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  1. Absolutely the right call. Even if people would go see this during a pandemic, it just wouldn't be safe.
  2. I mean, I completely agree with both of those positions. Yet, I was annoyed by that scene. Its funny, because I actually love Black Panther, which is very political and has positions that aren't as clear cut. I think what bugged me was how obtuse it was. They didn't even try to weave it into the story organically- they just had two of the characters go on a side quest and had one of them lecture the other about social injustice. It took me out of the movie.
  3. I've been hearing from people that they are 'over the MCU/CBMs' for years now, but it has never materialized at the box office. FFH and BW's trailer views basically confirm to me that post Endgame fatigue isn't a major factor at this point.
  4. I see what you're saying- he seemed to flirt with doing something really game changing before chickening out. There was a moment where I genuinely thought that Rey and Kylo would join forces as a dark/morally grey team and I was like 😲. They'd teased the possibility of her going dark enough in the training with Luke, but all that seemed to amount to was a fake out. Idk, that might have just caused even more of a shitstorm audience reaction, but it would have been a hell of a set up for IX.
  5. Opportunity cost matters. TLJ may have been just as profitable as IW- but IW was followed by Endgame while TLJ was followed by TROS for a reason.
  6. So looks like this will end up with a fresh score in the 60s. Pretty mediocre all things considered.
  7. It looks like a god damned fantasy epic. The emotional beats in the new trailer are powerful. I'm so fucking hyped for this.
  8. Yeah, as someone who's been involved in the Harry Potter fandom, I guess I've been desensitized. Yeah, Peter being with Tony would super unhealthy, wrong, and illegal, but when there are literally thousands of fics shipping Harry, Hermione and other students with Snape, Voldemort, and assorted Death Eaters... nothing really phases me anymore.
  9. So my sister and dad will be watching Endgame for the first time this weekend. Definitely looking forward to their reactions.
  10. Basically threw this list together in 10 minutes. 1.) Avengers: Endgame 2.) Avengers: Infinity War 3.) Captain America The Winter Soldier 4.) The Avengers 5.) The Dark Knight 6.) Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse 7.) Thor Ragnarok 8.) Guardians of the Galaxy 2 9.) Batman Begins 10.) Guardians of the Galaxy 11.) Josie and the Pussycats 12.) Kingsman 13.) Spider-Man Far From Home 14.) Men In Black 15.) Big Hero 6 16.) The Amazing Spider-Man 17.) Iron Man 18.) Spider-Man Homecoming 19.) Deadpool 20.) Deadpool 2 21.) Logan 22.) Avegers Age of Ultron 23.) The Dark Knight Rises 24.) X-Men Days of Future Past 25.) Wonder Woman 26.) Captain Marvel 27.) Black Panther 28.) Doctor Strange 29.) X-Men 2 30.) Iron Man 3
  11. Incredible. This is the holy grail of the box office. Avatar was untouchable, no other movie even came close to it. All the way up to release, most would have said it was incredibly unlikely if not impossible for Endgame to outgross Avatar, but here we are. The impossible has happened, the untouchable has been surpassed. Its a testament to the talent, creativity, and passion of the people who've made these movies, from the directors and actors all the way down. They crafted such amazing characters, created vast and rich worlds, set up such awesome spectacle- they made people laugh, cheer, and cry. They were rarely satisfied with resting on their laurels and making easy money, they aspired to do more, to raise the bar, to make their mark. And they have. Avengers: Endgame and the MCU in general are landmarks that have permanent spots in cinematic history. Also:
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