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  1. I miss the days when i didn't know what a "ship" was, this kind of thing was usually contained to dumb things like Twilight or Hannibal or Bioware games now it's everywhere, Tumblr was the Internets biggest mistake and now everyone is paying for it
  2. The prequels are full of subtle hidden poetry, but I'm not saying this as a joke
  3. I think JJ's mystery boxes added a lot of continued excitement and repeated viewings around the movie, so much buzz and so many theories and so much hype for Luke. Also Disney's marketing push was insane for this, definitely lead to the record breaking numbers.
  4. I wonder what beloved classic IP WB will throw at him so he can give it the JJ treatment
  5. Dumbest thing is Aquaman delivered on so much spectacle and epic fantasy landscapes and monster battle (too much some would say) and it costed like half of TLJ/TFA. And it actually looked good, It rarely broke the immersion or suspense because of some bad CGI scene George said he waited for technology to get better for the prequels to be made and they were groundbreaking,this new trilogy could have been so much more, but idiot big head directors fall for youtube memes hurr CGI bad.They think they're real filmmakers or something
  6. I'm sad there's no release date in my country.My sister loves musicals and made a deal to go watch it together, I think she's having seconds thoughts now but I would love to drag her to the cinema 🤣
  7. Still didn't like how he regressed to the same smuggler and had to have the same arc all over again
  8. It's only possible between Rey and Kylo Ren because they share some special rare force connection between them known as "force dyad". In the Last Jedi snoke said he made the connection between them to lure Rey in, but I guess this movie retconned that, and they can't just communicate with each other but also pass around objects between...em planes.
  9. Aquaman was made with HALF the budget of TLJ. The prequels pushed SFX technology and digital and invented a lot of new things and they didn't even cost THAT much. What could they do with 300 million? Now just look at it and look at TLJ and TFA. LOOK AT ME MOM IM CINEMATING, wow shots of the desert, wow we need to have a practical model of those disgusting rabbit horse things even though we're just gonna use shitty CGI later, we need to have a practical puppet of that green milk thing so Mark Hammil can really feel like he's milking a 20 pound tit I'm a real filmmaker!!!
  10. Resurrecting Anakin played by Hayden and Luke to fight the emperor together? Now that's some quality fan service. I mean the movie was already kind of a farce
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