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  1. 🎉 Congratulations 🎉 to @captainwondyful 🥇 @Eric! 🥈 and @ZeeSoh 🥉 on your promotion to moderators.
  2. Keanu

    Week 40

    Ummm…. Is no one ever gonna post the Derby tracking document ever again….. I miss it I'm not as good as you all with the doc's so I rely on the kindness of BOT strangers.
  3. @Fancyarcher, even though you voted me-owt, it was a pleasure to have you on the Black Order Tribe. 🤝 Take care. Ummm….. Wrath: Between you and me? You should watch your back. A lot of people are gunning for you. As they are me. (Wrath steps back into the shadow. Keanu stares back up at the stars.) I get this is a fictional story but that scares me so much. 🙀
  4. I as well am waiting but I can't wait no more I'm hitting the sheets. Hopefully it gets extended till like 5pm. Nite Nite
  5. Wait Someone came to rescue me and my Boo @Sheikh from the island? Ummmm…… I'm not sure I'm OK with this? I guess... I have to leave, because it seems he's opted in, for your new adventure. 🏝️ It was sweet while it lasted. Thanx Boo I'm sure we'll be running into each other on this new island 🏝️ cause, I'm in as well. ( @Sheikh Thanx for playing along. I thought it was entertaining )
  6. I'm so glad I refused to hang out with you. You were very persistent, I'll give ya that. Just being funny!!!
  7. Wait Wait What? Did I???? OMG!!! I did!!! It's been a while...… and it's the one with the big cat 🦁 OW 🙀!! So excited, happy and grateful!!!
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