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  1. I wouldn't rule out 2022 as late 2021 does look very packed at the moment unless it replaces Indiana Jones V but then it'd be between Sing 2 and Space Jam 2.
  2. It’s a shame Good Boys didn’t do well but it didn’t stand a chance with OUATH, Universal should have held it back until September
  3. It's opening on the same day as Scoob and Saw which means it'll probably be squeezed out in terms of screens.
  4. I find it odd Disney+ isn’t launching in the UK straight away but perhaps that’s due to Brexit.
  5. It was quite an odd acquisition for WB/New Line but at $15m, they probably make that back in the long run and probably combined with the Bruce Springsteen doc, it'll be a good title for HBO Max. In terms of OUATIH, I think the premise was way more appealing to OS audience compared to Django and Hateful Eight, both which are Westerns.
  6. I quite liked this, it's a funny but surprisingly sweet comedy with some great performances which doesn't outstay its welcome.
  7. I’m not sure how to view Blinded by the Light’s number, I never expect it to do huge business but WB didn’t promote it in the US nor spend much on it so maybe they see it more as a title for HBO Max. Good Boys is a good film although I do worry about Jacob Tremblay as he’s made a name for himself but Hollywood is never kind to child actor once they hit puberty
  8. I think WB is saving the BOP trailer to attach to It 2 as that's their big fall tentpole. I find it strange we still don't have a Superintelligence trailer and that's coming out in December. My guess is that will debut fairly soon.
  9. Feig has managed to out-Curtis Richard Curtis. I wouldn't be surprised if they end up working together on a future film.
  10. You have to look at Aardman which supplement their TV and film business with other things like making commercials or licensing. Laika's film only model isn't sustainable and I think branching out could help them in the long run.
  11. Universal would probably end up taking over distribution for Bond since they're already doing OS distribution for MGM/Annapurna.
  12. It wouldn't be too difficult for Laika to find another distributor. I think if Laika could find another revenue model to subsidy the movies then they could survive.
  13. It's Relativity Media and Open Road Films all over again, a lot of these mini-majors always forget that being a producer and distributing and marketing your films are two very different matters. I wonder if this will affect their joint-venture with MGM?
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