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  1. OTOH, the 2018 list nailed the top 3 WW (IW-BP-JW). Obviously its not completely accurate and shouldn't be taken in a vacuum, but it shouldn't be completely discounted either. Honestly, its best news is for Captain Marvel.
  2. Domestically, sure. Worldwide (which the original post was referring to) the Avengers did have a massive impact on the genre.
  3. The key here is the the DCEU movies all came out after the Avengers, which triggered a massive surge in popularity for superhero movies. Of course 6 CBMs released when the genre is massively popular would outperform 6 CBMs released when it was much less so.
  4. Twitter hasn't actually grown all that much in the past year (in terms of active users), so this actually might be pretty meaningful.
  5. Oh yeah, just like how Infinity War moved back a week to run away from, uhh... Overboard (2018).
  6. The nice thing about Endgame is that we have Infinity War as a very handy comparison point in all of our metrics. I think we'll be less likely to be surprised by this movie than IW.
  7. And it wasn't particularly close. Incredibly impressive, especially for a trailer that gives away so little. Guys, this has the hype to match or out-open Infinity War.
  8. Went digging, and found this on the Infinity War thread when the first trailer was released. Endgame's at 30M views now. Likes were at about 1.4M, so Endgame is seriously outpacing IW by that metric as well.
  9. Well, tbf this probably would have happened if the MCU hadn't gone absolutely insane this year.
  10. IceFire9yt

    Avengers 4 - biggest movie WW and DOM of 2019

    In. Avengers 4: 700M DOM, 2.1B WW TLK: 625M DOM, 1.56B WW Episode 9: 600M DOM, 1.2B WW
  11. I really don't get people who say there isn't a hook for Avengers 4. Marketing for A4 is simple. Trailer 1: Group shot of the original 6 Avengers. Trailer 2: Group shot of every Avenger.
  12. Seriously? Toy Story 4 is pretty damn serious competition. TS3 made over a billion dollars worldwide, so just saying that TLK will curbstomp it is pretty presumptuous. Also, I normally wouldn't include CBM's in the same category as something like the Lion King or Toy Story, but Spider-Man is super kid friendly. Will also probably compete for kids and families.
  13. I'm pretty confident about this movie- mainly because Spider-man is the best superhero for an animated movie. Spidey is huge with the kids- its a match made in heaven. For now, going with 200M Domestic, 500M WW.
  14. IceFire9yt


    I'm assuming no spoiler talk? Anyway, Marvel cleverly left two big moments out of Infinity War, saving them for Avengers 4. If they put them in the trailers, the hype will be through the roof. Combine that with the cliffhanger ending and Infinity War's glowing reception... I think this movie will match Infinity War, if not surpass it.
  15. "There were dragons... when I was a boy." This movie is going to shatter my heart.

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