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  1. Ninjago being similar in tone to the previous Lego movies isn't a bad thing, WB isn't going to break from what works.
  2. I imagine WB are pleased with the reviews, it's not as good as Lego Movie or Lego Batman but that a high benchmark.
  3. It'll go down in due course but I think it'll end up in the 70s on RT
  4. Looks like Ninjago is going to get better reviews than Kingsman!
  5. The complaints about the water being realistic by Variety was an odd complaint considering they had realistic water in Lego Batman plus IIRC I think they said Lego Ninjago is meant to be set outside so in a kid's imagination they would be real water and floras The solid reviews is a good sign that it'll perform well at the box office.
  6. I wonder when they'll start screening the finished film to critics and bloggers etc, I assuming it'll be late October or early November.
  7. If we minus the writers who also have Story credit then it goes down to five writers which isn't that many for an animated film
  8. It's not unusual for a script to go through multiple writers but 13 credited writers take the writers room and brain trust idea to another level
  9. I think either Vaughn or Ritchie for Nemesis. The only other comic I'd like to see as a movie or a TV series is The Boys which is just as violent and messed up as Nemesis. Hugh Jackman as a rogue Kingsman would be brilliant, it's just I'd like a break from American villain that we've had in the first Kingsman film. Hell, I'd like to see Hugh Grant play Hart's rival turned villain so we can get a Firth/Grant reunion
  10. I'd say good, I imagine since it's short they can squeeze in an extra showtime
  11. Storks' review were fine, I imagine embargos for animation is the same as a live action film in that the studio wants to control any publicity for buzz purposes. Vaughn should do Nemesis which is another Mark Millar comic and one which isn't under the Netflix deal as it was in development at WB. I'd like to see Guy Ritchie do Kingsman 3, maybe get Hugh Jackman as the villain or as a Australian Kingsman.
  12. A third film could still happen if it does more than the first overall. I wonder if Vaughn might choose not to do a third film and they get someone else to direct.
  13. I think Ninjago will do well, first family film in ages and if reviews are decent then it should have a good run

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