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  1. I'm sure Katie is devastated some random on an internet forum doesn't want to date her.
  2. This is much more commercially appealing than The Goldfinch, imo. The book was huge, I see maybe slightly lower than GoTT numbers at worst.
  3. A recording of the teaser is on YouTube, btw. Dunno if I'm allowed to link to it, but it is indeed literally seconds long.
  4. Pretty much confirms the film follows this case, which was known as the "devil made me do it" case. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trial_of_Arne_Cheyenne_Johnson It's a pretty iconic case/quote, but I agree it would have worked much better as a tagline than subtitle.
  5. The TV spots are even more spoilery than the trailer? They explicitly say "it's ______!" killing their sisters, lol. Curious if there's another twist or if they're just positioning this as
  6. The Variety article linked above says the cost was "more than $100 million," so it's probably around that ballpark.
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