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  1. TBH Warner Bros and Lionsgate probably could come to an agreement that in exchange for May 2021 for Matrix, Lionsgate gets a different preferred date for John Wick 4. I think March 5th 2021 could work for John Wick since WB has moved Mortal Kombat to January 2021.
  2. I'm surprised Space Jam 2 hasn't moved yet as it's against Spider-Man on its opening weekend
  3. It's a fun film but it retread a lot of the previous film's beats. I think if they do another film, they will do something different.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised it's been delayed to 2022.
  5. Knives Out seems to be drawing the midweek crowd, £6m total already, I think £10-12m is likely Last Christmas continues to do good business, £15m total is all but certain at this point.
  6. Looks fun although very different tonally from the previous film. Interesting that they're not revealing the Cheetah look just yet but I suspect it's a gradual transformation
  7. Studios do seem to like to schedule two different movies in December just in case one doesn't do so well, WB had The Mule and Aquaman last year and next year has Dune and Tom and Jerry.
  8. UK will be interesting to see, it has essentially a seven day opening much like the previous film but I think with Frozen 2 doing strong business, I expect it'll see a drop.
  9. A fun but timely murder mystery, wouldn't mind seeing a follow up with Daniel Craig's Benoit Blanc solving another mystery.
  10. I think Frozen 2 has sucked up the family audience, the first Jumanji had a huge gap between it and Paddington 2 in the UK which was successful but not to the same extent as Frozen 2.
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