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  1. No way this opens to less than $50M... I'm predicting mid 70s. The trailers have been great so far!
  2. The marketing has been surprisingly light on this... Have seen very little ads anywhere. Maybe I'm not the target audience they're advertising it to but the original Dumbo movie is one of my favorites animated movies ever. $50M OW would be solid.
  3. Mr Impossible


    Might we see a breakout with Green Book?
  4. Wow $300M+ looks safe.
  5. Mr Impossible


    $1 Billion worldwide seems pretty certain unless the presales numbers don't translate...
  6. Now I know thanks for clearing it up. 😄
  7. I literally can't tell if people are trolling with their box office predictions or not. I'm predicting $650M WW for it and I'd consider that to be very successful for it.
  8. Mr Impossible

    I NEED A HERO!: Detective Pikachu as the biggest movie of the summer

    Out. I think it'll be behind Lion King, TS4, Secret Lifes of Pet 2, Spiderman, and Hobbs & Shaw. Predicting around $250M DOM.
  9. Out... I'm not even predicting $1B WW...
  10. Mr Impossible

    The Lego Movie 2 OS Thread

    Hows $200M WW looking like?
  11. Mr Impossible

    Alita: Battle Angel

    They're saying it did $62.3M in China. Maybe it'll get revised idk.
  12. Mr Impossible

    Alita: Battle Angel

    $65.5M (China+Japan) So $26.9 million. (52.2% drop from holdovers, not bad I was expecting more considering it plummeting in Latin America)
  13. Mr Impossible

    Alita: Battle Angel

    $400 million depends on China's legs.
  14. Wow looks like Alita might be having a disastrous drop. (65%+)
  15. I highly doubt it needs to make that much to break even... With your mathematics 90% of all movies aren't profitable.

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