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  1. Billionaire boys club made $618 for the weekend lol https://twitter.com/thr/status/1031538459046043648?s=21
  2. Even though THR says 21 with that Friday I would think $23 million weekend would be closer for crazy rich asians
  3. Thought The Meg would be pretty stupid but still entertaining. Turns out it's really fucking stupid but still entertaining.
  4. Lol so 40 mil wouldn't be that far fetched from The Meg, that's crazy. Obviously might not keep up the pace though
  5. WB should have a really good 2019 $400+ - WW $300+ - IT $200+ - Godzilla, Lego, Shazam $100+ - Joker, Annabelle, Picachu, Kitchen, Aquaman
  6. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/joker-origin-pic-lands-fall-2019-release-date-1128203 october 4th 2019 release date
  7. The Rock just needs to start working with better directors imo. Jungle Cruise and Hobbs & Shaw are steps in the right direction.
  8. I don't see how this means bad things for the Leto movie. No rumors ever suggested one or the other. I'm excited for this movie because of Joaquin Phoenix. Ill probably skip the Leto movie unless the trailer catches my attention or they get a director I like. The nice thing about movies are that if you aren't at all interested in it you don't have to watch it. But now days people act like if a movie gets made that they have no interest in it physically and emotionally hurts them lol
  9. I'm expecting big numbers for The Purge even with bad reviews. I think it'll be above early estimates
  10. Changes in WB end product as far as theatrical movies is most likely not even going to be noticeable. i wouldn't doubt that some execs change but to think AT&T are just going to wipe out everything and start from scratch is pretty laughable
  11. I know this wasn't his fault but Ron Howard has had a horrible time at the box office for the last decade. Kinda feel for him

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