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  1. OH NO MAN Many MCU movies are using somehow (and some parts of) the mythic structure template of Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey book (The Hero With a Thousand Faces), just like: Blade Runner The Matrix Silence of the Lambs Star Wars/The Empire Strikes Back/Return of the Jedi Jurassic Park Jaws Raider’s of the Lost Ark Die Hard Alien Aliens Predator The Terminator Terminator 2: Judgement day Avatar Edge of Tomorrow Batman Begins The Dark Knight The Dark Knight Rises Superman X-men The Watchmen Toy Story The Incredibles Shrek The Lion King Wall-e Up When Harry met Sally ETC. ETC. ETC. "THE FORMULA" LOL
  2. OH MAN, sometimes I love BOT @WrathOfHan @Water Bottle "You really wanna be a Marvel fanboy? Cause I'd bet Han Solo over Thanos any day of the week. Especially with Ron Howard directing." Thank you guys!
  3. Jar Jar Binks is a better character than Boba Fett Sorry guys, that's the truth
  4. knights of the old republic Then Something different, not that shitty caracter Fofa Bett
  5. How in the world they choose to make a Bobba Fett movie ...
  6. Early... "I think after Solo, Lucasfilm Will be more careful making New spinoffs of old known characters" 3 hours later... A BOBBA FETT MOVIE?? Really? What a lazy franchise Star Wars is right now...
  7. 21 exciting new elements to bring back freshness/novelty to the Star Wars franchise: 01 - Tie fighters 02 - X-Wings 03 - Star Destroyers 04 - Battles with spaceships 05 - Laser shootings (without much sense) 06 - AT-AT 07 - AT-ST 08 - Smart Droids 09 - Cantina Scene 10 - Lightsaber 11 - Death Star (Or something related) 12 - Desert Planet 13 - Florest Planet 14 - Ice Planet 15 - Lots of "Human" protagonists. 95% of the "alien" characters should only be extras. 16 - A good pilot 17 - A anti-hero with a good hearth 18 - Heroes invading an enemy base 19 - Fight on a narrow bridge 20 - A mentor dies 21 - “I have a bad feeling about this” Please tell me what other new elements you think Star Wars can use.

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