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  1. Pretty much confirms the film follows this case, which was known as the "devil made me do it" case. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trial_of_Arne_Cheyenne_Johnson It's a pretty iconic case/quote, but I agree it would have worked much better as a tagline than subtitle.
  2. The TV spots are even more spoilery than the trailer? They explicitly say "it's ______!" killing their sisters, lol. Curious if there's another twist or if they're just positioning this as
  3. BOM is listing the budget as $90 million. https://www.boxofficemojo.com/title/tt5697572/
  4. The Variety article linked above says the cost was "more than $100 million," so it's probably around that ballpark.
  5. I mean, it doesn't seem to take itself as seriously as the last trailer, which helps a bit. Still looks ridiculous but almost in a campy, potentially fun way to me.
  6. She's the #1 album in terms of sales, but yes #4 for SPS (including streaming). Her last album was actually the best reviewed of her career, but I agree her single choices are... lacking. To be more on topic, the song is very much a Musical Song. I probably won't listen again, but it's... fine.
  7. 0 hits? Her singles peaked at #2, #2, and #10 so far. And the album is still top 10, hardly tumbling down the charts. Her last tour was the biggest US tour ever. But sure, she's over.
  8. I was supposed to see a screening of this on Sunday but was too hungover, lol. My friends who went seemed to like it, fwiw.
  9. I saw it last night and liked it well enough. Emilia is incredibly endearing, Emma is wonderful, Henry is charming. The first half was funnier than I was expecting, then it drags for a bit, and the ending feels rushed, so I can understand the mixed reviews... but as far as Christmas movies go, it does the trick.
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