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  1. As I said already said in the IT2 thread I do not know anyone who really genuinely liked the first one. For some it was "okay", for others rather "meh". Nobody loved it, nobody hated it either. But that's not the kind of reception you need to get peoples' butts in seats for the sequel. The opening is great - it's just not as great as the first one. Another horror movie that will make 200+ million. It's a win for the genre no matter what, even if it shows that the first one is not so universally loved as many would say. Personally I was a little disappointed about IT1 as the movie managed to scare me only one single time in more than two hours. That's why I am not in a hurry to see the second one. At my local cinema they do kind of a "last call" week before the movie leaves. They only show the movie one last time in that week (on tuesday) in their smallest theatre and you only pay 3 € for it. I think that's the German version of the dollar theatres in the US. I will see IT TWO that way. That's enough. Even if the director manages to scare me twice this time I am still gonna save as much money as possible.
  2. Sorry, double post. T2 is spectacular in IMAX! Everyone who gets the chance to see it that way should do it. The restauration is beautiful and while the 3D is not as good as in "Titanic", it is a welcome addition.
  3. I was sold for this movie when I heard that Jim and Linda are back. I wouldn't even have needed a trailer to buy an IMAX ticket 1st weekend. But the trailer is bad. Really bad. If I wasn't a huge Terminator fan for nearly two decades I wouldn't care for it. The have some way to go in my opintion. I am pretty sure the movie will be good but the same was the case for "Alita" and we all know how people still debate if it is a success or a failure. Speaking of "Alita": I hope the Alita army will flock out to see "Dark Fate". If this Cameron production is a success story, Disney may find the last quantum of confidence needed to greenlight an "Alita" sequel.
  4. I am really curious how much this one will make. Many Blumhouse sequels declined from their precedessor. H2018 left much so-so taste in peoples' mouths. At least all people around me liked the movie...but no one was hyped about it. I could imagine them to join me again but the hook will have to be very interesting. Just another Michael vs. Laurie won't be enough. They already did that twice. I just hope that they won't cancel "Halloween Ends" if this one declines. That would be awful.
  5. I never got why the first one was such a success. Of course, it looked great and I wouldn't have been surprised if it had opened to 75 million (like "Halloween" for example) on its road to around 180-190 million. But that 123/327 run was crazy. It was a HUGE horror success in Germany as well but ironically I do not know anyone who loved it. Nobody hated it either. All people I talked to about the movie found it like...okay. That's why I am quite curious what a BO run IT2 will have.
  6. Saw it on tuesday. It was everything I expected it to be. Fast, furious loud, action-packed, funny. If they keep up and make another one like this - count me in. I just think that one franchise is enough and after the mediocre "Fate of the Fuious" I would prefer to pick some characters from the main franchise, add them to the "Hobbs & Shaw" team and let the Vin Diesel lead series die. Hopefully "Hobbs & Shaw" will have great legs. This won't make a billion like the last two entries of the main franchise...but I hope it will at least be enough to go on.
  7. I don't understand why of all entries this is such a mediocre BO success. With the exception of "Tokyo Drift" and "Fast Five" I've seen all of them in a cinema (only there, I haven't rewatched them since). The only one I've watched twice is "Furious 7". So I wouldn't call me a "fan" of the franchise...but I like the movies for what they are. Mindless action entertainment that returns every two or three years with a new entry. Apart from that I want to have seats in the first row when they are going to space. I will see "Hobbs & Shaw" tomorrow and personally I feel the same "excitement" like I did with F8 (and F7 and F6...). There's a new F&F movie and I want to see it. I don't understand why (obviously) people are refusing this to a certain degree. I mean, that's a OW drop of 40% over F8's OW.
  8. It seems to be quite easy to please people nowadays. Disney is like the The Pied Piper of Hamelin - they do nothing special but the people follow them. While I am not a Disney fan today, I absolutely adore their 90s classics. They are my childhood. From "Ariel" to "Mulan" (yeah, even the "Rescuers Down Under"). I just can't get myself to watch the new "Lion King"...why should I do this? This is not trolling. Definitely not. I just would like to understand why people are flocking out in millions to watch a nearly frame-by-frame GCI-remake of a movie they already know? Is it really that easy to get butts in seats? Just shit some nostalgia stuff on the table and that's it? The new soundtrack is awful. With the exception of the new Timon and Pumbaa attitude in "Hakuna Matata" I absolutely hate all new versions of the classics - especially "Circle of Life", "Can't wait to be king" and "Be prepared" are abysmal. Credit to the new Elton John songs ("Spirit" and "Never Too Late"). Brilliant. I had them on replay nearly 24/7. (Yeah, I know that "Spirit" is by Beyoncé...but it sounds like an Elton John song)
  9. Chris Rock? Saw? Reboot? Again? WHAT THE F? While it's hilarious that they restart AGAIN two years after the last restart, I am curious to see how this will turn out. The comedy-background worked so-so for "Halloween"... It's just sad that they will not follow the "Jigsaw" story. I would have loved to see the return
  10. Wouldn't that be difficult with Adam Lambert as their new singer? I can not imagine China having an openly gay man on stage, even if he sells out stadiums. That gross in Japan is unbelievable by the way...
  11. So basically the next Annabelle movie is their "Civil War" before the Warrens are fighting an "Infinity War" in this? Is "Conjuring: Endgame" already scheduled for September 2021? Just kidding, looking forward to both movies. I just hope the new director will deliver. "La Llorona" seems to be very mediocre. Not the best condition for a tentpole like this. Maybe James should have asked Leigh Whannell or his pal David F. Sandberg. Or maybe they don't even care anymore and are just looking for someone who can arrange some jump scares. If something boring like "The Nun" can do nearly 400M WW the standard seems to be very low.
  12. I had hope left that there would be some high profile actors left who are not a part of the MCU. So Angelina turned down so many movie roles in the last couple of years to join what? The 23rd movie of the MCU? That whole Marvel thing has become a tired act for me. I was a big fan for many years but with the (over the top) "Black Panther" hype and "Captain Marvel" it somehow ended. This Captain movie will make a billion for being just...mediocre. It seems the GA does not care about quality anymore...they would also rush out to see a pile of shit in front of their doors that Marvel made. If Angelina really joins - who is left? Kate Winslet? Meryl Streep? Will they be next?
  13. I think so, but after all it's none of our business. He decides whether he wants to come out or not. That's not the point. The sad fact is that he wouldn't be Superman if he came out - and I understand that. Not even I as an openly gay man would cast a gay actor as Superman. Not because I have a problem with it (obviously not) but the GA simply couldn't handle it. He wouldn't have portrayed the part any different and would still be the manly man he is, but too many people couldn't take him serious in the role of that specific superhero. The same happens with straight men playing gay roles. One straight man kisses another = award bite. A gay man portraying a straight man = fake. As it becomes more and more obvious that Marvel can turn anything into a success, I truly hope they do something for queer folks with "Eternals". It's about time - at least for a serious attempt.
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