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  1. Well, tbf this probably would have happened if the MCU hadn't gone absolutely insane this year.
  2. I really don't get people who say there isn't a hook for Avengers 4. Marketing for A4 is simple. Trailer 1: Group shot of the original 6 Avengers. Trailer 2: Group shot of every Avenger.
  3. Seriously? Toy Story 4 is pretty damn serious competition. TS3 made over a billion dollars worldwide, so just saying that TLK will curbstomp it is pretty presumptuous. Also, I normally wouldn't include CBM's in the same category as something like the Lion King or Toy Story, but Spider-Man is super kid friendly. Will also probably compete for kids and families.
  4. I'm pretty confident about this movie- mainly because Spider-man is the best superhero for an animated movie. Spidey is huge with the kids- its a match made in heaven. For now, going with 200M Domestic, 500M WW.
  5. IceFire9yt


    I'm assuming no spoiler talk? Anyway, Marvel cleverly left two big moments out of Infinity War, saving them for Avengers 4. If they put them in the trailers, the hype will be through the roof. Combine that with the cliffhanger ending and Infinity War's glowing reception... I think this movie will match Infinity War, if not surpass it.
  6. "There were dragons... when I was a boy." This movie is going to shatter my heart.
  7. I hesitate to use the word 'disappintment' anywhere near a 2B WW grosser, but yeah the weekday numbers that first week were definitely pointing to a better 2nd weekend drop. So instead of amazing legs, it 'just' has good legs. I think A4 has a chance for a better multi. IW may have had many families not going in for the re-watch, which was key to TFA's/TA's/JW's 3x+ legs after their massive openings.
  8. I agree that this looks surprisingly good, I'm intrigued. However, it will take a lot to get people to give this franchise another chance. Fortunately for this movie, it has a very low bar and low expectations to pass. If the budget is as low as rumored, I think this should make a nice profit and maybe open the door for a rebound in the franchise.
  9. The difference, imo, is that the Civil War arguments weren't about whether they loved or hated the movie. Most fans on both sides enjoyed Civil War- but just had very different interpretations of it. And honestly, the Steve v. Tony arguments pale in comparison to the shipping wars that many fandoms go through. I think that arguments of this sort are actually a sign of health for a fandom- because it shows passionate interest in the material. The schism caused by TLJ is a different beast- an argument over whether the movie was visionary and broke new ground or defiled beloved characters and ruined the setup from TFA. I don't believe this is healthy for a fandom.
  10. Some perspective on the position Star Wars is in right now. Imagine if Avengers 4 made 1.3B worldwide. Can anybody honestly say that wouldn't be a disappointment? Lets also imagine in this scenario that Captain Marvel, a spinoff in the franchise, performed about as well as Rogue One. How would you argue that something didn't go wrong with Avengers 4? I mean, obviously we'd have fans arguing the same things that Star Wars fans are saying now- it still made a lot of money, over a billion! etc. etc. etc. but lets be real, Avengers 4 would have blown it. I mean, their main event dropping massively from the last movie, and only slightly outperforming their recent spinoff? It would be cause for concern for the franchise as a whole, and then if the Spider-man sequel outright flopped...
  11. My ranking of newish WDAS: 1.) Tangled 2.) Frozen 3.) Big Hero 6 4.) Wreck It Ralph 5.) Zootopia (still really good) 6.) Moana (mostly just okay, except for 'Shiny' which is awesome)
  12. I haven't seen Justice League, so I can't really comment on whether Steppenwolf or The Black Order is better done. However, I will say that the Black Order's only purpose is to provide a challenge to the heroes. Ebony Maw actually has some flavor to him which is nice, but they are mostly 2-dimensional. This is alright. Because the Black Order aren't the main villains, they're side characters. Comparing The Black Order to Steppenwolf is as hilarious as comparing the characterization of Wong in Infinity War to Superman in Justice League. Taking time to turn the Black Order into deep characters would be a waste of time that would bog down the movie- it'd actively make the movie worse. Infinity War's focus is exactly where it should be.
  13. Yeah, I think the reason why the political messaging in TLJ rubbed me the wrong way was that it felt like it was forced in- that it didn't really belong. I enjoyed Black Panther, and I think it handled its politics really well- both how it tackled racism and also foreign policy. I think the difference between these movies is that the politics is integral to Black Panther. Deciding how Wakanda will interact with the world is a large part of T'Challa's character arc, and racism in the US played a large role in shaping Killmonger. The movie would be lesser for it if you took away those themes, while TLJ would make just as much sense without them. So yeah, do politics if you want, but if you do, either make it subtle or go all in- there's no middle ground.
  14. Yeah, don't see how TFA's in reach. With optimistic guesses it can get close... Domestic: 680M China: 370M OS-China: 990M Total: 2.04B Guess we have to wait for the re-release.
  15. Okay, so I've been thinking a lot about this movie... Abrams definitely has his work cut out for him. Its a balancing act between fixing the mistakes of TLJ and making a coherent trilogy. The biggest issue, imo, is that this movie needs to rely on the new characters. The main trio hasn't gotten a lot of screentime together- Finn and Rey spent the entirety of TLJ separated, and Finn and Poe didn't get much screentime together either, heck, Rey and Poe have only just met. These three definitely need to spend a lot of time together in order for people to buy their emotional connections. They have a lot of ground to make up for sure, hopefully the natural chemistry between the actors can make up for it. Rose is just not an engaging character in her current form... maybe she can be tweaked somehow? Just tossing her aside would feel weird- it might be better for the movie itself, but it would make the trilogy even more disconnected. The romance between her and Finn needs to go- zero chemistry there. I guess if worse comes to worse, just make her a background character and call it a day. Poe... TLJ just sort of ignored all the shitty things he's done. Its hard to swallow that everyone is just sort of cool with him leading the rebellion after acting recklessly and getting people killed and committing mutiny. I was definitely hoping he'd face some consequences for it or redeem himself in some way. It'd be easy for Episode 9 to pretend it just didn't happen, but I hope they do address it. It would sort of retroactively make TLJ better, imo. Finn's character was the one that was wasted the most in TLJ. Honestly this is the easiest one to fix- just make him actually important and relevant to the plot. (Also, less of a bumbling idiot please). The other big problem is the stakes. Yeah, the rebels are on the run etc. etc. etc. but we need personal stakes. To put it simply, Kylo Ren is a joke. I was laughing at the end of TLJ. Like, just how extra he was over everything. FIRE EVERY GUN YOU HAVE AT HIM. SEND ALL THE FIGHTERS AFTER THAT SHIP. Absolutely hilarious. I kinda see him like Loki after the Hulk beat him up at the end of Avengers. Wisely, that humiliation came at the end of the battle, and Marvel never made him the main villain of a movie again. Not sure how to fix this one. I really don't buy Kylo Ren as a threat to Rey, or really anyone at this point. Oh, btw whatever route they go with Leia, I think audiences will be lenient. While there have been a lot of unforced errors by LucasFilm, this is something that was really beyond their control and I don't think anyone is going to hold that against them.

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