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  1. Wk17 - No This season has been one for confounding answers that seem like softballs, but I just really don't see it happening.
  2. Of course you should fight fire with fire. You should fight *everything* with fire.
  3. I also agree with all of this. Pirates 3 was too much of everything, but it drew the overall very good trilogy that was the first three Pirates movies to a solid and satisfying conclusion. It gets a lot of points for that. Plus, it countered out some of the tedious overstuffedness with all kinds of fun ridiculousness. Wasn't it the one with the sword fight on top of the rolling waterwheel? Also, the pirate fortress made out of ruined ships was awesome. Not since basically anything by Terry Gilliam has a movie so badly needed a firm content editing hand, for both better and worse.
  4. Well, less interesting than Trank in a personal sort of way wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. Less interesting artistically would be a problem.
  5. Having just updated the DOM, OW, and WW lists, I think I can safely say that I am personally extremely unlikely to be in the top 3. Which is fine, because I'm not shooting for top 3. I'm shooting for 4th, 6th, 8th or 9th as a stepping stone towards true glory.
  6. Updated again. I think we're getting close to what the final rankings will look like. Lego 2 should break onto the DOM top 15, knocking out Escape Room, but probably won't get much higher than 13th or so but I'm doubtful anything else (HTTYD3 or Alita) will catch Green Book for 15th. Creed 2, amazingly, is a HTTYD3-underperformance away from sneaking onto the OW list despite not getting picked by anyone, even as a back-up. Everything else is set (though I'm still bitter about Bohemian Rhapsody). For WW, Creed 2 is probably, but not definitely, safe and the last couple spots (Nutcracker and The Mule) are very much up for grabs. Reporting is slow on Lego 2 foreign sales because it has no data yet from a bunch of countries in which its already opened. Also, HTTYD3 is doing decent business in a number of markets already and still has its US OW to come, and Alita will open everywhere by the end of the game and has a shot as well. The Mule is probably toast, but I wouldn't be surprised by any 2 of Nutcracker, Alita, Lego 2 and HTTYD3 getting the final spots.
  7. Switching to abstain. This could be a bloodbath.
  8. Wrath

    Week 16 - Happy Death Day to Alita?

    Part A (Everything is the 3 day unless stated) 1. Will Alita Open to more than $15M? 1000 Yes 2. Will Alita Open to more than $21M? 2000 Yes 3. Will Alita Open to more than $18M? 3000 Yes 4. Will Isn't It Romantic Open to more than Alita? 4000 No 5. How many new releases will have a bigger 3 day weekend than Lego Movie 2? 5000 One 6. Will Happy Death Day open to more than $18M? 1000 No 7. Will Happy Death Day open to more than $24M? 2000 No 8. Will Happy Death Day open to more than $21M? 3000 No 9. Will the top four films combine to more than $80M? 4000 No 10. Will Glass say above the Prodigy? 5000 Yes 11. Will Miss Bala's PTA stay above $1,000? 1000 No 12. Will Spiderverse have a bigger percentage drop than Aquaman? 2000 Yes 13. Will The Upside increase more than 175% on Friday? 3000 No 14. Will What Men Want drop more than 47% this weekend? 4000 No 15. Will Alita cross $1B WW by Saturday? 5000 1B Vietnamese Dong, sure. Part B: 1. What will Alita make for its 3 day? 28M 2. What will be the percentage change for Lego 2? -35% 3. What will Happy Death Day's PTA be? $3,000 Part 😄 1. Alita: Battle Angel 3. Isn't It Romantic? 5. Happy Death Day 2U 6. Cold Pursuit 8. Glass 11. Aquaman
  9. Wk16 - Yes About 20.5m is the cutoff. Edit - Oops. Misread the question.
  10. I KNEW it was a trap! There are no gimmes in the QotW this time. The only thing I know for certain is that its full of darkness. And pain. I guess the two things I know about the QotW this time is that its full of darkness and pain. And loss, obviously. Everyone knows that by now. So, the three things I know about the QotW this time are that its full of darkness, pain and loss. And frustration, now that I think about it. ... The four things...
  11. Dang, I wanted this to be good. Winter felt like one disappointment after the next. I really regret missing Roma.

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