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  1. Changes in WB end product as far as theatrical movies is most likely not even going to be noticeable. i wouldn't doubt that some execs change but to think AT&T are just going to wipe out everything and start from scratch is pretty laughable
  2. I know this wasn't his fault but Ron Howard has had a horrible time at the box office for the last decade. Kinda feel for him
  3. Well could be pure trash which would obviously affect it but if it is good I could see it getting to $100 and I don't even like Gaga but she's not washed
  4. Got real good reactions at Cinemacon, might take off mini La La Land? 120 maybe?
  5. I'm sure they'll bring it Tuesday so we might get descriptions, but I doubt we get anything public until comic con in July. Seems they're keeping Aquaman quiet for now
  6. Might be an optimist but with this weekend I'd be a bit surprised if it doesn't get $100 million
  7. By your logic though if AQP beat Rampage in like France or some random international country then Rampage wouldn't be #1 internationally Rampage is both the #1 movie internationally and #1 in the world because those things combine multiple markets
  8. No lol Domestic + International = World since it had the highest weekend when combining all markets it would make it the number 1 movie in the world
  9. Don't think a movie made more than it did worldwide so it would be the number 1 movie in the world again
  10. Pretty good dip for rampage, Deadline probably should have learned from last week before putting that 16 mil number
  11. With the big storm this weekend and nothing else coming out next weekend I think we see small drops next weekend. Or at least bigger than normal Tuesdays.
  12. Think it should get to $450, pretty sure hes just joking though

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