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  1. Any chance this swells to $100? Maybe crazy but starting to think so
  2. First comment is dumb second is even dumber. Gosling is like Gyllenhaal they aren't in block busters and aren't trying to be box office stars
  3. Looks like this will be overhyped like most of the other Disney remakes. Rob Marshall masterpiece? Give me a break
  4. The "something something trident" joke is the kind of humor that makes me hate Marvel movies. The rest looked pretty good though
  5. Deadline says 2.5 Thursday https://deadline.com/2018/10/venom-a-star-is-born-weekend-box-office-lady-gaga-1202476614/
  6. Deadlines got 7 mil Thursday https://deadline.com/2018/10/venom-a-star-is-born-weekend-box-office-lady-gaga-1202476614/
  7. I don't think this year is even a top 10 biggest September
  8. John c Reilly is usually always in good movies. Looks like not this time
  9. Glad to hear this seems to be good was excited when Danny McBride and David Gordon green came on
  10. So this will probably end up being the highest grossing conjuring movie world wide right?
  11. Don't care enough to click to find out but how do you write 'this has Solo written all over it' but also put 'budget not withstanding'? As if that is irrelevant? If the budget stays around 50-60 mil the movie could go straight to DVD and lose less money than Solo

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