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  1. You have my sword. Er, keyboard, rather.
  2. Uh, that wasn't the problem, not really. There are some quibbles about the Rey/Kylo stuff, but its mostly fine. IMO, the bulk of the objections were to the Rose/Finn stuff (mostly in the casino, but kinda in general, too), Leia Poppins, and the specifics of the Luke/Kylo backstory.
  3. JJ probably took a deep sigh after watching TLJ and thought "I have to do this AGAIN?" The very first line from TFA: "This will begin to make things right." and he's already has to go back into repair mode. Hopefully he can get the story over the finish line.
  4. Wow, that's a lot of choices. Full - Avengers: Endgame
  5. I think Thor 2 is in the same ballpark, but I agree that everything else is much better. AoU is far from great, but its still at least a tier up from those two (and Ultron never gets credit for having some of the best one-liners among MCU villains). With the benefit of hindsight, I agree with others that AoU might eventually be viewed a little more fondly. Not that people will suddenly appreciate its undiscovered greatness, but more that the nostalgia of it being the one time the Avengers were all together and working well as a team (that poor Hydra base at the beginning was perhaps the one thing, ever, to face the Avengers as a well-coordinated, smoothly running team. They were so toast), plus the appreciation of how much scene-setting AoU did for setting up later movies. Still wasn't great, but it did effectively cover a lot of ground.
  6. I loved Civil War. Fantasitc movie, lots of nuance and great performances. Huge open, corgi-like legs. I think End Game opens to 300M, but CA:CW like legs would leave its DOM total very close to IW. I’m out because I think it’ll do better than that, but I think it could be close and I’m tempted to be contrarian.
  7. Didn't occur to me until you posted this, but the MCU *really* needs to do a movie on a team-up between the two of them, as a counter-part to Thor: Ragnarok.
  8. Apparently the Crispin Glover one was staged so I'll pull that one. Beyond that, Bieber's old ones are mostly people openly mocking him for being an idiot. Have you watched the one where Letterman makes him name the continents? I'm going to guess that if Ms Lawson was a teenager, and an old white male interviewer pretty strongly implied she was an idiot on-air you wouldn't be so quick to side with the interviewer. Also, what was so disturbing about the Cruise one? Sure, its been *labeled* disturbing and "problematic", and to be clear, I absolutely can't stand Scientology. But Cruise himself is mostly just overly energetic. If you watch the whole thing, its the vibe of the whole interview. He and Oprah energetically high-five each other multiple times during the interview and the crowd *loves it*. Plus, you talk about interviews being dissected and the attention. If you Google "Jimmy Kimmel interview" the one with Larson isn't among the top 10 listed. If you Google "Brie Larson Marvel Interview", the one with Jimmy Kimmel isn't one of the first 10 listed. If you Google "Brie Larson bad interview" the first story listed is the IrishTimes interview where she complains about "always being interviewed by 40-year old white dudes", the second is from Vox and is on how Marvel and Brie Larson beat the trolls, and the third is from TheMarySue talking about how Brie Larson shouldn't have to explain her complaints about critics. The stories are mostly about how effective she's been in beating trolls and critics. Seriously, where is all of this nitpicking happening? Did I miss the 7 minutes on Twitter when it was a thing? If you look for any of the ones I mention on guys, they're WAY easier to find.
  9. I have to admit I'd always wondered if that was the case. He always had the reputation for being weird, but that was like "he's having a breakdown on screen" level weird rather than just regular-weird or one of the interviews where the person seems drunk or stoned.
  10. Oh, so you're saying that in show-biz, a world where public awareness is a huge part of how valuable you are, its way easier for women to get attention than men? Edit - Look, I'll admit that I'm semi-trolling you here, but only partially. On the one hand, I totally don't care how she did in the interview. I didn't even know it existed until this morning, when I watched it because people said it was awful, and I posted *defending* the interview. IMO, it was fine and not really worthy of comment, and until you guys said so I had no idea commenting on Ms Larson's interview was a thing. However, I do feel like some of the people who are rushing to defend her are really patronizing her. The woman is a 29-year old Oscar-winner who has been ~20 movies stretching back to when she was a kid. If she's nervous during an interview and the interview was merely fine, then that's the way it goes and its not a big deal. On the other hand, saying that this incredibly accomplished person couldn't possibly be expected to deliver a good interview because she's so young and under so much pressure feels tremendously demeaning to me.
  11. Tom Cruise on Oprah? Crispin Glover on Letterman? Justin Bieber has had a bunch. Mel Gibson has had a bunch. That's just off the top of my head and not even going into ones that were almost certainly intentional like Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman.

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