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  1. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/lego-movie-2-box-office-tracking-45m-60m-opening-1176837 60 mil would be pretty good for it
  2. In. I'm hoping this breaks out big time
  3. So Aquaman added $190 million this week - 70 domestic, 120 foreign - even with bad drops should clear 1.1 easily. Billion by Friday Maybe someone smarter than me can tell me how it won't happen but I could see it adding close to another $200 million foreign when it's all said and done.
  4. Scubasteve716

    Tuesday #s (Aquaman, Poppins, Bumble)

    Deadline makes no sense sometimes "Film finance experts believe Aquaman will pass 900 million" I mean no shit it will basically be there by the end of this weekend
  5. Aquaman a billion by Martin Luther King day - it won't just crawl to it
  6. Not sure how Bird Box got so big. It's like The Happening and A Quiet Place had a baby except as far as quality goes it's more like The Happening.
  7. The Mule might have a shot at $100 mil considering how dead January seems
  8. Scubasteve716

    Monday Numbers: Aquaman $10.95M

    Interesting, my local Marcus theater has $5 Tuesday still today
  9. Scubasteve716

    Monday Numbers: Aquaman $10.95M

    Idk it's still discount Tuesday to go along with Christmas, I would think the bump will be quite significant for everything
  10. Nice to have 2 competent villains that aren't CGI monsters. A good villain makes a movie so much better. CGI was great, cool movie to look at. Had some complaints of the Marvel-y humor. 'Humor' that isn't funny takes me completely out of the movie. Glad it want completely overdone. Probably my second favorite DCEU movie behind man of steel.
  11. If that were the case it'd finish with $800 mil domestic what made Jumanji Jumanji was the insane legs
  12. Scubasteve716

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    I heard it's a cam version. Every movie has a cam version come out, not sure why people are making a huge deal about it. Won't affect it overall much if any. People who were going to pirate it weren't going to pay to see it in the first place.
  13. 4 times it's budget foreign box office and still going is really something worthy of writing an article about?

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