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  1. No idea yet, he only applied for it during the week when the production company sent out the adverts and got in contact with casting agencies. Officially speaking he hasn't been approved yet but most extras are thrown in so I wouldn't expect anything different. If I find out more later I'll shoot a post though.
  2. I mean, it definitely has the chance to creep up on Warcraft, but I don't think it can get there. It would need incredible weekend holds internationally and I don't see that happening. I could be wrong, but we'll have a better idea though after this weekend
  3. This film is being shot in my city. Local news and reporters have been talking about it constantly and that it'll inject $70m into our economy. I know nothing about the film although my dad has signed up to be an extra in it when they go to shoot EDIT: I also know some people who will be working on it so I might be able to get insider info.
  4. The John Wick franchise is very impressive. You don't often see each consecutive film double the last - which I think we could just about happen with 3.
  5. I'll pretty much watch anything with Dennis Quaid in it; I'm not sure why but I really like him as an actor. I saw the first movie of this predominantly because he starred in it, but honestly the film wasn't so bad and found myself enjoying it. I hope this one can hit similar beats! Although, I have to wait until mid-August to see the film as that's when it comes out here 😢
  6. Just found out about a scene that was partially deleted from the final edit. I guess they went for the more subtle approach..
  7. Although the drop for Endgame is larger than expected, it already has so much on its run that it will be a good result regardless. I think after this weekend it's chances to surpass The Force Awakens will have expired, but the second spot at a high margin is still great! Honestly, Detective Pikachu's opening is fine. I suspect many were hoping it'd go higher but $55~m is nothing to be disappointed over. It should have alright legs and it will be profitable in the long run.
  8. Just came out of my screening, I won’t say too much here about the film as I’ll leave that for the review sub-forum. But some things of interest, for an Opening Thursday the turnout was decent, not impressive numbers but a number to be happy with - maybe a third of capacity. The weekend looks okay with sales so far but the walk ups for this film should be good. One thing I will say about the film here is that it is visually stunning. Some really nice shots and effects make some moments stand-out.
  9. After a second viewing I think I actually prefer the first two hours over the last one. Now I'm not saying I dislike the last hour, it is great, a lot of fun and some really good action. But I like the closing of the character arcs and character development we get to see and follow through for the majority of the film. It really wraps it up quite neatly and the time travelling element plays well in achieving that.
  10. The numbers now indicate Endgame has joined the 2 billion club! It's actually going to be a tight finish to get to Titanic this weekend. It may happen, but it may also come in just shy.
  11. I'll be off soon but I did want to get back quickly as I misjudged one of the OS market's numbers, it's definitely a possibility to hit 1.8 by end of Thursday but it's not certain. If not though it should be relatively close. $2.2-2.3bn WW by Sunday looks likely!
  12. Absolutely, honestly it's fairly close but definitely possible.
  13. Hey john2000, I'm sorry as I'm not entirely sure what you're asking here. If you're referring to the worldwide total then it will actually be close. I think it will come a little under that with just Wednesday's numbers, however if we include the numbers we currently have for Thursday it should be hitting that mark now. The OS should be around the $1.25bn mark as of now.
  14. Endgame should beat Infinity War's final OS total by Friday, at the latest Saturday morning. $2 billion OS looks almost a certainty at this point.
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