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  1. No, I should not be ashamed of what I wrote. At least I did it so everybody here could understand me, without hiding behind a foreign (to the board) language. Are you afraid of being banned? Respect my opinion. Italy has WORSE taste in movies then other similar countries, for me this is a fact. Or if you prefer we could say that Italians' taste in movies hasn't evolved. We expect and can only process/understand the same old sh*t. We like cheap thrills.
  2. Italy has SUCH bad taste (in movies) I'm ashamed of it. This film was pretty much garbage. The audience laughed when I just wanted to tear my eyes apart. Yet another awful movie we Italians decide to spend money on only cause it looks cute and/or the story is childish and brings back memories. And then we complain about Avatar's derivativeness...
  3. This movie is screaming for a final updated $500m OS total. It won't happen, I know... but it would put into perspective all the "series in trouble" talk Domestic b.o. was disappointing to say the least, but look at that OS figure... even with the problematic world of mouth of the unsatisfied fanbase, it still managed to gross (almost) half a billion. COG's WW result underlines even more the unexpected success of FB's first installment.
  4. FB: COG officially passes the $650m mark. *sigh of relief* OS total stands at $491.7m. Almost 500m OS for a not-so-well-received second installment of a new series. This is the power of the Wizarding World.
  5. "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald generated an estimated $2.7m from 52 for $489.3m, and $647.5m global." Source
  6. My goodness, why do bad/populist movies have to earn so much every damn time? The more trivial and generic the movie, the higher the gross. Some few exceptions. Also, maybe Queens are just (still) too popular.
  7. I started this comparison chart when the movie came out (click on image to enlarge): For the US and OS columns you have the weekend gross (green and blue) and in the line below the total and the weekend drop. For the WW column I put the combined total (pink) and in the line below the weekly gross and the weekly drop. As you can see, for the past three weekends FB2 OS drops have been better than FB's, a good sign after the mediocre 2nd-3rd-4th weeks, when the WW gap went from +33,8m to -111,6m. In the following weeks (5th to 7th) it "only" lost an additional 35m for a global 146m difference. In the end, FB2 will have grossed at least 165m less than FB1.
  8. That's a 36% drop from the last OS weekend, the total now being $458.4m. Japan alone should add another 15-20m.
  9. So FB2 will not even reach €13m in the end, as I grimly predicted. It is in no way a bad result, overall it's still very good for the second chapter of a brand new series, but the potential is much higher.
  10. Comparison at Week 5 (4 for Japan*): FB2 vs FB1 (FB2 difference) China - $57.3M vs $84.5 (-27,2m) 5 weeks Japan - $40.6M vs $41.5 (-0.9m) 4 wks* U.K. - $38.9M vs $56.1 (-17.2m) 5 wks Germany - $35.9M vs $29.1 (+6.8m) 5 wks France - $30.2M vs $23.5 (+6.7m) 5 wks Russia - $23.3M vs $22.8 (+0.5m) 5 wks S. Korea - $18.4M vs $32.7 (-14.3m) 5 wks Australia - $16.0M vs $21.0 (-5.0m) 5 wks Brazil - $15.4M vs $18.3 (-2.9m) 5 wks Italy - $14.5M vs $15.3 (-0.8m) 5 wks Mexico - $13.4M vs $14.0 (-0.6m) 5 wks Spain - $11.6M vs $12.7 (-1.1m) 5 wks Internationally, after FIVE weeks of release FB2 is behind by 66m (444 OS for FB2 vs 510 for FB1). This past week the gap grew by a further 8m. Analysis: only two markets - China and the UK - count for the 67% ($44,4m) of that loss, a very significant percentage. If we count South Korea too, the loss share grows up to 89% (58,7m). Looking at how international numbers are settling (maybe with the help of a better exchange rate, especially in Europe), and not counting China and SK's unexpectedly low figures, the overall drops aren't too worrying. Germany and France softened UK's harsh - but expected? - drop, since the first one was an unexpected breakout over there (25th all-time in £ revenue, a staggering result). Will the next one suffer because of the non-European setting? Could be. Globally, FB2 is now 122m behind the first installment (596 WW for FB2 vs 718 WW for FB1). This past week the gap grew by a further 10m. Analysis: here, the undoubted black sheep is the US. A 27% drop (-56m) - a drop that will probably get worse at the end of the run - wasn't considered a possibility. Most people thought the film would gross between 190 and 250m. It looks like the film could even fail to reach $170m. What will WB do? Was Johnny Depp responsible for part of this disappointment? Was is that the fans were expecting something different, less grim and more Harry Potter-style? I think the main reason behind the overall decrease is the overdone intricacy of the plot and the left-aside humanity of the characters and their relation(ship)s. What are your thoughts? I trust JK and WB but I don't was this saga to keep falling until what could become a real box office flop (the fifth or even the fourth installment). The warnings are here. Drop David effing' Yates as a start and hire a real popular director. The man has directed 7 mega-blockbusters (8 with the next one, 9 if we count Tarzan). Give him a break. He needs to rest.
  11. First of all, international and global totals went up from $423.3M and $568.5M to $425.1M and $570.5M, respectively. After 4 weeks: FB2 vs FB1 (FB2 difference) China - $57.1M vs $83.8 (-26,7m) 4 weeks U.K. - $37.5M vs $53.3 (-15.8m) 4 wks Japan - $34.6M vs $36.3 (-1.7m) 3 wks Germany - $33.3M vs $27.2 (+6.1m) 4 wks France - $27.0M vs $22.0 (+5m) 4 wks Russia - $23.1M vs $22.2 (+0.9m) 4 wks S. Korea - $18.3M vs $32.4 (-14.1m) 4 wks Australia - $15.2M vs $19.9 (-4.7m) 4 wks Brazil - $15.0M vs $17.1 (-2.1m) 4 wks Italy - $14.3M vs $15.1 (-0,8m) 4 wks Mexico - $13.3M vs $14.0 (-0.7m) 4 wks Spain - $10.8M vs $12.3 (-1.5m) 4 wks Internationally, after four weeks of release FB2 is behind by 58m (425 OS for FB2 vs 483 for FB1). Globally, FB2 is now 112m behind the first installment (570 WW for FB2 vs 682 WW for FB1). Germany and France, two happy islands playing their own sports. For the next one they need to cast a Chinese superstar ASAP 😆
  12. FB2 reached €12m (€12.008.242). A €13m finish would be ok, a not so bad drop from the first one (€14,9m). In its last seven days it grossed €1.123.854, with the holidays it should barely make it. BR is a beast.
  13. ----- FB2 vs FB1 (FB2 difference) China - $56.2M vs $82,4 (-26,2m) 3 weeks U.K. - $33.8M vs $48,2 (-14.4m) 3 wks Germany - $29.2M vs $23,6 (+5.6m) 3wks Japan - $25.4M vs $27,6 (-2.2m) 2 wks France - $24.4M vs $19,9 (+4.5m) 3 wks Russia - $22.0M vs $20,3 (+1.7m) 3 wks S. Korea - $18.0M vs $30,4 (-12.4m) 3 wks Australia - $13.9M vs $17,3 (-3.4m) 3 wks Italy - $13.5M vs $13,8 (-0,3m) 3 wks Brazil - $13.4M vs $14,5 (-1.1m) 3 wks Mexico - $12.5M vs $13 (-0.5m) 3 wks Spain - $9.4M vs $10,2 (-0.8m) 3 wks From these 12 markets alone FB2 is behind FB1 by $49,5m. Dammit China and South Korea! Internationally, after three weeks of release FB2 is behind by 37m (387 OS for FB2 vs 424 for FB1). Globally, FB2 is now 86m behind the first installment (521 WW for FB2 vs 607 WW for FB1). At this point FB2 won't even reach $650m WW. Honestly, very bad considering what the first one was able to do.
  14. The OS total has been updated to: $343,800,000 What happened? Maybe Japan's long weekend numbers were added? With the weekend's actuals it was at 322,2 so that's a 20+m jump.
  15. FB1 vs FB2 Thu > 772K vs 752K Friday > 934K vs 996K Saturday > 2.09M vs 2.05M Sunday > 1.98M vs 1.95M Monday > 450K vs 410K Tuesday > 446K vs 416K Wednesday > 600K vs 453K Thursday > 315K vs 255K Friday > 495K vs 410K Saturday > 1.214M vs 994K Sunday > 1.131M vs 915K Total after 11 days > 10.815M vs 10.292M -> really not that bad at all, considering I was expecting it to drop harder. That's only a 4,83% overall drop (in €).
  16. I added the difference with the first film for every listed Country in the same period of time. East Asia countries aren't helping. Steep declines both in China and in SK, two key markets. --------- FB2 vs FB1 (FB2 difference) China - $51.9M vs $72,5 (-20,6m) 2 weeks U.K. - $28.3M vs $37,6 (-9,3m) 2 wk Germany - $23.2M vs $17,9 (+5,3m) 2 wk France - $19.8M vs $15,7 (+4,1m) 2 wk Russia - $19.4M vs $17,2 (+2,2m) 2 wk South Korea - $16.6M vs $24,5 (-7,9m) 2 wk Japan - $13.0M vs $15,2 (-2,2m) 1 wk Italy - $11.9M vs $11,4 (+0,5m) 2 wk Australia - $11.5M vs $13,5 (-2m) 2 wk Brazil - $11.3M vs $11,2 (+0,1m) 2 wk Mexico - $11.2M vs $11,3 (-0,1m) 2 wk From these 11 markets alone FB2 is behind FB1 by $29,9m. According to the cumulative international total, however, after two weeks of release FB2 is leading by 5m (323 OS for FB2 vs 318 for FB1). Globally, though, after the second weekend FB2 lost its 34m advantage and is now 35m behind the first installment (439 WW for FB2 vs 474 WW for FB1).
  17. It's doing worse numbers than the first one but an overall 20% drop would be acceptable. The Friday-to-Saturday jump was +145% for FB1 and +142 for FB2, a very similar path following the steady decrease during weekdays. €13m are still in play but not a sure thing. AF1 finished with €14.9m
  18. Hi everyone. New(t) here, from Italy. My first message couldn't have been in a different thread, I guess. I'm very happy about AF2's OW but I'm a bit worried about its legs. Being Italian and having seen the audience's reaction on social networks (not exactly positive with really angry/negative - for the wrong reasons - opinions) I'm afraid it will struggle to reach €13m.
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