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  1. I was predicting this movie to outright flop and be one of the biggest box office disasters. So I'm happy with the results so far. I was predicting $130M WW total a couple months ago lol. Honestly anything above $400M would be a win in my opinion.
  2. Mr Impossible

    Alita: Battle Angel

    $300 million seems locked considering $50M OW projection in China next weekend.
  3. Mr Impossible

    Alita: Battle Angel

    $94M OS according to BOM.
  4. I could see a sequel if Avatar sequels make $2B+ and Cameron insists on it.
  5. Okay,,, Judging from the trailer this isn't some masterpiece high brow comedy that we were hearing about.
  6. Lol ofc Deadline is constantly reminding us that Alita will only get a quarter of the revenue from China. Haven't seen them say it constantly to other films...
  7. Maybe the $237M is coming from the years of development hell. That's what happened with Fury Road and John Carter.
  8. The reviewer from the Washington Post is a basic nobody (his first review) and pretty much admitted in his tweet that he came in the theater not even wanting to watch it... I'm not normally a critics hater but I'm pretty much going to disregard his review. He said "I'm still not quite sure what a battle angel is or why this movie exists". Pretty much came in with a bias against the movie. It's kind of funny that big respected newspapers nowadays are hiring the crappiest journalists and critics.
  9. The Washington Post just gave it a scathing review. Might be the first red on Metacritic. Not surprised though. This is soooo not for them lol.
  10. Mr Impossible

    Monday Numbers 2/11

    There's a snowstorm in the Northeast today so increases might be a bit muted.
  11. It's now rotten with 59%. I guess the big critics are really not gonna like this.
  12. Mr Impossible

    Alita: Battle Angel

    Clearly this movie's fate is going to rely on China. Hopefully it breaks out enough there.
  13. Mr Impossible

    Alita: Battle Angel

    Well it did open better than Ghost in the Shell in U.K which opened with $2.9M.
  14. Chris Hemsworth better hope they don't have Thor die in Endgame lol.

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