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  1. This is false, both 50 Shades of Grey and X-Men Origins Wolverine opened to $85m and failed to cross $200m. If Venom passes $190m then they'll probably fudge it to 200, but it could still make less than that.
  2. Is it bad that I recognise less than half of these people? Evans, Cheadle, Johansson, Waititi, Feige, Gillan... Edit: So the one on the right is Joe Russo, I'll try and find out who the rest of them are.
  3. Four of these films could do it, never underestimate Disney. Not to mention Captain Marvel in March as well. Untitled Avengers 5/3/19 Aladdin (2019) 5/24/19 Toy Story 4 6/21/19 The Lion King (2019) 7/19/19 Artemis Fowl 8/9/19 Jungle Cruise 10/11/19 Frozen 2 11/27/19 Star Wars: Episode IX 12/20/19
  4. I think it generally tends to be smaller theaters that get dropped, so a 31% TC drop should lead to a lower than 31% box office drop.
  5. While that's true, I actually agree with him on this! You can't go back in time and change the probability to suit the outcome. Nothing is ever completely locked when it comes to box office, there's always a small chance of something going horribly wrong.
  6. The Lion King won't go that low even if it ends up being completely trashed by critics and audiences. If it's very bad, it will be doing BvS numbers at the very least, just because of the love for the original. I think $250m is actually more likely for the OW than the total (with both scenarios almost guaranteed not to happen, like 0.001% chance).
  7. Remind me how many James Cameron films have held the opening weekend record?
  8. You're making me want to re-watch True Detective!
  9. I'll take these two, I'm almost at the bottom of the rankings now!

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