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  1. I guess that's Galadriel's voice? Sounds too young but then again no one can compare with Cate's powerful voice. I have low expectations after WoT but I really hope this is at least decent.
  2. They're gonna try to get Andrew Garfield to shoot a post credit scene.
  3. Well firstly the severe lack of Nirvana. But actually the action doesn't look good(especially the hand-to-hand), and I'm not a huge fan of the Court of Owls storyline which this seems to be leading to.
  4. The more trailers they release the less interested I am in this movie. I'll still watch it in theaters, but I'm not nearly as hyped as I was when the first trailer came out.
  5. Nope, not the only one. Him and MJ gave me 90210 vibes every time they were in a scene together. Unbearable.
  6. Movie was good, not great. Plot mechanics were way too stupid, but emotional beats worked so well that I'm almost able to over look it. My main takeaway from this movie is what a huge wasted opportunity the ASM series was. Never cared about his movies before, but this time it really highlights how great Andrew Garfield could have been. Honestly just make him the Spider-man of the Venomverse and give the man another shot. He deserves it. Upper mid-tier MCU. Not my favorite outing of the year, but I will watch again on Sunday before I decide my final ranking.
  7. I would switch HC and FFH but this is pretty much my ranking as well. ITSV remains the best, curious to see where NWH lands on my list since I really can't stand Tobey.
  8. Andrew's version just comes off as an entitled jackass. He lets the bodega owner get robbed, immediately goes back on his promise to Captain Stacy, basically stalks Gwen in part 2, is mean to Aunt May, etc etc.
  9. That reminds me, Cap are you still working on your Steve/Sersi fic? I'm really curious to read it.
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