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  1. Song is as mediocre as expected, but the video is great. I like when the music video clearly connects to the movie (characters/actors involved) instead of just adding movie scenes here and then. The song mirrors today's pop music landscape. Nothing special. I have to admit that the verses and the instrumental are somewhat catchy, but the refrain ruins it. Could have been great. Sadly it isn't.
  2. At first I was kinda meh when it comes to Dua Lipa doing the title track for ALITA. But after thinking about it again I do not care anymore. It is important for me that the song supports the movie and gets people interested in the movie who wouldn't have seen it without Dua Lipa's involvement. I mean, I will watch the movie multiple times anyway regardless who is resposible for the title track. I do not expect a "Greatest Showman" effect but I am confident that Dua Lipa will do her best to support her song as good as possible.
  3. I've never been so OUT in my life. I can understand that all that "billie" talk may not be everyone's cup of tea...but that low? Seriously? That won't happen.
  4. Just saw the Chinese release date Feb. 22. Is it good to be the first major blockbuster after Chinese New Year? Good date? Bad date?
  5. Does this really have a release in Japan left? Or is that a mistake on IMDB? I know that Japan is very often the last country for movies to open...but six months after the WW release? Anyway, even if they seriously have to release it there, slashers like this do not well in Japan. The last old school slasher that I can remember was "Scream 4" and that one didn't even get numbers reported.
  6. There is so much passion in this thread. So much passion for it to succeed. So much for it to fail (in an epic way). I will stay with my opinion that this will overperform in the long way. I do not expect a huge opening weekend but none of the Cameron movies had that. They all made their massive amount of money due to beautiful legs. ALITA will do the same. I still see 300 million and above for this domestic and like over 1 billion WW, simply because I expect it to fully breakout in China and Japan (Asia in general). Like 350 million combined.
  7. I am really looking forward to this but isn't Taron Edgerton simply to handsome to play Elton John? Elton is a living legend with a talent and a voice for eternity but he was never that good looking.
  8. I don't know why Britney Spears came up in this thread - she would never be a choice for a movie soundtrack like this - but for me it is very obvious that her mediocre chart success in the last couple of years is intended. She doesn't want the huge buzz. She's had enough. She earns like gazillions dollars every years just for her perfume line and is happy in Vegas. She clearly lost her mojo. She does not want the full attention anymore. I've seen her twice in her prime time many years ago and she was better than Dua Lipa will ever be. Britney had her time. Maybe she will come back one day. Maybe not. Regarding Leona Lewis - yeah, her team fuqued up her carreer. "I See You" could have been a huge hit. I mean like "Bleeding Love" huge plus an Oscar nomination. I can remember that in Germany the "Avatar" soundtrack was not very successful till "I See You" gained airplay on the radio and in music television. When the song became more and more popular the soundtrack went Top 10 in our country. So at least it helped the movie a little. But I am pretty sure as a single it would have went #1 in many countries. Back to ALITA: I hope "Swan Song" will be a success, simply because I want as many people in seats as possible. If Dua Lipa can convince her fans to go out and see the movie...well then she did everything she was supposed to. A song of hers isn't Oscar nomination material anyway.
  9. I was never a fan of Dua Lipa, I don't even like one single song of hers. But this is...God, please no. It's mediocre as fuque. The same shit she always does, only this time the melody seems to be more catchy. Well, oki doki then, no great song this time. Fine. I knew James Horner and his talent would be missed but if the musical work of Junkie XL mirrors in that Dua Lipa shit in any way, the score of the movie is doomed. And yes, this is the first time I am not on the bright side for this movie. At least Dua Lipa has like a gazillion followers out there. If she can spread the word and bring some of those lazy GenZ butts in seats, fine.
  10. I don't know what to think about this. On the one hand I am likebecause it was obvious from the start that a movie with Simon Kinberg at the helm would suck. But on the other hand it is sad for the wonderful cast. I really liked Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Evan Peters and Nicolas Hoult in their roles. I will see this on Netflix (not Disney+, I don't need another streaming service) but after all I think a MCU reboot would be the best.
  11. EliasChristensen

    Us over A Quiet Place OW ($50,203,562)

    IN. So much IN!
  12. The more I see of Mena Massoud the more perfect his casting is. Naomi Scott was always fine for me while the first picture confirms that Marwan Kenzari is too handsome to be Jafar. I just still can't handle Will Smith as the Genie. Still not feeling this and I think "Dumbo" will be the only Disney LA remake that I will pay for next year.
  13. And I thought “A New Dragon Tattoo Story” was stupid.
  14. The "Max" trailer is hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it for the first time. All of us did. Last weekend I showed it to some friends (two couples) and they were bursting in laughter. I can't even say what I like most. The "is nothing I do enough for you mother" cat, the "nowhere" hamster or the "we start fire" siblings. I still can't.
  15. I have only seen the dubbed version. We watch many movies in their original version but I have not thought about watching BP in English. I don't know why - there is no specific reasion. Is it woth a watch? As we are also doing our personal "road to the Oscars" from January on, we will watch all movies that get (multiple) nominations, so BP will be on our list as well for another watch. I will give the original version a try then.

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