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  1. The Kid who would be King really got squeezed by its release date opening after Lego and HTTYD3.
  2. Looks like Paramount's decision to keep the February release date paid off. It's a good film so not surprising it did well. I wonder how The King Who Would be King did?
  3. Alita did better than expected but I don't think it'll get a sequel I think Lego will go on hiatus for a few years rather than disappear completely.
  4. Did Spider-Verse ever play in IMAX first time round? I think due to Mortal Engines, Aquaman, Bumblebee and Mary Poppins, it didn't. It did get 4DX for sure.
  5. July is possible but a March or April 2021 release wouldn’t be a surprise. I think the July 2021 slot is for Crazy Rich Asians 2 or maybe an animated/hybrid film
  6. Bond moving out of February means BOP will likely dominate, if it wasn't for Peter Rabbit 2, WB could release Scooby on February 14th 2020 to take advantage of the holiday weekend.
  7. Jonwo

    Fast & Furious 9 | May 22 2020

    Bond moving to April is the reason.
  8. I would guess that's the reason Fast 9 moved since Universal knew Bond wasn't going to make February.
  9. Godzilla vs Kong would most certainly move, I think if they want to stay in May, I would move to May 9th or May 15th, move to end of June and move In The Heights to August or perhaps April now that there is no real big films for Easter
  10. I think MGM paid $17.5m for worldwide rights so even if it's doesn't do great business, they likely will break even or make a small profit since I think they sold overseas rights.
  11. Considering WB didn't ramp up marketing for Wonder Woman until GOTG2 died down, it shouldn't be an issue for Shazam.

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