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  1. Discovered the change by accident this afternoon. Yikes.
  2. After watching the trailer, I just had a crushing realization: I’m never going to hear that epic brass burst as part of a new movie again. Which makes sense, because it’s a dramatic beginning, and there will be no more of those for the Skywalkers, it seems. But it’s still sad. Hearing that in the trailer for TFA made me cry like a little kid. I’m sad it won’t happen again.
  3. Yeah, ok. I’m in. Call it a triumph of hope over experience.
  4. Woo! That's what I get for posting before reading all the posts! Intriguing.
  5. That's totally ok. I'm really sorry for your car and the chaos that's landed on your life. This is a small thing to give up in the grand scheme of things and everything will be ok with us, and more importantly everything will be ok with you, too in the end.
  6. Well, ideally 6th. I'd be ok with 8th or 9th. I guess if I fail to do one of those I'd be willing to win the whole thing.
  7. Out. People forget that while Suicide Squad was a very mediocre movie (with HQ arguably the best part), the marketing was great and that's huge for OW. It won't be hard for this to be a better movie than Suicide Squad, but so far its marketing has been notably inferior. Edit - After writing this, I went back and watched the first two Suicide Squad trailers. Yep, they were really great, vastly superior to the actual movie. Birds of Prey needs to kick its marketing up like two notches to even be close.
  8. Of course I'll be there. That bingo isn't going to happen by itself. C'mon, 6th place!
  9. I loved Ready or Not and it was so much fun! Saw it twice, and I’m disappointed I didn’t see it a third time. Also, I have to say I kinda liked Last Blood. If you forget the political crap, it’s a satisfying gory revenge B-movie. Slight, and a little too down-hearted to really be fun, but it’s probably the best Rambo movie since the first one (which people forget was actually a good movie that had something to say, other than... we’ll, in addition to, the explosions and death. In fact, the first one had a much smaller body count than any of the others).
  10. Yeah, iirc Kalo’s was really, really good, probably the best ever, but Cmastclay’s blew it away. Its kind of amazing no one (since 2012, anyway) has won twice.
  11. I will be haunted forever by that repeat 10th place finish last winter. Of course, I wasn't particularly close to 9th, but it would have been really handy for bingo.
  12. YES! 4th! I am very pleased! Thank you to Jake for beating me by the smallest of margins to keep the dream alive. Also, congratulations to Zeesoh on a fiercely fought victory and to Sheikh for a powerful 2nd place finish. Kudos to everyone for playing well, and a special thanks to Chasmmi and JJ-8 for running such a wonderful game! Also, thank you to Captainwondyful and Sheikh for their scoring, along with everyone else who helped keep things moving along. My work schedule tightened up on me at the end, but hopefully I'll be able to contribute a bit more with the scoring next time. See you in the Winter Game!
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