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  1. It actually looks fine. RDJ seems very likeable in the role.
  2. After the huge success of Joker (following the huge success of The Dark Knight trilogy, Man Of Steel, Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, Aquaman; and the massive failure of Green Lantern, Josstice League and Shazam) it's not possible that WB haven't figured out what audiences expect from DC movies. It's too late now to cancel the Suicide Squad sequel, just let James Gunn do his thing, dump it in theaters, take the loss and move on.
  3. Don't know why people are surprised by Joker's performance. Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and Aquaman were all big commercial hits. DC characters are way more popular with audiences than people here admit. If WB continues to hire the right filmmakers who understand what connects with the DC audience they'll make money. Trying to have a MCU movie with Justice League and Shazam was a big mistake, and they're repeating it with the Suicide Squad sequel, but at least they continue to be diverse and Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman 1984 seem to be faithful to the DC spirit.
  4. I thought Aquaman was terrible, but seeing Amber Heard humiliate Johnny Depp's Crimes Of Grindelwald at the box office, and outgross his entire career worldwide, was one of the most satisfying experiences of my life.
  5. I was not following the discussion, just arrived at the last page of the thread, not sure if your post is meant to be serious, but for me personally that would be an awesome movie. Lois Lane was turned into a great character by Zack Snyder, as he always does with female characters. She could totally carry her own solo movie, especially with the wonderful Amy Adams back in the role. It probably doesn't make sense financially, or for the comic book movie subgenre, but I would totally love the idea of a Lois Lane movie.
  6. This has the potential to open even over $200 million if everything works out like the first one, with great trailers, and of course if the movie is as good as the first, and presents something new and exciting. Not saying that's my prediction, we have to see the trailer and have a sense of how the movie looks. But the potential is there. Of course we also have to hope for Fast & Furious and Black Widow the month before to not be too big events.
  7. It's a good thing they're reminding me Elizabeth Banks wrote and directed it, cause I don't believe she would do the bland and boring cash grab remake that this seems to be. Sony is usually terrible at marketing.
  8. Marvel didn't allow Shane Black to have a female villain in Iron Man 3 because it wouldn't sell toys. That's the studio you want making all movies? And that's the studio you're coming after Martin Scorsese to defend? But stuff like this don't shock me anymore, I gave up hope long ago.
  9. Zack Snyder will continue to be credited as executive producer in all future DC movies that use the characters and stories he created, just like Christopher Nolan was credited in Batman v Superman and Justice League because of his work in Man Of Steel, and just like David Ayer in Birds Of Prey because he created this Harley Quinn. Haters will just have to deal with reading their names in the credits.
  10. The blogs will always create negative rumors about DC movies, there's no easier way to make money. Fans should know better by now.
  11. I keep forgetting Kristen Wiig is in this movie. Every time I read the thread title my excitement goes up a lot. Hope they reveal some footage of her soon.
  12. BVS was a fantastic experience for millions of DC fans around the world. Justice League wasn't a good experience for anyone. Glass half full situation here. It's better to please half the audience, than no one.
  13. Fucking hell. This movie would have been another mind blowing experience for DC fans.
  14. After this opening, and looking at how Justice League and Shazam performed, I don't know how can anyone still say that DC movies should be childish, dumb fun. Audiences clearly want something different from DC. There's a reason DCEU movies started bombing after Warner Bros decided to take on a different direction than what fans wanted.
  15. Martin Scorsese is right and everyone knows it. More respected people in Hollywood should speak up about that nonsense glorification of Marvel movies. Before you quote me, I know DC is following suit and I hate that. Justice League (the theatrical version) and Shazam were an insult. But I still have hopes for Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman 2 (after all, they are releasing a real movie this weekend with Joker). This is not on Marvel or Disney, they have the right to only do mediocre disposable garbage, like studios have been doing for years as well. The problem is people trying to force them down our throats as something other than that: trash. It's trash. Candy is not real food.
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