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  1. I saw Just Mercy and it is a good film but I can understand why it was overlooked in the awards season.
  2. If Tom Cruise can get away with those sorts of stunt then Will Smith can as well. I think the too old jokes worked better with Martin Lawrence.
  3. Bad Boys for Life's OS weekend seems decent although the franchise has never been huge OS so I think Sony will be pleased with how it did.
  4. I think RDJ needs to do a smaller film after he does Sherlock 3, perhaps Rian Johnson could persuade him to be in the Knives Out sequel or perhaps he should reteam with Todd Phillips for a film.
  5. Space Jam 2 might do well for WB/WAG although would need to see footage first before making a judgement. I can see it moving to June as to avoid both Spider-Man and Mission Impossible.
  6. The directors for Bad Boys For Life will certainly be getting offers now. I wonder if Sony and Will Smith will finally get round to making Hancock 2. That did very well 12 years ago and it never got a sequel
  7. I think The Gentlemen will do okay but Guy Ritchie's gangster films have never been that successful stateside. Even Snatch only made $30m domestic.
  8. I'm surprised HBO Max wasn't interested in having Two and a Half Men but I'm guessing it's not as valuable compared to Big Bang Theory and Friends. Likewise Yellowstone, you'd thought it would be more useful on CBS All Access. In other news, Disney are dropping the Fox name from both Fox Searchlight and 20th Century Fox which brings to an end a long history of that studio name: https://deadline.com/2020/01/disney-rebrands-20th-century-studios-searchlight-pictures-removes-fox-1202833834/
  9. I think it'll do well in the English speaking markets but elsewhere not so sure. Bad Boys II only did $273m WW which on a $130m budget wasn't great back. Sony would be happy with $250m WW given the lower budget
  10. Ghostbusters is a bit dicier simply because there was a film only four years ago. I think while it's not a sequel, Scoob! could be a surprise breakout for WB.
  11. And both sequels were in the Noughties as well. I think as tempting as it would be to do a fourth Bad Boys film, Sony should let it end on a high.
  12. I wonder if the Broccolis will ever sell Bond? I imagine the likes of Universal and WB would love to own it.
  13. It looks okay but Morbius is nowhere near the pop culture icon that Venom is so it’s going to be hard for it to match its box office I wonder why Sony can’t make a Spider-Woman movie as it’d be the perfect way to do a Spider-Man spin off that can be it’s own thing although I’m assuming it’s a complicated rights situation
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