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  1. Unlike Shazam, dumbo's ow in China is expected. Also dumbo has a much better WOM there too. Chinese people really hate Shazam.
  2. Yeah you can still rate and leave comments but it doesn't count towards the average rating.
  3. Tragic news, Shazam starts with a 7.8 rating on Maoyan...
  4. It's easy to hate on Disney for some people because Disney has dominated so many genres in movies and related industry.
  5. No one knows exactly how much Paul Walker boosted the box office. I guess: very minimal. He didn't play any big role outside FF.
  6. Becase both F8 and Jurassic2 are sequel to 1.5b ww while CM is a debut super hero movie.
  7. most people shrug their shoulders and give it an A. You should stop considering people around you as "most people".
  8. That's true. Probably female audience don't always rush to theaters on opening weekend?
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