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  1. I’m super confused I thought this movie had nothing to do with the Conjuring franchise
  2. Shazam was great. Flowed really nicely, Sandberg did a great job. And the comedy for the most part actually worked unlike many big budget movies these days. And yeah Levi was perfect for this.
  3. Trailers get overhyped, it happens all the time. The fact that this guy seems to feel the need to piss in everyone’s cereal just makes me think he had something against the movie in the first place. Which I always find weird.
  4. If Us can hold better than 55% that would be great for it. none of the Disney remakes have even been good let alone great. I haven’t seen Dumbo but I’m not mad at it flopping. Think it’s going to fall off a cliff too. If it doesn’t get to 42 this weekend Disney is going to have to Wrinkle in Time it to $100 mil
  5. On Twitter Shazam is number 1 trending in US and number 8 in Canada. Seems the strategy worked.
  6. Might change after I see Shazam but Man of Steel is quite easily the best movie in the DCEU thus far imo
  7. Same actually can’t be said about Michael Bay, his last 4 movies averaged about 460 million. Which is more than 40% less than Nolan’s 775. He also had 2 franchise movies to help inflate his numbers compared to Nolan’s 1. You can make multiple original movies gross over $500 million and you get to label your movies event films.
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