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  1. No one should be surprised by Disney trying to extort Sony. This is what this evil company has been doing to theater owners for a while now. Sony was very generous to share Spider-man with the MCU. Yes the previous Spider-man movie was terrible and the Spider-man universe they were planning was a mess, but they didn't really need Kevin Feige to turn things around. They were perfectly able to make great and commercially successful Spider-man movies before, and they could do it again without Marvel Studios' involvement. Just look at Venom and Into the Spider-verse. The MCU was the one getting something only Sony could provide, which was Spider-man, Marvel's only iconic comic book character not part of the X-Men. That was a pretty good deal for Disney. 5% of the Spider-man films' box office, boosted ticket sales for their Avengers movies featuring him, and all the merchandising money. And Sony even tried to raise Disney's stake on future Spidey movies, but not to absurd 50%. Disney is the only company here that didn't give a crap about the fans. Marvel fans shouldn't be coming for Sony.
  2. Amy Adams' character in the book is really good, juicy and different. She certainly gave another fantastic performance in this movie. Amazing Amy always delivers. Since becoming a well known name, was she ever less than great in anything, aside from the abominable theatrical version of Justice League, which we shouldn't even consider a movie and all collectively erase from our memories, for the sake of every actor involved? The studio is probably hoping to fix the problems and turn this into a summer counter-programming box office hit. I have a theory about what may be confusing to test screen audiences (there's spoilers from the book): Aside from that I can't see what could be confusing. Anyway, I hope this a big hit for Amy Adams.
  3. Not surprised to hear about the fudging allegations against Disney. I have always been baffled by some box office numbers for some of their movies. Some movies were reaching billions while I never have met anyone who's seen or even hyped them, except for the Disney fanboys online of course. Disappointed but not surprised.
  4. The Morning Show is just a rip-off of the criminally underrated movie Morning Glory.
  5. Disappointed if this really is a mess. While the book is kinda trashy, the main character is very interesting and a great opportunity for Amy Adams to shine and prove once again she's the best in the business. By the way, I'm surprised no one discussed in the thread the scandal about the author of the book.
  6. I understand the cancelation in the US, but why not continue to market and release it in the rest of the world, where people can't buy a gun at the grocery store? Keep the international release, and deal with the US later.
  7. I hope the trailer can get me excited for this, but that last movie really ruined the franchise for me. Hard to see how JJ could save it, but fingers crossed.
  8. This is very serious and alarming, new governments of Ecuador and Brazil are destroying the Amazon forest. Hopefully a democratic socialist is elected as POTUS next year and there's an American intervention. Our planet is at risk.
  9. So many A-list, Academy Award winners, sending her a video wishing her Happy Birthday. JLo is such a legend, and she's so beloved by the other celebrities.
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