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  1. RDJ I fully expect to appear in some capacity in either Armor Wars or Iron Heart, or both, since those two shows are explicitly about Stark's legacy. Probably as a flashback in Armor Wars and a recording in Iron Heart.
  2. Thor4 and DS2 are no longer that close, and CM leads directly into Endgame so it's a different case. Spidey leads directly into DS2, and Thor 4 features the GotG. Shangchi has nothing to do with either Spidey 3 or DS2. With the non-stop marketing, it will be the one lost in the shuffle and overshadowed by the big cross-over events. I want it to succeed out of the gate and lead to sequels and more Asian led blockbusters, not barely break even and lead to less confidence in Asian leads in the future. It needs room to breathe.
  3. Chinese New Year 2022 is Feb 1, which is a Tuesday, so it would probably be released on Jan 28. Way too close to Spidey 3, I don't see this happening.
  4. Steve being her moral compass is my biggest issue with this whole franchise. She's the superhero but for some reason in both movies it's Steve who does the heroic thing and she only chooses to do the right thing after remembering that she loves him. It makes Steve the hero of Diana's story/journey and the entire reason for her heroism. Diana knew Steve for a few weeks almost 70 years ago, and she spent all that time after he died living amongst humans, but somehow he's still her anchor to humanity? She has had decades with her human friends but I guess they don't matter to her at all since she was never in love with them. Once they figure out the truth about the stone, Steve immediately realizes what they need to do, but she keeps refusing to do so. In the end after almost dying she still refused to renounced the wish until Steve pushed her again, and she finally passively agrees to do so after crying and saying that she'll never love again. Instead of Diana being a hero and realizing that the world and billions of people far outweigh her own selfish childish wish, it's Steve once again making the hard call and being the hero and her being forced to go along with it. In a nutshell, Diana is just a passive reluctant actor in her own heroic journey and Steve is the driving force and the real hero both times and that doesn't work for me.
  5. In both movies, Diana ultimately rejects the villain’s ideology because of Steve’s final words to her. She listened to him because she loves him. So basically for both movies the only reason she didn’t join with the villains is because of her romantic love for one man. Steve drives the plot in both movies and is the focus of her entire character arc. Am I the only one extremely bothered by this? Is this not extremely backwards and the opposite of empowering for women? Honestly when I watched Wonder Woman the first time the ending was so bad it ruined the movie for me completely. And it happened again here. I’ve come to accept that DC/Patty’s vision for Wonder Woman and an empowering female superhero just doesn’t agree with me. If they bring back Steve again in the future it will be a hard pass for me. Also the number of gratuitous upskirt shots are effing ridiculous. Is this Transformers or Wonder Woman?
  6. This movie feels to me a lot like Order of the Phoenix the book in that it is way too long and could have used a good editor. CGI and action especially in the end between Diana and Cheetah are pretty laughably bad. It's very ham-fisted and hits you over the head multiple times with the message and that get quite annoying at the end. I think if I had watched this in theaters on the big screen I would have been very bored and slightly disappointed, but watching at home it was pretty entertaining. Pedro Pascal looks like he's having a great time and he's definitely the highlight for me. Third act was a bit underwhelming, but it didn't ruin the movie for me like it did for the first movie.
  7. It was 8.6m at the end of the 3rd quarter. 12.6m is by the start of December. A lot of the increase is probably due to the Fresh Prince reunion and The Flight Attendant. We don't know yet how many subs WW1984 has added.
  8. Didn't really like Bao, hope this one is better. Premise doesn't sound that good though.
  9. This better be a brand new take on the character. I really really really don't want a live-action Spiderverse movie.
  10. Disney+ has some really great NatGeo stuff. Just started watching the Europe from Above series. It's awesome.
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