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  1. This better be a brand new take on the character. I really really really don't want a live-action Spiderverse movie.
  2. Disney+ has some really great NatGeo stuff. Just started watching the Europe from Above series. It's awesome.
  3. I literally just realized the Nezha sequel is Jiang Ziya 😂 translation threw me off
  4. Because putting them out on different weekends/months is the best way they can maximize new signups. They'll delay it however many times they need if they believe that's the best way to go to make the most profit. Just because Premier Access exists doesn't mean they have to use it for all their tentpoles.
  5. 2 is unlikely to happen since The Mandolorian season 2 starts on Oct 30 and will run until mid December based on the season 1 schedule. Most likely it will be delayed until Feb. They only have 3 movies on schedule right now for 2021 and can easily push Eternals to May and Shangchi to July. With Spidey 3 possibly delayed and BP2 almost certainly delayed they have a bit of room to work with.
  6. Yes I know but this being the Korea thread that just suddenly popped back into my head for some reason.
  7. That CGV rating This suddenly reminded me of the fact that Liu Yifei dated Korean actor Song Seung-Heon for a few years 😂
  8. I'm hoping De Blasio rethink his stance on indoor dining and cinemas. If theaters aren't open in the city this year then I guess I'm not watching Tenet until it hits streaming.
  9. Still waiting for theaters to open in the NYC area(no, I'm not going to Jersey for a movie, any movie). Hopefully I get to see this on the big screen before the end of the month 🤞
  10. Why would you expect him to comment on that? I doubt he even knows who Chadwick is.
  11. Jesus Christ he looked really thin recently on IG and I was wondering if he was ok. This is just truly terrible news. Fuck 2020 man. Heartbreaking
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