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  1. seriously. captain marvel was basically a 2 hour air force ad
  2. are studio comedies dead now? if a judd apatow movie can't make the big screen, what can? neon just paid like $17 million at sundance for 'palm springs' with andy samberg. i wonder if that's getting a theatrical release or if it's going straight to vod now too
  3. is blake pregnant again? i feel like she's been pregnant for ten years
  4. indiewire of all places gave this a glowing review lol. maybe it will appeal to arthouse types over normies
  5. don’t horror movies often drop the embargo late? i’m not sure it means anything
  6. netflix is paying ryan reynolds $30m a movie, blake wlll be fine lol
  7. what's tragic about these reviews is it's not just 'robert downey jr is good in a bad movie' or 'rdj tries hard to save a bad movie' - it's straight up 'rdj is bad in a bad movie.'
  8. this is such an obvious flop. ip no one cares about, ‘star’ no one cares about.....if this cost more than $10m, they’re going to have trouble making any money back
  9. very true (although on the whole, hugh’s romcoms are leagues better and more beloved than matthew’s). someone get this man his dallas buyers club!
  10. between this and paddington 2 and a very english scandal, i am here for the hughnaissance i always felt he wasted too many peak years doing bad romantic comedies when he has always been a far more interesting actor than his looks would imply
  11. but no one wants to see kristen stewart have fun. if you go see a kristen stewart movie, you go to watch her glare at people and look miserable and be sarcastic. no one wants to watch pamela anderson play a serious academic.
  12. what kills me about ‘after earth’ is.....it doesn’t seem like jaden even wants to be an actor? why did he insist on making a starting vehicle for his son when his son didn’t even want it
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