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  1. Didn't realize there is an early access screening for NTTD. Anyway, it has sold 32 out of 338 seats.
  2. NTTD starting with 6 shows at my local AMC, same as V2, 3 PLF 3 regular, but alot fewer seats. It has one less IMAX and instead has a much smaller auditorium for one 3D show 🤣 It's doing much better than V2 though despite having 400+ less seats. NTTD has sold 127 out of 1118 seats: 5 3D, 95 IMAX, 27 2D. Comp: 2.49x Venom 2 after first day of presales 1.33x Venom 2 total sales T-13 I have no idea why NTTD is doing so much better than V2 at my theater, but it has quite a few large groups, while V2 is mostly singletons and duos. V2 is still mov
  3. At my theater Bond surpassed Venom 2's first day of presales in less than an hour.
  4. 8 days later, Venom has now sold 91 tickets total out of 1536 seats: 47 out of 1044 IMAX seats 44 out of 522 Regular Haven't started picking up yet at my theater, let's see how the next two weeks go.
  5. I was going to skip this because I can't stand Chalamet, but these reactions are making me reconsider. Maybe I'll give it a shot.
  6. It's too bad that he felt this was a racist fantasy because it certainly didn't feel that way to me or any of my Asian friends and family. Not sure how it's a Orientalist fantasy when Wuxia is literally one of the most popular genres in Chinese culture and has been for over half a century. Obviously Shangchi has a seat at the table, they already said as much in the mid credit scene. I guess some people want to take the most cynical view on everything and get angry about every step towards progress that's made because Shangchi somehow wasn't magically made the leader of the Avengers at his firs
  7. Because The Batman is releasing on March 5 need at least three weeks in between. Good Friday next year is Apr 15.
  8. This is limited by wuxia genre and other factors and I personally never thought it would break out in flyover country. I'd be very happy with AMatW numbers.
  9. My local AMC is starting off with 6 show: 3 regular and 3 IMAX. This is actually more than they had for SC because for some reason they had no preview showings listed for SC in the first couple of days of presales. So far total 51 tickets sold, 28 regular and 23 IMAX.
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