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  1. Nearly £6m for Shang-Chi is impressive, don't think it's the highest for September as the IT films and Bridget Jones's Baby did higher numbers but still impressive. I wonder if Venom: Let There Be Carnage will be moved up like in the US or will it keep its mid October release date. It's going to lose the PLFs to Bond either way so might have well take advantage.
  2. Space Jam has had a really good run in the UK. To be within touching distance of £12m which I think it'll reach this weekend from a £1.3m opening weekend is quite a feat and it had a fair bit of family competition as well.
  3. I'm honestly impressed by how TSS, Jungle Cruise and Space Jam are doing, Space Jam in particular is having a good time considering it opened fairly low.
  4. I think the terrible weather we're having at the moment helps. Not sure why Jungle Cruise and The Suicide Squad decided to release on the same day considering there's nothing big opening next week.
  5. I’d forgotten that SpongeBob 2 opened at number 1. I was thinking The Simpsons Movie in 2007.
  6. I think Space Jam might technically be the first film with 2D Animation to open at number 1 in quite some time?
  7. I believe Space Jam is WAG's highest grossing non Lego film OW wise, in fact it's only $2m off from what The Lego Movie 2 did on its OW and that film didn't have HBO Max. I think WAG will be IP driven for its film and indeed looking at the slate, there is no original films planned. Everything is either based on something owned by Warner Bros or another familiar source material like Dr Seuss.
  8. The cinema experience needs to evolve and that means investing in better technology, better seating and better food offerings and TBF we've seen that happening in many places but it needs to work both way from both the studio and the chains themselves. IMAX and Dolby are premium products so it makes sense to charge extra and a family probably isn't going to go for IMAX or Dolby every single time but as an occasional treat, it's worth it. I think all sectors will be trying to improve their offerings going forward, a restaurant that gives you great service and food is al
  9. I don't think Disney and others want to destroy communal experience, if that was the case then they wouldn't be investing in stage productions, theme parks and other live events.
  10. It is very strange that Pixar is getting treated badly compared to the other parts of Disney.
  11. It's coming out at the end of July in the UK and they've started advertising it. I assume WB's energy at the moment is with Space Jam and they'll ramp things up once that is released.
  12. The HBO Max day and date thing isn't available in all countries and now cinemas have reopened in many places, WB has stopped doing PVOD releases which they did do for things like Tom and Jerry, Mortal Kombat and Godzilla vs Kong in places where cinemas were closed.
  13. It's interesting that people thought LOTR would sink New Line at the line but the film that actually ended up sinking them was The Golden Compass, another fantasy film.
  14. When the theatres were closed last year, I did watch a lot of theatre and concert performances via official YouTube channels or on TV and while it was a good stopgap, it's never going to replace being in an actual theatre or concert venue with other people watching it live.
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