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  1. WW1984 and Tenet will likely complement each other when they're eventually released.
  2. Isn't it being distributed by different studios which may make a VOD release tricky. Good trailer, I wonder if they've deliberately aged up Ted as Keanu doesn't look that old normally, likewise Alex Winter as Bill.
  3. Great trailer, I think unlike Interstellar and Dunkirk, this looks like a fun movie.
  4. The Turner/MGM catalogue will be there although it's strange they've been promoting Looney Tunes and Hanna Barbera in the HBO Max family promo but not Tom and Jerry.
  5. It may have been reshoots they were doing before things shut down. They've already said Tom and Jerry won't be speaking in the film.
  6. I wonder if No Time to Die comes under AMC's decision to not screen Universal films as they're releasing that OS.
  7. I imagine WB will move to November 18th 2022 for Shazam 2. Bit weird that Paramount didn't go for that date unless they plan to have Mission 8 roll out in late October OS.
  8. I'm surprised they went for June 18th when they had June 4th reserved for a WB tentpole.
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