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  1. Long Island is beginning Phase 1 reopening today, with NYC probably starting in mid-June. Hopefully it goes well. Personally I'm eager to go out again but I'm also not going anywhere without a mask until a vaccine is available.
  2. 4 Avengers movies have been released since this thread was created So many youngster on this board. When this thread was created I was over 30 already and now I'm turning 40 in a few months. Meanwhile many of you are barely half my age. Man I feel old.
  3. Apparently Katzenberg hasn't been on the subway for years there's been wifi since 2017
  4. This was originally set to come out before the FFH sequel, now it's after. March 25 is WAY too close to the Thor4 and BP2. Although these are probably not going to be the final dates anyway, so we'll see where everything ends up in the end.
  5. Those 2 movies made hundreds of millions more at the box office and has much lower participation. Just because you want it to be higher doesn't make it rigged
  6. $105m participation and much lower home video than both. Breakdown is pretty clear
  7. Red Cliff: The Last Emperor The Admiral: Roaring Currents Taegukgi (Brotherhood of War):
  8. NYS numbers continues to improve. Hopefully the worst is truly behind us. Anecdotally I am definitely hearing a lot less sirens than I did a couple of weeks ago. Also, apparently rats are now resorting to cannibalism to survive? Which, definitely a plus
  9. OMG I somehow missed that the countdown has already started?! Now have dozens of pages to catch up on
  10. I personally prefer IW to Endgame, but that's like rating one 10/10 and one 9.5/10, not a huge difference. Just think the flow of IW is smoother and more tonally consistent, and the final battle in Endgame went a bit OTP for my taste in a few shots.
  11. It's not up to him. It's up to the different states alliances that have already formed. NY is not reopening on May 1 for sure. Cuomo already extended shutdown until May 15.
  12. Honestly shocked at that number. I thought people hated Spectre? Guess people really are showing up for Daniel Craig's final outing
  13. I can't bear to look at the numbers anymore. Just hearing the increased frequency of sirens is bad enough. Actually seeing the numbers just makes me more depressed and angry.
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