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  1. I suspect Wales' restrictions will end just in time for the Six Nations home game. Ireland I think will likely end their daft nothing after 8pm rule.
  2. Having seen the stage musical adaptation of Shrek, I think there's a lot of potential in doing a live action remake and oddly because it was already a CGI film, many of the characters would be able to retain most of their original look with a few tweaks. Shrek probably would be achieved best using prosthetics but I'd be fine with motion capture.
  3. I'm not sure if Mark Ruffalo can do a Scottish accent... In terms of other live action remakes, I wouldn't object to WB doing The Iron Giant as a live action film and actually it would resonate now compared to 20 years ago.
  4. I think Disney felt lost during the 2000s because Pixar and DreamWorks had sucked up their USP and honestly had Pirates not been a hit, I'm not sure if the company would have become the behemoth it is today.
  5. To go back to my point about Shrek, it does surprise me that Universal hasn't considered a live action Shrek considering the amount money that Disney has made from remaking their animated canon into live action films especially the big titles.
  6. I would say that NTTD did have slightly tougher competition than No Way Home with the likes of Venom 2 and Dune. Have to say I'm impressed how Licorice Pizza is doing considering it's not exactly a mainstream film. Will be interesting to see how Belfast does, I think it has a decent chance of becoming the top film although it's more likely to be Sing 2 the week after.
  7. Universal and DreamWorks would get more mileage and money out of making a live action remake. There's more parody material in spoofing the Disney live action remakes rather than just another Shrek sequel.
  8. I don't normally like horror or slasher films but I'm looking forward to Scream. I think the fact it doesn't take itself too seriously is why I've liked the films.
  9. Licorice Pizza to crack the top 5 is impressive as it has been in limited release, it's adding more cinemas from today. Spider-Man will likely keep the majority of its PLFs until Uncharted is released in February with a smattering going to Scream and perhaps Sing 2.
  10. I wonder why they moved Morbius to the next financial year when they could have moved Uncharted which is out in February?
  11. Cyrano wasn't going to be successful no matter when it was released.
  12. It sounds they're doing a New 52 to the DCEU so perhaps if things get a bit tricky in a few years time, they'll do a Rebirth and introduce Doctor Manhattan as the culprit.
  13. I do wonder what villains Matt Reeve will consider for a potential sequel. We'll have to rule out fantastical villains like Mr Freeze, Poison Ivy, Clayface etc but characters like Hugo Strange, Hush and Mad Hatter are possibilities along with the Court of Owls.
  14. Spectre really should be excluded from that list because it had more days compared to the others
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