place finish, not a 6th place finish in the combined. edit - Also, I think you forgot to give Infernus credit for this win in the combined total. edit2 - also, your impressive consistency in 8th place finishes borders on the superhuman. Also, you’re one of just 3 people with 6 top 10 finishes (and no one has more)!
  8. Shouldn’t Jai Courtney be in there as well, or is he below even that now?
  9. Wow, Marsha Brady grew up to be an ass-kicker. And the trailer looks solid.
  10. I read a review for that which pulled off a minor miracle and actually got me intrigued.
  11. Pineapple Express is a weird movie. Its like half a pretty good stoner comedy and then suddenly is half a surprisingly dark and gory shoot-out action flick. Then it goes back to stoner comedy for the last 5 min. Isn’t it pretty much the movie that launched Danny McBride’s career? That might be the best thing it has going for it. Red, the slightly scary, affable, oddly clingy, and completely unkillable drug dealer, was a genuinely good character. My head cannon says he was a minor supervillain who’s heart just wasn’t into it.

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