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  1. Since 2013 he has 2 movies that made less than 2.5X it’s budget. He’s been in 16 movies.
  2. Imagine Joker probably will finish its run pretty close to Spider-Man Far from home but you think Spider-Man’s run was “more impressive”
  3. Venom had bad legs and did 26 million at the same point in time after a 10 million weekend. 45 million is way too low imo. 60 million more domestic seems likely
  4. The fuck happened to box office mojo?
  5. Not saying maleficent is trash I haven’t seen it but with the changes RT has made even trash movies are going to have decent audience scores
  6. I don’t know too much about how the international markets work but another $125 mil domestic and $250 international seems like the low end and that puts it at $920 million Especially if it gets Oscar noms I see WB pushing it to 1bil
  7. Thought for a second with that number that maybe yesterday was Columbus Day but that’s next week great number obviously
  8. Imagine being tyrese Gibson, not being able to get work because you’re irrelevant, and talking shit about the Rock opening a spin-off to “only” 180 mil
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