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  1. People not alive at the time and not part of culture where it was a thing surprisingly unimpressed with 41-year old movie.
  2. This is why I think the film will over-perform relative to what the CW around here seems to be ($350M-$400M? DOM). Star Wars has more people with the OP's attitude among the GA than any other franchise. One way to look at the world premier reactions is to ask if there's anything there would give the GA a reason to steer clear or generate bad WOM. I'm not seeing it in the reactions so far. Leads are good, cast is good, action is good, film is fun, has a big spoiler/reveal plus Star Wars = I think it gets within 10% of Rogue One's US take.
  3. LucasfilM, with a singluar m on the end. Not LucasfilmS. There's no s. Sorry. Pet peeve.
  4. Love this movie. My favorite science fiction film of the last I-don't-know-how-many-years. Thought-provoking, unpredictable story that subverts more than one genre trope, great performance by Sam (who's perfectly cast), terrific production design and great-looking practical VFX.
  5. If TLJ didn't land for you I can see how you'd feel that way. But both Rayne & Pablo Hidalgo have tweeted that they were sold on RJ's story since his first pitch. I think they're more progressive (and subversive) in terms of story than you might think. I think this has roots in Filoni's apprenticeship w/Lucas during production of the Clone Wars, and it's continuing now with Filoni in charge of Rebels. It will be VERY interesting to see what they do with the upcoming TV project. p.s. Don't know if you've read the new-canon comics, but they can be pretty weird.
  6. And her creative deputies are both women. Kiri Hart is SVP for Development and Rayne Roberts is head of the story group.
  7. RJ said something yesterday or the day before that I thought was really illuminating. Words to the effect of, whether it was because of TLJ or not, the conversation we're having now about the franchise -- i.e., when does the past die and how & who does the killing -- was going to happen sooner or later. I think LFL figured the band-aid had to come off eventually, and I think they're actually trying to have it both ways. TFA, RO, the Han Solo film, and the Obi-Wan (?, I'm presuming) standalone are the nostalgic fan service. I think they are hoping that TLJ will lay the groundwork to tell new stories that won't be hamstrung by all that nostalgia, and in the process, bring new fans on board.
  8. No luck (yet) finding that tweeted reaction to the Art of The Last Jedi book about LFL knowing the film would be divisive, but I did find this interesting bit from the book's author I know it's kind of a dead horse that TLJ was some kind of FU to all the fan theorizing and speculation, but if there were any lingering doubts, there it is. The story for TLJ has been locked since August 2014. It also confirms that the basic starting point for Luke's arc in both ST films, that he was in exile, estranged from The Force due to some kind of inciting incident, was Lucas'.
  9. FWIW, some of the capsule reviews that dropped on Twitter of the "Art of The Last Jedi" book hint that TPTB @ LFL knew full well that this film would be controversial/divisive.
  10. Definitely improved for me the 2nd time. I went from decidedly mixed about it to absolutely loving it, despite a few gripes. Haven't been able to stop thinking about it all day. It's the only non-OT movie I'd put in my top tier of SW films (ANH, ESB, TLJ).
  11. One of the film composers (I think it was the guy who writes music for the Marvel movies) in the documentary "Score" had a good quote. Something to the effect of, "as good as his reputation is, and as good as everyone says he is, he's even better than that." He's on a level with Gershwin, Copland, Bernstein, Ellington, etc. Towering figure in American music and unquestionably the greatest film composer of all time.
  12. Ah. You are wise in the ways of science.
  13. Eyeballing this site and using the stopwatch on my phone (extremely scientific): https://www.fandango.com/dataviz/index.html# I'm seeing a rate of about 90-100/min. FWIW.
  14. Seeing a lot of screens that look mostly like this, with minor variation: https://imgur.com/a/DoGs8

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