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  1. All studios have off years, things look a bit rosier later in the year with It 2, Joker and Doctor Sleep and I imagine Annabelle Comes Home will do good business as well. Its interesting that other studios with a few exceptions don’t follow the Pixar and WDAS model with story is king, it’s mostly about the movies as funny as possible.
  2. To me, it does change the dynamic in a good way because while Tony Stark didn’t have to worry about it because he was mega rich, Peter being exposed is going to open a whole can of worms which put him and everyone he knows in danger
  3. Mysterio faking the Elementals is no big surprise as it’s on par with the character’s MO. JK Simmons returning to the franchise after 12 years is pretty sweet. I imagine they won’t do this for other Marvel characters like Xavier, Wolverine etc
  4. Felt like proper closure although I suspect we’ll still get spin-off shorts and TV specials Although I’m happy no sequels are in the pipeline, I do wonder if we might get a third Monsters Inc film that wraps up Mike, Sully and Boo’s story in the future
  5. I think this wraps up the Toy Story series nicely, the animation is stunning in this film, more so than previous Pixar films,
  6. I think Disney would be happy with $120-140m, the gap between Toy Story 3 and Toy Story 4 is smaller than both Incredibles 2 and Finding Dory so the nostalgia factor isn’t as strong. A break from sequels will do Pixar the world of good especially if Onward and Soul do strong business. I don’t think they’ll completely back away from sequels,
  7. In recent years that is true but I think 2000 had Fantasia 2000, Dinosaur and Emperor's New Groove in the same year and 2002 had Treasure Planet and Lilo and Stitch.
  8. If Marvel can do it with two movies close to each other, Pixar should be fine. I notice that WDAS is firmly on 1 movie a year at the moment. SPA seems to the only studio doing 3-4 movies although in their case, it's a mix of hybrids and animation. WAG will have two a year from 2021 with Tom and Jerry and Space Jam 2.
  9. Warner Bros to their credit likely don't want to do the same show over and over. It's the same with Batman, people complained about Brave and the Bold being a lighter series compared to TAS and The Batman but end up being successful.
  10. The 90s were a bit of an odd time because the Scooby franchise had become dormant, it was the Cartoon Network reruns that lead to Scooby Doo on Zombie Island being made. I'd say the DTV movies were a factor in WB making the 2002 live action movie and reviving interest in Scooby Doo. With Scooby turning 50 this year. You can bet WB is going to pushing both the upcoming Guess Who series and also the new movie heavily.
  11. I wouldn't be shocked if he able to get a passion project greenlit, kind of like a one for you, one for me type thing.
  12. I wonder if WB will try and get JJ Abrams to direct a film for them. I wouldn't be shocked if they want him to revitalise any IP they own much like he did with Star Trek, Star Wars and to a lesser extent Mission Impossible.
  13. I'm not sure In the Heights will be huge, I'm sure it'll do well but it not exactly Hamilton. I know you're down on Scoob but I think it probably going to do well. Maybe not as big as Lego Movie or even Lego Batman but still a success.
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