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  1. This version definitely felt like the 'original' version - everything just makes more sense? The theatrical version felt forced and like the result of studio interference by comparison. Very minor spoiler:
  2. Yeah, I watched the alternate version that's online out of curiosity but wasn't expecting it to be that different. I kind of preferred this version tbh.
  3. i read spoilers and good god i cannot wait to watch this now
  4. The red band trailer includes quotes from IndieWire, Collider, and Below the Line, so I would think so? But the late embargo doesn't instil confidence.
  5. Moved up to March 26, still theatrical + HBO Max. https://deadline.com/2021/01/godzilla-vs-kong-jumps-up-to-march-in-hbo-max-theatrical-debut-1234675129/
  6. Per Deadline, Epix paid in the eight figure range for the streaming rights.
  7. WW1984 will only play on HBO Max for the first 30 days before Warners pulls it off (and again it will be in play in whatever theaters). From day 31 to 60, the sequel will have an exclusive theatrical window before going on PVOD on day 61. That’s the only way Warners could get exhibitors to go along with this deal on WW1984. Sounds messy.
  8. 78% on RT with 9 reviews so far. This is 'out' this weekend, hope it hits VOD soon... https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/come_play
  9. August 27, 2021 https://deadline.com/2020/10/jordan-peeles-candyman-august-2021-1234601268/
  10. ‘Freaky’ - Rated R for strong bloody horror violence, sexual content, and language throughout.
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