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  1. Chris Rock? Saw? Reboot? Again? WHAT THE F? While it's hilarious that they restart AGAIN two years after the last restart, I am curious to see how this will turn out. The comedy-background worked so-so for "Halloween"... It's just sad that they will not follow the "Jigsaw" story. I would have loved to see the return
  2. I can remember a time when saying your honest opinion was okay. Why is it hating to say that the movie disappointed me? How am I a troll when I have seen 19 out of 21 movies of the MCU in cinemas and had high expectations for "Endgame"? I am not a hater - I just think that "Endgame" is not the movie this franchise deserved as a conclusion. That's all. For me it was like having a light beer. It somehow is okay - but it's not the real deal.
  3. So this will seriously take down "Avatar"? I know this would happen some day but seeing such a mediocre movie doing it - that hurts. "Endgame" was a huge disappointment for me. So many great decisions and stories in the movie but many of them executed so poorly. This could have been an epic milestone but ended up being just another Marvel movie. Friends of mine asked me to see the movie with them but I could not bring myself to see this thing in theatres again. Once is enough. On the one hand people are constantly claiming about increasing ticket prices but on the other hand are flocking out to see something like this multiple times. So I guess the prices are still fine.
  4. Wouldn't that be difficult with Adam Lambert as their new singer? I can not imagine China having an openly gay man on stage, even if he sells out stadiums. That gross in Japan is unbelievable by the way...
  5. OUT I'm pretty sure that we will see a 300M OW someday but not for this movie. "Inifity War" seemed to be a new level of hype. "Endgame" is on top of that but I don't think it is possible to increase that much. We will see another OW record, but I feel more towards 275M that 300.
  6. Is it for sure that it is not losely connected to the other DCEU movies? Like "Shazam" for example? I don't get how they will handle a cameo by Joker in "Birds of Prey" and a whole "Joker" movie with different actors and no connections between them? When I shared the "Joker" poster with friends yesterday the first question was if Jared Leto was replaced with Joaquin Phoenix and when I responded that this will be a whole new incarnation of the character they were like I mean, they also say that the new "Suicide Squad" is a complete reboot but have four characters returning with three of them being portrayed by the same actors.
  7. I don't think we hear anything concrete about the sequel before the release of "Terminator: Dark Fate". If we're lucky. After all I think that ALITA 2 depends a lot on "Avatar 2". When that one smashes the BO I am confident that Disney would greenlight it - if it is still a heartfelt wish by Cameron. Other topic: Is there a blu ray announcement anywhere? In Germany we normally are able to pre-order steelbooks and collector's edition even before a movie is released into theatres. But with Alita...no date, no packaging details. Nothing.
  8. I would LOVE to see that happening. But unfortunately it won't happen. Everyone will rush out to see that "live action" remake and act like it's the best effing movie ever. Because Disney. Because nostalgia. Because Beyoncé (who will be more black than ever). So way OUT. I am also curious how much "Frozen 2" will gross. This could become a 500+ million crosser but in my opinion they need another "Let It Go" to support it.
  9. That would be 4 years between the movies. Quite a long time for such a franchise. I am just curious if they really stick with 5 movies for the FB series or if they wrap it up sooner to focus on a "Cursed Child" movie (that's split into two movies, of course). In my opinion, they should reduce the FB franchise to 4 movies. Wrapping up the story (Newt, Credence, Dumbledore, Grindelwald) in just one 3rd movie would feel to rushed. They should use the 3rd movie to end the Credence storyline and build up the great battle between Dunbledore and Grindelwald. As for their romance part - I don't care. While being gay myself, I absolutely do not feel any need to see that relationship explored. It just adds nothing for me. It does not feel natural at all. If Dumbledore would have been a gay character from the beginning, okay, but now it feels so forced without a clear narrative where it could go. A 5th movie should focus on the story of Voldemort and tie up to the beginning of the first Potter movie.
  10. In my own parallel universe this is still an all male reboot featuring the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Jason Momoa and Michael B. Jordan with Bosley being portrayed by Danai Gurira and Drew Barrymore cameoing as Charlie. Directed by Elizabeth Banks. That would have been so awesome. I'll go on acting like this reboot does not exist and my parallel universe is happening.
  11. This is the only Disney remake I am looking forward to. Burton (who seems to be in good shape again), the always wonderful Eva Green, Farrell, DeVito, dat visuals and some childhood memories. Take my money Disney, at least one time this year. I am just not sure if I can handle this movie. I can watch the the most severe, bloody, gory, spooky horror movies without batting an eye...but seeing little Dumbo screaming for his mama. Too much. I'll cry. I'm sure.
  12. They need fresh blood for the next movie. Yates did the last six of these. Enough is enough. Get a new director with a vision and support Rowling with a real screenplay writer by her side. Writing a good story is one thing. Turning it into a good screenplay something else.
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