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  1. How does IW getting a 42% drop on Friday from last weekend result in it getting a 50% drop on the weekend? Given that it would have an inflated Sunday, wouldn't a sub 40% drop would be possible?
  2. Even Justice League had markets where it did well in (Brazil, China). Solo has nothing.
  3. Damn, a 33M Friday would be absolutely terrible. Honestly thinking that if that number holds, the 3-day will be in the 70s.
  4. I don't buy it. Star Wars and Star Trek are both legacy franchises. GOTG is heavily rooted in 1970's culture, and thus doesn't resonate as much outside of the US. Also, take a look at how GOTG2 and TLJ perform in various overseas territories. GOTG2 does better in many of the Asian and Latin American countries (Bolivia, Brazil, China, Columbia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Venuzuela). There clearly is a franchise specific component here.
  5. My prediction. Thursday: 14.1M Friday: 23.1M (Full OD is 2.64x previews, compared to TFA's 2.12x, TLJ's 2.33x, and RO's 2.45x) Saturday: 25.9M (+12% from true Friday, better than any of the previous Star Wars movies, and in line with previous memorial day releases) Sunday: 24.6M (-5%) 3-Day: 87.7M
  6. Are you seriously expecting people to go along with the idea that if Marvel never again surpasses Infinity War, they're somehow sliding down? Or that Disney would have any reason to worry whatsoever? Maybe the MCU never has another 2B dollar movie (though with inflation and the expansion of overseas markets, tbh I think it will happen again), but if it doesn't how on Earth is that a failure in any sense?
  7. Unless I'm doing my math very wrong... POTC 5 increased 12% from true Friday. Apocalypse increased 13%. Tomorrowland increased 31%, but I wouldn't put it in the same category as the rest. DOFP increased 7% F&F6 dropped 2%. I'd say we'd be more likely looking at a 10% increase on Saturday.
  8. 15M would be more than we'd be expecting, but not 'great' by any means. I mean, it'd be hard to get a 100M 3-day off of that number.
  9. Those ratios just keep falling. This movie is withering before our eyes.
  10. Russia Box Office

    Well, there goes Solo's one tiny bright spot.
  11. IW staying flat from last Thursday seems ridiculously good. Are there mitigating factors around that number?
  12. They shouldn't be relying on the Star Wars brand alone to carry their movies. Just focus on making interesting movies that draw people in on their own. Yeah, they might not make as much money initially as something directly connected to the established universe, but this would be more of a long term investment.
  13. It will probably have a better ratio than Rogue One, just by the fact that lower presales tend to correlate with a better ratio, maybe something like 38%. I could see 14M in previews leading to a 37M OD, and something like an 87M 3-day.

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