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  1. I saw it and it was really good and It's not normally something I would go to. 3/4 of the theatre full and most if not all seemed to enjoy it. Just this cat's opinon
  2. Keanu

    The State of Survivor

    Ditto. So I guess me and my Boo: @Sheikh will be stranded on the island together indefinitely..... Cool! LOL! Seriously though... It was a lot of fun!! Thanx for all the hard work and creativity you put into running this. I really enjoyed getting to play with and know such pawesome peeps during it's run. @Spagspiria
  3. Keanu

    SUR(V)IVOR: Episode 9 - Strife Itself

    What's a girl to do? (I'm sorry I couldn't resist. LOL!!)
  4. They did yesterday so I'd say give it some more time. I'm sure he will.
  5. Go home. Forget this Derby. I can recognize an obsession, no good will come of it. The trick is to never stop looking, there's always another Derby.
  6. @ZeeSoh to @Keanu How could you do this to me? @Keanu to @ZeeSoh There, there, it'll be alright.
  7. Keanu

    SUR(V)IVOR: Episode 5 - Mega Big Trouble

    Boy's stop!! Hey, there's nothing to see here. 💔
  8. Say what now?
  9. Keanu

    Derby League 3

    I so agree...
  10. I did not need to see that sooooo many times .

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