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  1. I think there's a difference between being against Disney's live action remakes and being against the company itself. I enjoy Marvel, WDAS, and Pixar, but dislike the live action remakes to a movie.
  2. I did really love Peter and Gwen in the TASM movies, the chemistry was fucking insane. They were literally the only reason I liked those movies tbh. Killing Gwen was such a dumb move, the series was dead to me at that point. Peter and MJ in the first trilogy are hit or miss for me. There are some individual scenes that are great (upside down kissing, that scene where she figures out he's Spider-Man), but MJ leaving some dude at the alter is bad and their entire arc in the third movie is unforgivable.
  3. Just saw it, it was great. - Peter/MJ is my favorite couple in the MCU. Their chemistry is far better than any other couple's for me (not that its saying much though). I can't help it they're just so cute. They do a great job of organically showing their mutual interest. Its easy for Peter since its his POV, so I enjoy that they were able to sell that MJ is very into him as well- that fucking scene where Peter's changing and MJ's trying to loses the battle to stop herself from peaking. - I have a new appreciation for Ned. Like, he was doing Peter solid all through the movie doing his best to cover for him and protect people. - Having the same actor play Jameson was awesome. I also love the updating of the Daily Bugle to a sketchy conspiracy news site. It feeds really well into the current political climate 'fake news' and whatnot. -The midcredit scene was just amazing. What a fucking way to end the movie. Nice to see that they're committed to shaking up the status quo. I'm really looking forward to what they do with the next one. -As with most MCU movies, very funny. 'Nightmonkey' lmfao. Also the 'I will always love you' school newscast. -Again, as with most MCU movies, the action is solid. I particularly love the 'spidey sense' scene at the end. Critiques: -The scene where Peter accidentally calls the drone to kill that dude. Like I get that they need to demonstrate what the drones are, but the scene goes too far with the random things that keep Peter from getting the glasses and shutting down the drone. Also stretched disbelief that no one else notices what's going on. -The power flickered in the theater so I didn't get to see the final end credits scene, fucking ripoff. -Uhh, that's it, really. 9/10
  4. There's no way we can be that sure about what's going to happen. Yeah, I think WW has a shot, but there are a lot of competitors out there. Honestly 2020 feels wide open to me.
  5. In addition to separating the US and Canada, you'd have to add Hong Kong to China.
  6. Here's the thing, the lack of China extension is only going to take like 10M off the total gross, but this is a case of 'death by a thousand cuts'. Each piece of new information we've gotten individually doesn't hurt it much, but its added up. I don't think this is beating Avatar.
  7. Yeah, like I said, 850M is looking like the optimistic end of the range at this point.
  8. I'll just say, far more surprising things have happened that Toy Story 4 getting under 250M domestic.
  9. I'm rooting for this club. If this were under BatB, I'd be in. CM is just a bit too much for me.
  10. I'm a little surprised by that 870M domestic projection, its been dropping worse than Infinity War, what's indicating that its going to start dropping better than IW in the next few weeks?
  11. Watched this for the third time (this time in IMAX) tonight. Theater was packed, was surprised at how many people stayed just to watch the Far From Home trailer. 'Avengers Assemble' is one of the most glorious scenes in cinematic history. Just, wow. Seeing it three times hasn't dulled its impact, even a little bit Its amazing, epic in scope, perfectly scored, visually spectacular, the perfect payoff. I love Nat in this. She gets a lot of work done for her character in the first two thirds of the movie, cementing what the team means to her and how much she cares for the people around her. In her final scene I found myself savoring her. What a beautiful character. Also, I love love love the sign off. Even though its not technically a mid or end-credits scene, if it were it'd easily be my favorite.
  12. The way Marvel seems to be setting it up, I think the only O6 Avenger who'll be doing much going forward is Thor. I believe the Russos have said that Hulk's injury is permanent, which I think is meant to take him out. Hawkeye is passing the torch onto his daughter. Thor is staying because Hemsworth is super enthusiastic about the character post Ragnarok. I think this changing of the guard is a deliberate choice on their part. Marvel still has plenty of popular characters to work with- Spider-man, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel. At the very least, these character alone will be able to carry the franchise decently in the near term (say, the next 5 years). The way Marvel maintains its success in the medium to long term isn't (primarily) by replacing characters, but by introducing new characters that click with the audience. This is basically what they've done from day one, and have continued to do all the way up to Black Panther and Captain Marvel. So its kind of obvious that that would be the path they'd attempt to take going forward. There are two barriers to Marvel achieving this. The first is the quality of the movies- obviously if Marvel begins faltering in the quality department its movies won't do as well, and that would hit new properties the hardest. There is absolutely zero evidence of this being a problem at this point- obviously no guarantees for how long they can keep this up, but I think its pointless to speculate on that. The other possible barrier is whether or not the interest would be there for more MCU material post Endgame. Far From Home seems to demonstrate that there is a ton of interest in what happens next. That more than anything is why the reactions to Far From Home are so encouraging to me, because its evidence against the main point of concern for me.
  13. So if it follow's IW's third weekend, looking like Endgame could be headed for a 58% drop. There's no sugarcoating it, that's a pretty terrible drop. Even Civil War only had a 54.7% drop, and most MCU movies (even ones with not so great legs) had 50% or lighter drops. Honestly beginning to wonder if 850M might be a bit optimistic.
  14. I was actually pretty open to the idea that people would lose interest in the MCU post Endgame. I'd seen the sentiment enough online that I had considered it a possibility at least, even if I was skeptical after hearing for years from people how tired they are of superhero movies, only for superhero movies to reach ever greater heights at the box office. Far From Home has dramatically refuted that idea, though. Yeah, sure, nothing lasts forever, but given how much interest we're seeing for FFH, I don't see the MCU declining in the foreseeable future.
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