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  1. Jolie is a much bigger star than Mia Whatshername so it's gonna do better than Alice 2, especially internationally.
  2. Two names... where is the list? & can you tell me why Marlee Matlin failed to have a career like her fellow 80s Oscar Best Actress Winners Jodie Foster or Sally Field? Is it because she's an inferior actress? Besides, "shout loud enough" is exactly what's needed as the first step to solve problems, micro or otherwise. It's been working for #MeToo and has worked for #OscarSoWhite. I don't think that sit back and watch while saying "it's all about the performance" contributes to any good. As far as I'm aware of, no critics has said "Bryan Cranston gives an amazing performance in The Upside", yet somehow he still got the damn job.
  3. What kind of misguided argument is this? Hollywood is never about meritocracy & everyone who uses this forum should know it. The problem we have now is not that disabled actors can't play abled characters, but they have no roles at all.
  4. U know what's easier than abled actors pretending to be disabled? Actually hiring a disabled actor. Saves u all the efforts on prosthetics SFX.
  5. & let's be real the gayz talking about women waaaaay more often than straight guys. When will a straight guy watch Good Looking WomanTM Nicole Kidman's entire filmography and realize Birth & The Portrait of a Lady are masterpieces? Nevah.
  6. This film is a mess. Basically, the whole point of this film is blaming audiences for not being smart enough -- or as smart as Adam McKay -- to see through Dick Cheney. However, "Dick Cheney is evil" has been the general consensus on the Right for years so this film doesn't really add any new insights to the narrative nor is it half as smart as it thinks.
  7. Hejira

    Monday Numbers: Aquaman $10.95M

    SAG snubbed King and if BAFTA snubs Adams, there's a path for Weisz winning support actress i.e. 2007: GG - Blanchett (King - critics favorite) SAG - Ruby Dee (Adams - overdue veteran) BAFTA - Swinton (Weisz) Oscar - Swinton (Weisz)
  8. Isn't Rebecca Ferguson supposed to be in this? How come she's not in the trailer at all?
  9. A movie both the left AND the right hate? All hail Adam McKay, the great uniter. Vice is the bridge we need in 2018.
  10. Hopefully, the success of Peter Rabbit and Instant Family (Juliet, Naked did decent w/ limited release as well) will finally convince Hollywood to offer Rose Bryne more leading parts. As much as I enjoyed her supporting turns in Bridesmaids and Spy, she really should've been a bigger star.
  11. Nic Cage in two critically-acclaimed movies in a year, whew, Cagenaissance is upon us.
  12. Hejira

    Wednesday numbers

    Can You Ever Forgive Me's slow rollout has been working wonderfully so far. When the award season comes, it will be the most successful indie drama of the year by a long shot.

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