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  1. I know I wanted to be OUT... But damn...I SO MUCH HOPE that I am totally wrong. I want this movie to succeed so baldy, just because seriously everybody brought their A-game into this. The more I think about it the better it gets. Can't wait to see it again next friday...and on the Halloween day (of course).
  2. Dull teaser. Nothing special. They didn't show Genie, huh? Is the new design that special they want to keep it for the real trailer...or do they just fear the buzz will even get worse once he's shown?
  3. Saw the 4K restauration of the original 1978 movie at FrightFest London. My first time in theatre and it looked terrific. Very well done. Of course, the image quality is not that much better than the 35th Anniversary blu ray but seeing it on a big screen was awesome.
  4. EliasChristensen

    Halloween over Scream adjusted, club

    The hype is huge and after seeing the movie at the German premiere, I have to say it totally delivers. But I also think it mainly delivers for the fans. Personally I am a fan since twenty years when "H20" was my first horror movie ever and I was very pleased how they tied up everything. While it has excellent quality in terms of wrapping things up and delivering the epic Strode-Myers-climax all fans have been waiting for, I don't think that it will connect to the new audience. It may have a huge opening weekend but after that I don't see it developing good legs - even for the horror genre. For the young audience it won't be the "holy shit go out and see it" film. I wish I will be wrong and it pulls a (kind of) IT. But I don't think so. Mid-to-high 60s OW, around 140-150 million total. So I am OUT. (But like I said, I would love to be totally wrong).
  5. Seriously? While I do think that it's Cooper's year (he is due for a win) I could see Rami Malek being a strong contender...but not without singing. They seriously were okay with this? I was never a fan of his casting but now I dislike it even more. Who does the singing then? Adam Lambert? (Who by the way does an awesome job at Queen's live shows)
  6. EliasChristensen

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    I don't think so. The Chinese folks have some serious problems with violent stuff. Even if the new "Halloween" is not uber violent (we know it truly isn't) I think it is still too brutal for China. It took them five movies to get a proper release for a "Resident Evil" movie with the final film and that property comes from Asia. I don't know why they can't handle that stuff...but as long as Michael is not featured in "A More Quiet Place" I don't think he will see China...like ever. I do hope for starts in South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan. After the ban of Lady Gaga in 2016 because she met the Dalai Lama...unlikely. Okay, China has banned like half of all today's living entertainment stars (Elton John, Oasis, Maroon 5, Linkin Park, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber) because they are "badly behaved entertainers". It does not seem SO special to be banned there...but after all I don't think a movie with her in the front row will get a release.
  7. The movie got a 16 rating in Germany which sounds about right in my opinion. It has some grisly scenes but relies on the suspense overall. An 18 rating is not neccessary but the UK has only 15 and 18 ratings...so I guess they rated it 18+ simply because 15 would be too low? I was sursprised how well the violence was treated in this movie. Michael is very brutal this time but...it's all done with...style. I don't know how to describe it.
  8. I am a little surprised right now. When they announced this remake I tought it would be the most unneccessary remake in the world. But the trailer is great, charming, appealing. I think I'll give it a try. In Germany the original was huge. I mean HUGE. It had around 10 million people in theatres. For our country this is like 600+ million in the US.
  9. ASIB had nationwide previews yesterday. Our theatre was PACKED. I hope it has big success. The soundtrack is awesome. Seriously, I can't decide which song I like most right now. As for the acting, Bradley Cooper was fine. Maybe not Oscar worthy fine but Reese Witherspoon and Emma stone have won for less, so I guess maybe with his previous multiple nominations in mind, he gets his Oscar this time. That's definitely the category he should root for as his directing is good but not as flawless as many critics say and the "Best picture" category will go to something more meaningful (whatever topic they choose this time). Lady GaGa surprised me. She is like - WOW. It takes her a little to fully shed her Lady GaGa attitude but after 20 minutes or so she is 100% Ally. I liked her and her natural way to portray the character. Her voice is flawless indeed. Nuff said. She has the biggest voice of her generation. I hope she at least gets a nomination, but I don't think she will win. I think to many Academy members will still see her as "GaGa". That's why she lost a few years ago despite of having the best and meaningful song by far. It will be exciting to see which movie is #1 over the weekend.
  10. I saw it on Tuesday at the German premiere in attendance of lovely Jamie Lee Curtis. She was awesome. After "H20" made me a horror fan twenty years ago I met this incredible icon in person. Still can't believe it . Can't say much right now, too much is flooding my mind, but I liked the movie. I really liked it. Like a 7-8 out of 10 right now. Tendency is definitely 8. It's not flawless but no one will be able to deny how much of an effing effort they have put into that movie. It's filled with easter eggs and nods to the original and its sequels (without keeping them as canon). Laurie is exactly the way I wanted her to be and the new supporting cast is not as annoying as I thought. Besides that, while mainly just varying his own score from 1978 with some fresh notes and beats, John Carpenter also provides 3 or 4 totally new pieces of wonderful music - and one of them absolutely ROCKS. Damn that one is perfect. I had goosebumps. Can't wait for my copy to arrive. I will write a review in the next days.
  11. She was. She really was. Back in the 00s there was no entertainer that even came to close to her on stage. I saw her a few weeks ago in London at the O2 and it seemed like she was only there cause of her contract and the money. All passion is gone. A totally different person. Beyoncé will have her year in 2019 with "Lion King" and her Oscar for the best song at the Academy Awards 2020. But yeah, I think Madonna doesn't like GaGa. Never did. Even dissed her in one of her tracks (well, Nicki Minaj did it, but it was on Madonna's album). I don't understand how one could not like Lady GaGa. She may have had very "special" times, like the uber crazy "Artpop!" era but she is so incredibly talented. When she sang the national anthem at the NFL Super Bowl 2016 even I had goosebumps. And I am not even American. That was on point. Perfect. I can not imagine of doing it better. The new song "Shallow" is mature, an evolution for her and still catchy. I really hope the movie is a big success.
  12. The release date is BO friendly...but does Egerton still have Oscar chances for next year (if he is that good I expect him to be)? His "I'm Still Standing" cover in SING was awesome. Can't wait to hear "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me". I hope it's in the movie.
  13. I got my tickets for October 3rd yesterday right after they went on sale and the theatre was already around 60%. "Venom" plays at the same time in a bigger location but the interest does not seem so big. Some seats here and there were sold...but nothing to rave about. This is special for me as Germany is absolutely not into Lady GaGa and the kind of music that the movie delivers. I don't know why but people stopped caring for GaGa after her frist three albums. Even "Million Reasons", ab absolutely wonderful tune and worldwide smash, was no hit here. Besides that Germans don't seem to like musicals that much. Except for die "Mamma Mia" movies not many of them are blockbusters. Even "Greatest Showman" somehow flopped here. I am excited to see what this does WW.
  14. That trailer is...mediocre. I grinned a lot when some of you talked about a Netflix release but after the trailer I think it feels so uninspired, so dull, so unneccesary, I would not mind if that was the case. If it wasn't for some great actors in it (Michael Fassbender, Evan Peters, Nicholas Hoult) I would stop caring for this franchise (till the MCU reboot).
  15. Claire Foy might be an excellent actress - but there will never be anyone who can portray Lisbeth Salander better than Noomi Rapace. She owned that character so much I will never be able to see anyone else in the role. Same for Rooney Mara in the Fincher movie. She was decent but I couldn't take her seriously. Does someone know if Sony at least tried to get Noomi Rapace back? She seems very selective, so I could imagine they did but she declined. I can't see much success for this. 50 mil. domestic would be decent.

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