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  1. If only romcoms or comedy in general could have such a rebound.
  2. True, not every horror film can perform like The Nun or IT. I imagine Universal will be fine if it does $80-100m OS
  3. It's interesting that Halloween is doing okay business in comparison to the huge OW it had in the US. I think Smallfoot will be seen as a step in the right direction, the fact it's going to do better business than Storks and Ninjago. OS seems to be doing okay considering it's facing Johnny English OS WAG's next few movies are adaptations or IP based which should help them in the short term, Scooby Doo probably will do strong business for them for example
  4. First Man is barely going to break even, ASIB is already profitable. Binoche's gotta Binoche...
  5. BOP must be on something if they think Spider-Verse will only do $90m domestic,
  6. If The Mule is really good, I think it'll crack $100m+ I'm surprised WB opted for a wide release straight away rather than limited then expand in January
  7. I think after the 1998 remake, Psycho is likely off-limits although Bates Motel was good. Elm Street and Friday the 13th are likely on the list of remakes/sequels although the latter has legal issues.
  8. I think Illumination and Universal will be happy with $50-60m OW especially as it'll do well over the holidays. The only concern is OS where Dr Seuss isn't as popular.
  9. The Blumhouse model doesn't always succeed but it's an impressive hit rate and it's not just the horror films as well as he produced Whiplash and BlackKklansman on low budgets as well. I think Halloween might give other studios thought to revive their old properties. I think a new Nightmare on Elm Street would be something WB/New Line would consider.
  10. Jonwo

    Wednesday numbers

    You have to wonder why Universal bothered with a US release. I've already seen it and it's alright but to me it's a franchise with wasted potential I suspect Universal would rather have another Mr Bean movie and this is the next best thing
  11. I wonder if we might see some form of sneaks for Aquaman? Maybe do Amazon Prime screening on say the 8th and 9th December similar to what Sony did with Jumanji. I honestly think a midweek launch would benefit Aquaman and even if it's the same day as Poppins, it's appealing to a different audience
  12. Jonwo

    The Warner Bros. Thread

    WB's strength is in short form, we see that with Looney Tunes and things like Animaniacs. That's tricky to translate for feature films but I think using their IP for movies will help in the short term, Tom and Jerry could work if it like Shaun the Sheep with minimal dialogue and the focus on slapstick and violence. Wacky Races I think would work better as a hybrid as fully animated. WB isn't going to sell DC, it's a huge moneymaker for the studio and as I've said, movies are only one part of it.
  13. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the OS release shift up a week although if WB were feeling confident, perhaps they should move Aquaman to the 7th December or go mid week on the 12th or 19th.
  14. Jonwo

    The Warner Bros. Thread

    Although animation is a huge part of their history, they've never quite cracked feature films the way Disney or Illumination have. Their strategy for the next few years is focusing on adaptations or films based on their IP which will help them. DC is important to Warner Bros but the films are really one aspect of it, they won't stop making DC films especially when Wonder Woman proved they can success without Batman or Superman.

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