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  1. there's way more competition this time around with aladdin the week before, dark phoenix the week after, men in black the week after that. in 2014, they only had days of future past to contend with.
  2. She’s getting some nice ink regardless. THR said she was the best thing about the movie. I can see her snatching up all the ingenue roles Elle Fanning is too old for.
  3. uh, is it just me or is millie’s acting........bad in that teaser? 🤔
  4. 11 was great, 13 was pretty good. 12 was horrendous. I think I blanked out the precise moment the character Julia Roberts was playing went undercover as the actress Julia Roberts.
  5. I don't even like Ansel Potatoface, but he at least bears a passing resemblance to Harrison. That's 90% of the battle when you're re-casting an iconic character - getting the "look" right.
  6. Yeah, it's not like he's playing an iconic Harrison Ford character or anything. Getting someone who looks and sounds like him would be a mistake.
  7. What are we, some kind of solo-cide squad?

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