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  1. I feel Indiana Jones probably won't be rebooted for a very long time.
  2. Disney isn't going to cancel any Star Wars films in development, I imagine they'll see it as a blip and concentrate on IX.
  3. They'll just reboot it like we've seen with other franchises.
  4. TBF that could apply to many films and not just Star Wars. Disney were very guilty of overspending in the past, Lone Ranger, John Carter to name but most of their non Marvel or SW live action films now have under $200m budget.
  5. I think Memorial Day can be successful but it just has to the right film.
  6. Tough, I'm out for now but I think $150-170m would be very good for CR. I expect it'll break out in the UK and Australia
  7. WB must be feeling smug that RPO and possibly Rampage could beat Solo OS, they probably didn't expect that to happen!
  8. I wonder if Cineworld will replace them with their own internal brand when they start refurbishing the Regal cinemas?
  9. I like they're using lines from the original Milne stories. While it does seem like Hook 2.0, I don't think that's a bad thing
  10. O8 might end being a surprise hit! Clone Wars was designed as a promo for the upcoming TV series and used footage from what was going to be the first four episodes which they then edited together into a movie. From WB and LF's POV, it did much better than expected considering it was only announced six months before release. $68.5m on a $8.5m budget is not to be sneezed at.
  11. It could make less than RPO OS! and that was the one people thought would bomb!
  12. Avengers at Christmas would be interesting but I think it's a bit too long a gap and basically would leave a lot of slots available for other studios. Aquaman in December might give us a good idea how a superhero film can do in that month.

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