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  1. Lets just take a look at the top 10 best opening weekends Infinity War - 2.63x The Force Awakens - 3.78x The Last Jedi - 2.82x Jurassic World - 3.12x The Avengers - 3.01x Black Panther - 3.47x Age of Ultron - 2.4x Incredibles 2 - 3.33x Civil War - 2.28x Beauty and the Beast - 2.88x That is a really solid set of multipliers. The only two that have poor multis are Age of Ultron and Civil War, but its kind of hard to claim that the size of the opening weekend is the cause of this, since Infinity War, The Avengers, and Black Panther had better multipliers off of better opening weekends. Like, the lowest opening Avengers movie has the worst legs. Or look at TFA, which has a better multiplier than Rogue One or TLJ, again despite having a larger opening weekend. Or look at Jurassic World, which has a better multiplier than The Fallen Kingdom despite opening far higher. This idea that a big opening week leads to a poor multiplier strikes me as one of those 'common sense' things that actually has no support if you look at the data. The more people who see a movie on opening weekend, the more people who would consider re-watching it later, and the more people there are to tell their friends and family about the movie, and the more media buzz the movie generates to entice more people to see it. To be fair, there are going to be some diminishing returns on these effects as a movie reaches saturation, but even a 300M OW would be less than 10% of the US population.
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    By complete chance, Endgame is perfectly positioned for this 8 day holiday. I'm really curious to see how much it can take advantage of it.
  3. In order for this to outgross Avatar it will need both a beyond record breaking OW and great legs. Its getting the first. Early signs show that the second is possible, but way too soon to say.
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  5. I think its a reaction to the utter madness going down in the China thread. Midnights tripling Infinity War's, demolishing the record. OD so far suggesting that a 300M OW is in the cards.
  6. Not not paying attention so much the the % Fresh score, but the Average RT rating. Anything 8.0 and up would be god tier. Right now, its at 8.4. Other CBMs with an 8.0 or higher Average RT score: Spider-Verse: 8.74 The Dark Knight: 8.58 Spider-Man 2: 8.3 Black Panther: 8.26 The Avengers: 8.05 Its handily beating IW's score at the same point, which was something around 7.7 (I'm not exactly sure how letter grades are counted, but the score would be at least close to that number). Endgame has had 48 reviews that included a score. Out of them, 11 have been perfect scores. Out of its first 48 reviews with scores, Infinity war had 4 perfect scores.
  7. Re-watched the GOTG movies. Anyway, both movies are great. GOTG is good as I remembered. I have a completely different perspective on Yondu, coming back to this movie after seeing GOTG2. Its pretty clear that he's subtly trying to protect Peter while also trying to look tough in front of his crew. I really like seeing how far these characters have come, to a bunch of assholes in it for themselves to the people we see in Infinity War, genuine heroes. I appreciate GOTG2 a lot more than I did on first watch, it is a bit messier than the first movie, but it packs such a strong emotional punch at the end. Yondu's sacrifice, 'You'll always be my sister', Gamora and Drax's reactions when they realize they're leaving Quill behind, the funeral scene. The very best part of this movie is at the very end, after the villain has been defeated, which is pretty unusual, but refreshing. Gosh, I almost forgot to mention Rocket. That scene where Yondu strips away Rocket's facade is so good and its just incredibly sad post Infinity War. Just as Rocket was beginning to accept the love of the other Guardians, he loses them all. Poor rabbit.
  8. IceFire9yt


    Holy shit, over Aquaman is possible now. Depends on how it holds after Endgame releases. If it gets mostly normal drops Domestically, I could see it getting over 430M. Combinded with 710-720M OS... Of course, it could fall harder after Endgame releases. We'll have to see.
  9. The problem with Doctor Strange to me is that its just so formulaic. I know all of these follow a formula to some extent, but it just seemed extra obvious in DS (and Ant Man). The super bland love interest I don't give a shit about, the super predictable origin story plot. I do really love the 'Dormamu, I've come to bargain' solution to the final act, but honestly I feel like this movie had a lot more potential. Its Doctor Strange, I was really hoping for a ton of weird shit. Its one of the things I like about Captain Marvel, say what you will about it, but it doesn't follow the typical origin story formula.
  10. Something tells me their prediction will be accurate. (though not precise)

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