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  1. https://deadline.com/2020/01/bad-boys-for-life-dolittle-1917-weekend-box-office-1202833726/ UPDATED, 12:09 PM: Sony’s Bad Boys for Life is headed for the second-best MLK weekend opening of all time at the domestic box office, with a projected four-day gross of $63 million-$67 million. Today looks to be around $21M-$23M. The other new MLK opener, Universal’s Dolittle, is looking at a four-day total of $28M-$30M. That’s not bad for a family film, but will not be enough to consider this film a success based on its lofty $175M production cost. Best Picture Oscar nominee 1917 looks to take third place with a four-day of $26M, and a Friday gross of $5M-$6M.
  2. It has more views than the last Birds of Prey trailer, so according to that theory, birds of prey is doing sub $100M worldwide
  3. Look at the number of likes, it’s low compared to the number of views, like the Wonder Woman trailer from the Latin America Channel, the trailer plays like an ad every time I want to see any other video.
  4. People keep hating Sony lol, keep the low Budget, with Asian money coming and with decent money from the rest of the world all the SUMC films will succeed No one has seen the movie yet, but the hate is strong
  5. JK Simmons is pretty much confirmed to reprise his role as JJ Jameson in the movie so there is definitely some kind of connection
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