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  1. Critics are getting it at the premiere. The 40 mins is for junket press so they can do interviews.
  2. It’ll be cool to watch Tom grow up on screen like the Harry Potter kids. But I hope he’s able to deal with it in a healthy way - he sounded unbelievably burnt out in his last interview and I felt very sad for him
  3. I think the opposite - it'll have great legs. It's coming out during the holiday period; Redacted 1 and Redacted 2 aren't in the film's marketing, so 2nd weekend will draw in the normies who don't pay attention to online chatter once they hear they're in it.
  4. How is Dune seen as a success with a 40m opening and a 165m budget and a bajillion stars, but Ghostbusters is a disappointment with a 40m opening and a 75m budget and no real stars? Dune’s HBO Max numbers couldn’t have even been that great considering we didn’t get a fawning press release about it
  5. I mean if there’s any hint of Tobey and Andrew showing up (even if they don’t show their faces), it will smash the first trailer.
  6. LOL. How has Charlie not been headhunted by a trade or even a studio at this point?
  7. Still trying to get used to pandemic numbers but even taking into account HBO Max, 35-40 still feels soft for Dune considering the enormous marketing push.
  8. Deadline did say the 30-32 number was WB’s. Maybe they’re lowballing on purpose so the higher numbers look better?
  9. I’m no expert but 30-32 seems way low for what people in the tracking thread were predicting
  10. Did anyone else have trouble hearing the dialogue? I could’ve really done with some subtitles
  11. Youtube stops counting views after a while to verify if views are real. They’ll probably have the actual view count updated tomorrow.
  12. Isn’t this coming out like two months after NWH? If NWH is well received, I can see this doing well in the Holland afterglow.
  13. Wonder what the industry is going to count as a "win" for Dune. 30m+?
  14. i'm glad this movie exists if just for the best opening line of a review roger ebert ever wrote: "Pearl Harbor" is a two-hour movie squeezed into three hours, about how on Dec. 7, 1941, the Japanese staged a surprise attack on an American love triangle."
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