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  1. Yes, the 450 profit number from Deadline used predictions 50M short domestically and 50M short OS. They may well well end up with 500+ profit from Panther and 700+ from IW, even before counting the stuff @TalismanRing brought up above.
  2. Considering that article lowball the DOM gross by 50+ and the China gross by like 200M, it could very well end up with a profit above 650. Perhaps even above 658, to pick a number at random.
  3. Comparing to other Mon-Mon drops of big MCU openers (not BP of course, because holiday) it does seem pretty clear now that last Mon was inflated by spillover.
  4. Yeah, there’s a huge glut of solo films around the 100-120 band, but it seems like a mix of high hype movies/sequels with mixed-bad reception and lower hype movies with great reception and solid legs (Ant-Man 1, Doctor Strange are both 8.9 Maoyan if I’m remembering right). I’ve been wondering recently what its chances are of going decisively above that clump.
  5. Presumably when you break the presales record by that much you get saddled with a worse presales multi as a consequence, but it really seems like the DOM OW figure could get topped if things continue going well.
  6. Eyeballing POTUS’s charts, it looks like presales often approximately double from the 58 hours before point. Does that mean we’re looking at low-mid 400s for IW? Edit: Lol, my timing. That’s could be as much as +40% from FF8, crazy.
  7. So I know this is very early still, but I was wondering roughly what people thought Ant-Man and the Wasp will do.
  8. I was going to say “wow, if it can keep doubling every few days like this it will overtake IW in no time.” Then I realized that it would actually be below IW even after 8 doublings
  9. Reacting in a calm and neutral manner to fairly medium information is pretty boring. If you just sarcastically exaggerate everything, you end up with a lot more to say.
  10. Pretty sure it is a deliberate continuation of Banner/Hulk’s arc from Ragnarok. Ruffalo and Feige have talked about Ragnarok, IW, and A4 as being a trilogy of sorts for the Hulk. Pretty sure the general idea will be: first movie — Hulk is dominant and won’t give control to Banner, powerful but emotionally like a little kid second movie — Little kid Hulk gets smacked down by an opponent in a league hitherto undreampt of, becomes scared, won’t come out third movie — Hulk and Banner finally reach some kind of equilibrium with each other and start working well in harmony One extreme->other extreme-> perfectly balanced (as all things should be) is a pretty classic three part structure.
  11. And after all that, still end below 115. Get this FLOP out of my sight.
  12. Up 100k from estimates, but I bet Panther can increase more for 6th.
  13. I think DP2 will be decently big, but it is also an R comedy. It’s not competing for the same type of audience as much as Solo willl be, or JL was with Ragnarok.
  14. No — in truth it is the mortals who are crazy. So much so that we are blind to it.
  15. Still a bit of excitement with Titanic WW, though it’s a stretch.
  16. So I was poking around Box office mojo trying to find evidence of a “Cinco De Mayo effect” in past years... and it’s totally impossible, because all the previous cinco de mayo weekends everything is hopelessly confounded by a humongous Marvel movie opening that weekend. Maybe if they move A4 up we can see how Cinco De Mayo Sunday goes.
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