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  1. I would say opening two weeks early on October 23rd would be better but it's more likely they'll go for the 27th or 28th October and have a 5 or 6 day opening.
  2. I would imagine BW will be released OS in late October so they can be released in time for local holidays and to get a head start on Bond.
  3. January could work for Newark and they push Mortal Kombat to either February or March.
  4. I imagine The Conjuring will move to late September and swap dates with The Many Saints of Newarks unless the latter gets delayed.
  5. Would Nolan accept an October release date? I imagine he'd have a say in which dates he'd prefer for Tenet.
  6. WB probably has a lot more options to move things around. It's clear that WW1984 and Tenet are the priorities compared to Scoob and ITH.
  7. They couldn't have predicted how things would turn up in 2020.
  8. WW1984 is a bigger priority compared to Scoob but also I wouldn't be surprised if they're seeing where other family films are scheduled before making their move.
  9. I would imagine Malignant was one of the movies they had with IMAX contracts so it would be easy to swap the films around.
  10. They've still not undated Tenet either but TBF a lot of films that are still dated have time to make changes within the next month or so.
  11. I think it was still shooting so August was always looking iffy when things shut down. In The Heights I could see replacing King Richard or Godzilla vs Kong or going to December as an awards player potentially replacing Tom and Jerry which is wrapped but was in post production.
  12. Scoob will probably go to October and they'll push back The Witches.
  13. I imagine Scoob will take The Witches' slot in October with that film moving to November. Not sure where ITH will go though, Odd that they've made no decision on Tenet? I would guess it's a bigger priority than WW1984 given the relationship with Christopher Nolan.
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