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  1. i'm glad this movie exists if just for the best opening line of a review roger ebert ever wrote: "Pearl Harbor" is a two-hour movie squeezed into three hours, about how on Dec. 7, 1941, the Japanese staged a surprise attack on an American love triangle."
  2. you say this like marvel movies aren’t kids movies too i could see uncharted performing like the first pirates movie if it’s any good
  3. wb putting space jam and sony putting uncharted one week after shang-chi seems stupid, wouldn't be surprised to see either of them move to august which is emptier
  4. this sounds cool, but it sounds way better for an avengers movie rather than a strange movie which didn't even do that well at the box office. also if they do get tobey/andrew back, i'd rather it be for an actual spidey movie than for a side plot in a strange movie
  5. do you not remember the big fight sony and disney had over spiderman rights last year? he's only contracted for one more spiderman movie and one more avengers movie in the mcu. who knows what will happen after that (i will say disney really can't afford to lose tom anymore after the losing rdj, chris evans and now, chadwick. captain marvel made a lot of money, but i don't see the enthusiasm for brie's carol in the fanbase like i see for tom's spidey. mcu needs their new figurehead, and with chadwick's passing, it has to be tom now. their other characters - dr strange, ant-man, guardians - aren't popular enough. knowing this, i assume disney will play ball)
  6. this will need a cracking trailer to succeed because i have not encountered a single person on the internet or in real life who wants this movie to exist tom holland needs to be more careful what he spends his spiderman capital on. he is very beloved by moviegoers now but who knows how long that'll last if/when spidey is booted from the mcu and he wastes time doing doomed projects like this
  7. haven't read the books, but a fan of most of the cast and denis the trailer was boring? some cool visuals, but not anything that wowed me. maybe if we hadn't had five star wars movies in the last five years, it would seem fresher
  8. this movie made no damn sense and if it didn't have "directed by christopher nolan" at the beginning, it would have an rt score of 30%
  9. i don't know jack shit about sound design but even i know the sound in tenet is TERRIBLE. you couldn't hear anything!
  10. seriously. captain marvel was basically a 2 hour air force ad
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