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  1. It's difficult to predict the final gross because Mary Poppins is coming soon plus Bumblebee. I think £6m for the opening similar to Wonder Woman.
  2. The reviews aren't going to matter, anyone looking for a solid family friendly movie will lap it up
  3. I'll be curious how Black Manta is used in a potential sequel. I think they should introduce Kaldur/Jackson into the mix as it creates a conflict for Arthur.
  4. I think The Mule might be Clint's swansong so it's good that if it's his last then he's going out on a high although saying that I wouldn't be shocked if he directs one more movie.
  5. Aquaman seems to be selling quite well, more than Spider-Verse which is surprising. Spider-Verse will likely be number 1 due to previews but Aquaman should put up a strong fight
  6. I think from Paramount's POV it'll be enough to successfully reboot the franchise although I think they should have delayed it. Only took them five films to realise.
  7. Disney and Pixar are based in California so the costs are going to be higher and they do not skimp on animation quality either. $90m is SPA's highest budget in a long time since they moved to Vancouver.
  8. The UK critics will always praise homegrown films like Bond and Wizarding World. Even Wonder Woman didn't get universal praise in the UK
  9. Humour doesn't translate that well from country to country. Individually, comedies can do extremely well like Bridget Jones in the UK or Intouchable in France and Germany but getting a comedy that has that sort of global appeal is difficult.
  10. ^I do think SPA did hit a rough patch last year but they seem to have recovered with the success of Peter Rabbit and HT3. I think Spider-Verse does prove they can push the limits of Imageworks although I'm not sure if Ghostbusters would work as well as Spider-Verse given the franchise has no appeal outside of English speaking territories. I hoping that Spider-Verse will lead to more cel shaded animated movies, Disney experimented with it with shorts like Paperman and Feast but not an animated film. Even WAG should experiment with it with Scooby or Space Jam 2.
  11. It seems not having Michael Bay pretty much have given the franchise a fresh start.
  12. Jonwo


    The book are more well known in the UK.

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