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  1. Getting OT guys. Let's get back on track. Reactions are in line with what I expect from the trailers: - Great action - Great Yelena - Good send-off for Nat - Crap villain
  2. It's basically Outer Queens vs Midtown Manhattan. There's some difference in demographics.
  3. There are some IMAX here but a lot less showtimes than previous MCU movies. There are only 8 shows listed for Sat, 4 for IMAX and 4 for 2D. Even AMatW had over 20 shows. Looks like AMC is waiting for closer to release time to add more shows.
  4. There are only 8 shows listed right now at my local AMC for Saturday for Black Widow. I'm not sure why there are so few shows right now since even ATatW got over 20 shows for release Saturday as soon as tickets went on sale. Although this same theater didn't add additional ITH showtimes until Tuesday night before release, so maybe they're just waiting until we get closer to release? Anyway I don't expect huge presale numbers until they add more showtimes.
  5. Honestly I'm more worried about I don't think that will go over well in China.
  6. Tony Leung (like most HK actors) has been dubbed for decades into Mandarin for China/TW so I don't really have a problem with him being dubbed into English.
  7. No, Thor 4 is opening May 6, this is 3 weeks later on Memorial Day weekend
  8. I find her Jersey accent especially grating. Couldn't get through BoP because of her narration. Trailer was really meh, not digging the style at all (it just looks really ugly?) and the humor fell flat for me. Hopefully the next trailer is better.
  9. The only good thing about this news is that by July my friends would all be fully vaccinated so we can watch this in theaters as usual. Otherwise with the old date I would have been the only one vaccinated. Hopefully by then theaters will be back to full capacity.
  10. I actually think PR2 will move back up to May 14 now that BW has vacated.
  11. Honest the Luca move pisses me off even more than the BW simultaneous release. Poor Pixar getting screwed 3 movies in a row. Are their movies just going to be all D+ releases now? Terrible shame as I was really looking forward to watching this in theaters.
  12. Finally managed to snag a first dose vaccine appt today for tomorrow. My brother and my mother have both received their first dose this month, so we'll all be fully vaccinated by mid April. I've already booked a mini vacation in June and can't wait to go back to theaters soon!
  13. Deadline mixed up currency, the numbers are in RMB, not USD. Right now total presales at 5.8m RMB, so about $900k. Almost half of the presales are for Friday.
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