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  1. So at the risk of looking stupid 1570 IMAX is better than 4K laser? Looks like I have the choice of either one to see this , good times...
  2. looks terrible(but in a pretty way) , really wish they had stopped after aliens..
  3. was good but like others didn't really feel a connection to the characters a second viewing at imax may be in order
  4. Hmm a bit stagnant on pulse hopefully starts to pick up next few days
  5. Star Wars TFA 2nd Wknd Actual: 149.2M !!!

    Has to be an error sales are much higher than Monday Tuesday , at least at the cinema I check. Not that extrapolating from one cinema is that reliable but it does suggest a big jump
  6. whens in memorium likely to show up? always my favourite part
  7. Yeah me too , reading about that last 45 mins..really don't want it ruined..outta here
  8. Moonrise kingdom of the planet of the apes , dir by wes Anderson of course.
  9. To read or not to read , really tempted. must resist!

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