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  1. I turn myself in, I've been a naughty boy... Please don't ban. I surrender to the Powerful Mod League!
  2. Enough! Far to long my I ahven't been heard or taken seriously! Time to send my army out and attack!
  3. You guys don't take me seriously as a villain do you? You are supposed to be scared!
  4. For too long this forum has sheltered one of my citizens. He may post like you... He may club like you... But his is not one of you. I am fed up and it is time to get revenge. People like Tele... They don't care about users like us. The forum is changing. It's time we change to. So with that being said. Citizens of the forum.... I am sorry but you had your chance... AHHAHAHAHAHAHHA For all the time you laughed at my clubs! Who is going to save you now? My time of domination has come!
  5. Woah woah woah! I was NOT talking about you. Completely different user. I like girls ONLY!
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