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  1. No reviews yet and it comes out tonight. Not looking good. Sad because I was really looking forward to this
  2. Hi guys, Sorry I haven't posted and haven't been participating in the summer games. I'm still dealing with the death of a very close loved one and am dealing with other personal things right now. Following this forum and r/boxoffice keep me going and exciting! Thank you to the mods for such a vibrant and beautiful community. We fight, we argue and some of us troll, but we are all well-intentioned and only want to discuss our passions. I will get back to posting once I feel better. Keep being great guys Love, raegr ❤️
  3. Uh...guys... The showtimes for my theater next weekend are nearly sold out...
  4. Seeing this again today at 3. Cannot wait to experience this with a huge audience again! By the time it's done half of humanity will be left, RTH would have given us a Saturday projection.
  5. This weekend I'll be starting from behind, but I'll sure I'll be right on the money with my other predictions. My first summer league so I'm pretty excited!
  6. I was able to get my tickets again for tomorrow, but it took 20 minutes of loading and waiting and that was on the mobile app, so I imagine it being worse online
  7. Man, I'm glad it happened early in the film... Did he pay for a child ticket? Why did he bring the baby? How did he leave? Was he kicked out because he and a few guys were standing up... So many questions...
  8. A guy in my theater brought his crying baby and someone in the audience screamed: "GET OUT!" I also heard "Get off your phone!" Luckily this happened within the first 10 minutes and I never heard from the baby again...
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