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  1. Ahhh.... There you are @POTUS 2020 Thank You!!! Missed you last week...... 😿
  2. Got Mine! So excited!! I love it!! Excuse me Secret Santa.... Can you tell me who you are? Because I want to and Wish You A XOXO
  3. Not even over 70? So sad.... Hmmmm. What could possibly have been the reason? I think I'll blame MOJO they seem to be the reason for everything going haywire these days!!!
  4. According to the tracking # for the package I sent out it was delivered this afternoon. Will just have to wait for their confirmation of receiving it. Here is the info from the tracking website. DATE TIME LOCATION STATUS Dec 18 1:15 PM Deleted for their privacy Delivered, in/at mailbox
  5. Sent Monday evening. It will arrive before the weekend. I have the best pawfessional on the job. .
  6. I'll be sendin mine out tomorrow or Monday. I'm sure it'll arrive before Christmas 🎄 because I got the USPS (aka.The United States 🐾Pawstal Service🐾), on it!
  7. I saw this picture and I was like "That's so cute!" I wanted to use it in a post and this seemed like the purrfect 🐾🐾 opportunity to do that. 🐈 Ha, ha, ha! I'm silly....
  8. Three-Day Domestic Opening Weekend - 145,433,538 Domestic Total - 520,215,765 OS Total - 896,782,609 Worldwide Total - 1,416,998,374
  9. I know I saw an Angel up here somewhere....
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