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  1. Amazing how WB avoided the headlines of a $9 million opening and of a -66% second weekend drop for Tenet. There's so much potential for this hiding box office numbers game.
  2. I hope it's not temporary. I love discussing box office, but a lot of films and franchises and filmmakers have been hurt by the negative press. Let's enjoy the films not the numbers.
  3. The movie looks great. I'm not sure the trailer will be effective in selling it to general audiences. But online activity is high, it's always trending when something is revealed. There's definitely hype for it, let's see how people receive the trailer.
  4. At the time Dark Phoenix and New Mutants were greenlit they didn't know Disney would be buying Fox and that Feige would be taking the control of the characters. There was no reason for them to end the X-Men franchise with Logan.
  5. The music in that short teaser is really similar to the Batman v Superman score. More specifically the "Black and Blue" track.
  6. The money WB will lose now on Tenet they will gain later, with how this release strengthened their relationship with theaters.
  7. Not impossible if studios delay everything to 2021 and theaters have to keep playing Tenet and New Mutants until then.
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