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  1. I don't understand why Katherine Langford thing was reported. I have a feeling that during Reshoots Natalie Portman came back for the cameo and that's why they didn't use Katherine. Either, they cut her scene. Feel bad for her.
  2. This movie will create history. Marvel fans are going to cry everytime they watch this movie. This movie is just phenomenal.
  3. It will not fall till Pikachu comes out. I am 100% sure of that. I think it will have very low drops going forward. If you have watched Endgame you will be surprised CM got lots of cheers.
  4. Thor is not as powerful as he used to be. If you have watched the movie carefully, Thanos himself mentions he never wanted to kill Avengers but now he is pissed and arrogant. 2018 Thanos : mature and only moving forward towards his destiny 2014 Thanos : Arrogant, pissed at Avengers and fierce. Doesn't care about anyone. He was clearly manipulating Nebula also.
  5. What is happening to me? Is there someone else out here who can't stop thinking about this movie. It's making me cry a lot. I am going to be 19 soon and I can't control the emotions. This is the best and most emotional experience I have ever had in a theatre.
  6. I will be honest, I watched Endgame 3rd times. I am literally crying the more you watch this movie, the more emotional you got. I have never seen a movie like this. I am not a big nerdy fan and have never read comics but tears can't stop flowing. I cried literally many times in the movie. I don't knew what I can say about this movie.
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