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  1. I really wanted to like this movie, but some story decisions and some major execution issues brought it down for me. Easily one of the worst star wars movie. P.S. Is it too early to ask for the Treverrow Cut ?
  2. Liked it better than the first one, but I wasn't much of a fan of the first one, people seemed to enjoy it in my screening.
  3. All shows after 5.30 pm are sold out for tonight at my local cinema, from what I could tell people seem to like the movie as well
  4. Just saw it, it was dumb and ridiculous but more importantly so fun (and funny as well at times), it might be my favourite one after Fast Five.
  5. Avengers: Infinity War Avengers: Endgame The Dark Knight The Avengers Logan Captain America: Civil War Captain America: The Winter Soldier X-Men: Days of Future Past Iron Man Thor Ragnarok Man of Steel Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Spider-Man 2 Guardians of the Galaxy Batman Begins Edge of Tomorrow Wonder Woman Spider-Man Homecoming Snowpiercer The Dark Knight Rises Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Captain America: The First Avenger Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Kingsman: The Secret Service Deadpool X-Men: First Class V for Vendetta Black Panther Thor Kick-Ass
  6. Box office Mojo shows OS as $1,774,700,000. So, it made around 9 mil OS Monday
  7. The rains are here, to the cinemas we go
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