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  1. Same actually can’t be said about Michael Bay, his last 4 movies averaged about 460 million. Which is more than 40% less than Nolan’s 775. He also had 2 franchise movies to help inflate his numbers compared to Nolan’s 1. You can make multiple original movies gross over $500 million and you get to label your movies event films.
  2. Yeah this movie is gonna make a lot of money
  3. This Oscar season really sucked. Winners some of the worst in recent memory
  4. I feel like every recent DC movie people have complained about WBs marketing lol. Just fucking let it be, don’t understand why people are freaking out.
  5. THR and Deadline say WB is releasing it. Think that is the first “official” word even though it seemed probable
  6. Trailer looks good but I’m still pretty sure this will be ass
  7. Not a big fan of the franchise but the trailer is fantastic and I definitely see it making quite a bit of money.
  8. I make out ‘Gulbeg Blaty’. Maybe a new franchise lol
  9. Are they actually making a Mewtwo movie and Red movie? That would be awesome

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