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  1. Mr Impossible


    Kind of shocked no one has bumped this yet. Anyways how does it seem to be doing internationally right now? I know Russia numbers are weak but India's look strong.
  2. It almost feels kind of weird that we're getting a good transformers film. Like it doesn't seem natural lol. I guess we've been bogged down with such idiotic crap that it feels like it's just something that goes with the franchise...
  3. I could see this opening low but hold really well ala Greatest Showman. Right now I'd say: $30M OW $130M DOM $500M WW
  4. Umm he definitely wasn't the only one. I said I thought $1 billion was possible. And predicted it would do over $700 million.
  5. It'll probably be terrible considering it's from the writer of Shut In and Unforgettable (a massive guilty pleasure).
  6. Mr Impossible


    Probably not. $80m - $90m is my prediction right now.
  7. If Spider verse fails it won't be due to the competition... The Holidays have proven every year especially the last one with Jumanji 2, Greatest Showman and Last Jedi that multiple films can thrive at the same time... This year we won't have a film that'll gross as much as Last Jedi or even Jumanji 2 probably... So it's not as jam packed as some are saying.
  8. Mr Impossible

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    Dayum $100M down the drain... You could've built a nice building with that.
  9. Mr Impossible

    VENOM | 127.2 M overseas ● 217.0 M worldwide

    Does it have overseas competition? Don't see First Man doing any blockbuster numbers.
  10. Mr Impossible

    A Star is Born (2018)

    I really liked this but oh man was Cooper hard to understand especially when drunk and Sam Elliott. I could barely make out what they were saying in their last scene together in the car. Cooper and Gaga were amazing, fantastic songs, moving story, etc.

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