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  1. In the Heart of the Sea has the dubious honour of having the highest opening weekend and highest total.
  2. It'll be interesting how Crazy Rich Asians does OS, The Help for example despite its leggy run was a bit of a flop OS with only $46m. I think WB would be fine with a $50-70m OS total but I hope it can crack $100m
  3. The UK box office is doing solid business with the top 4 doing £2m+. I think Sony will be pleased with how The Equalizer 2 as will Disney with Christopher Robin. I2 is in touching distance of £50m and I imagine it'll get there by either today or Wednesday. The Meg is the surprise hit of the summer and it'll probably end its run near or at £15m.
  4. I'm in because I think with strong reviews, WOM plus weak competition for the next two weeks, it's going to perform very similar to The Help and We're the Millers.
  5. Minecraft is delayed so it's no longer in contention for 2019. The Sun is also a Star is a low budget romantic drama similar to Everything, Everything so I imagine will be moved to August, the 17th May looks too stuffed with Rocketman and John Wick 3
  6. WB still does spend $100-150m+ on projects like Ready Player One or DC films but I think the years of overbloated budgets are likely over under Toby Emmerich. It's interesting that this summer and the year in, there's been no real bombs and even the flops didn't do too badly. Ocean's 8 has done enough for a sequel, The Meg will likely make a profit which no one was expecting and CRA will also be hugely profitable from domestic alone. It's funny that WB is seen as skipping the summer but Sony only had one $100m+ film this summer in HT3 with Equalizer 2 coming close to $100m and Paramount only had Mission Impossible Fallout as their big tentpole.
  7. I'm not sure how Smallfoot will do because Storks wasn't successful but WB is already promoting it with the Smallfoot yeti village and being the first kids film in ages will also help. I do want to be successful because it'd be good for WAG to have a original animated film succeed. Given A Star is Born is doing the festival circuit, it does strike me that WB is very confident on its chances.
  8. Rampage was pretty successful as well even if it didn’t quite hit $100m domestic Things with likely ramp up with The Nun and Smallfoot in September
  9. I wouldn't be shocked if CRA if it doesn't open at number 1, gets the top spot the week after. It's really a win win for WB.
  10. 2D animation still has a place, a lot of TV series are still made that way. Cel Shading work really well in games like Breath of the Wild but it's rarely been done in TV and movies. Disney experimented with it with shorts like Paperman and Feast but they've yet to do a movie that is cel shaded.
  11. It's interesting they've gone for a cel shaded look for Star Wars Resistance rather than just plain old CGI like Rebels and Clone Wars.
  12. It's interesting that BO Pro thinks Venom will break the October record but have a lower total than A Star is Born.

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