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  1. This is why I think the film will over-perform relative to what the CW around here seems to be ($350M-$400M? DOM). Star Wars has more people with the OP's attitude among the GA than any other franchise. One way to look at the world premier reactions is to ask if there's anything there would give the GA a reason to steer clear or generate bad WOM. I'm not seeing it in the reactions so far. Leads are good, cast is good, action is good, film is fun, has a big spoiler/reveal plus Star Wars = I think it gets within 10% of Rogue One's US take.
  2. Episode I: the end credits Episode II: the "birth of the Empire" scene/Anakin & Padme's wedding/outro to end credits Episode III: opening space battle up until the buzz droids (runner up: Order 66; 2nd runner up: opera scene) Rogue One: Vader sequence Episode IV: multi-way tie: dat opening sequence / droids on Tatooine / "You're my only hope" / Luke receives his father's lightsaber and learns about the Force / cripsy Uncle Owen & Aunt Beru / Cantina / Han & Chewie intro / Han v. Greedo / Millenium Falcon reveal & escape from Mos Eisley / Chewie and R2 play holochess / "She's rich..." / MF gunport scene / forget it, everything Episode V: tie: Yoda's intro, until he's revealed as Yoda / Asteroid field Episode VI: Luke vs. Vader vs. Emperor Episode VII: Rey on Jakku Episode VIII: tie: Luke v. Kylo and the reveal to Luke floating above the rocky outcrop on Ahch-To / Holdo maneuver
  3. Oh shit I better unlike that before someone else feels compelled to disavow it. On second thought. Nah.
  4. ROSE IS WORSE THAN JAR JAR AT LEAST JAR JAR WAS FUNNY WHEN HE STUCK HIS TONGUE OUT AND CAUGHT THAT BUG AND SAID "MEESA" ALL THE TIME AND STEPPED IN THE POOPIES LOLZ SO FUNNY TLJ IS WORSE THAN AOTC IMMA SERIOUS YOU GUYS NO REALLY IT IS WORSE THAN AOTC AND NOTHING IS WORSE THAN AOTC Look, I get that some of the story choices didn't land for some people, that they didn't dig some of the humor, that "hobo Luke" was a problem, or they felt parts of the plot were undercooked (Snoke, Ben, Rey's parents, Holdo's plan, whatever). But this kind of stuff? Seriously? C'mon. JFC.
  6. Don't think I've seen this one linked here yet: https://slate.com/arts/2018/01/the-last-jedi-is-a-star-wars-movie-about-fandom-and-the-lure-of-myth.html Not quite sure I'm completely sold on this thesis (although I think some threads of his argument are strong), but the catalog of cinematic allusions in the film is pretty amazing. Worth a read just for that. If you hate hate HATE the movie, don't bother. It'll just make you mad.
  7. Love this movie. My favorite science fiction film of the last I-don't-know-how-many-years. Thought-provoking, unpredictable story that subverts more than one genre trope, great performance by Sam (who's perfectly cast), terrific production design and great-looking practical VFX.
  8. I would happily watch a two-hour feature film of the pores on Daisy's left cheek, if it was lit by Steve Yedlin.
  9. Just out of viewing #3, and liked it better yet (had mixed feelings after seeing it preview night, liked it much better on second viewing the next day). A few random thoughts: 1. Snoke's full-body CGI stood out to me as pretty clunky this time 2. I know the Porgs are kinda deliberately a little bit bad (practical VFX-wise) but I kinda wish they weren't quite so bad 3. Whoever did Daisy's makeup and lit her deserves some kind of award 4. The little kid in the fathier stable gets more screen time than I remembered -- I didn't catch that it was him and his buddies with the bad boss that Finn & Rose spy thru their little telescope the first time 5. BDT's performance landed with me pretty solidly this time -- his character has really grown on me, as has that entire Canto Bight sequence Finally, a word about John Williams. Scratch that, I don't have a word, or any words. We don't deserve him. Dolby Atmos in Altamonte Springs (metro Orlando) was about 2/3 full for the 330pm show, packed overall tonight as I was leaving. I heard the word "Jumanji" a lot from various & sundry in the crowd (seriously), FWIW.
  10. Nice little essay here, from one of the writers on Lost: http://www.forcesofgeek.com/2017/12/i-have-no-opinion-about-star-wars-episode-viii-the-last-jedi-a-k-a-another-obligatory-star-wars-think-piece-2017-edition.html
  11. I remember reading that Michael Arndt (or maybe it was JJ) said he had a real problem breaking the story of TFA because once you brought Luke into it, he vaporized every other plot thread in the script. They solved it by not having him in the movie.

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