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  1. I had completely missed that trailer up until now. I think Book 2 looks great. The trailer itself was beautiful. All instrumental and showing off gorgeous animation. And I think the spirits look pretty cool too. I definitely can't wait for the new season.
  2. Bridgertons is a very cool tv series. The love line is just incredible. "Pride and prejudice" reminded me a lot. Also, the series is quite funny, it's interesting to watch.
  3. I am a fan of the Walking Dead and I already knew that I would watch Walking Dead: World Beyond. And in short, I didn't like it. I do not know what audience the series "The Walking Dead: The World Beyond" is intended for, but it is clear that fans of the franchise will rush to watch this suffering teenage drama. I'll watch the sequel, because there were rumors about the appearance of Rick, but I don't really believe in this either.
  4. I’m listening to my favorite song In the air tonight – Judith Hill. It’s the soundtrack from the series "Little fires everywhere". I just love this song. When I hear it, I immediately relax, disconnect from the outside world. I don't know how it works, before that no soundtrack from the movie or series affected me like that. Sometimes I want to watch this series again just because there is this song.
  5. The series is very beautiful and well-shot. When you look, you get colossal aesthetic pleasure. But the feeling of chewing gum does not leave, as if the director is afraid to overload the viewer's brain. Instead of showing historical action (what is happening in the world, behind-the-scenes wars, etc.) - one clear chewed line. Long scenes with kisses, silence of the main characters, etc. Therefore, the impression is very ambiguous. It would be cool if the entire series showed world history through the prism of the life of Elizabeth Il. But alas, no. Everything is provided for this story to las
  6. I watched the Mandalorian last week. This series was filmed incredibly beautifully. All combat scenes are well-designed. The nature and sunsets are simply stunning. You can admire the nature of the entire series, all the frames are simply gorgeous, and very realistic. The series has a very cool plot, it is interesting and exciting to watch. You can never predict the next moment. There are so many elements of surprise.
  7. I watch Christopher Nolan's spectacular films more often without any pleasure. Rather, before, I always started with enthusiasm, which was quickly blown away. It's hard to say what I miss in his films, they are very modern, or rather, millions are felt in them, but most of the time I sleep. Once I went to the cinema to see Interstellar and I remember nothing but the inconvenience of a man who had been immobile for almost three hours. Tenet is quite watchable, especially for those, who is in free search. You can think up a lot and attribute a lot to your own achievements of the mind. Or the dir
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