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  1. Vue also has their cheap Mondays so it may explain why their cinemas sell really well on a Monday but not others chains. Picturehouse is the same with a couple of exceptions.
  2. TBF The Shining wasn’t exactly short either and this is only 5-6 minutes longer.
  3. Unlike DC, they don’t have full control over Potter, everything has to be approved by JK Rowling or it doesn’t get made.
  4. I imagine he wouldn’t be interested and I suspect JK has final say on who gets to direct hence why David Yates has been at the helm for 6 films. I’d personally like to see Phillips and RDJ do another film together,
  5. Apart from War Dogs, Phillips’ films for WB have made money. I imagine whatever he has in mind to do next will likely be greenlit.
  6. I think we won’t get a sequel but there’s potential for other villains or heroes to be the same sort of treatment, Luthor or Two-Face would be my choices
  7. Addams Family’s OW does make me wonder how Scoob will do next summer. I’m surprised we didn’t get a trailer with Addams but perhaps they’ve saving it to attach to Maleficent or Frozen II
  8. If Joker manages to outgross the first Harry Potter film then it'll mean DC occupies 7 of the top ten Warner Bros films of all time domestically. OS and WW, Harry Potter still has the edge
  9. Depends on the area you live and the type of cinema. The likes of Picturehouse and Everyman are aimed at a more affluent crowd and some in places like Westfield and The O2 also attracts tourists as well as locals.
  10. Vue Islington is also £6.99/£7.49 which is surprising whereas Vue Finchley Road is on par with Vue Westfield London.
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