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  1. DC and Marvel fans fighting over Academy Award nominations is stupid. Both franchises this year achieved something way more meaningful than being celebrated by Harvey Weinstein's friends. Joker and Avengers Endgame were embraced by audiences and were the films that defined 2019. That's much more important than the validation of a bunch of hypocrites.
  2. The trailer is getting an excellent response all over the internet. Another big box office hit for both Sony and Jared Leto.
  3. I don't know why Marvel fans are having a tantrum about Morbius, when this is also part of the MCU:
  4. “Wonder Woman 1984” (Warner Bros.) Release Date: June 4 What Looks Strong: The first “Wonder Woman” was easily the most well received DC Comics adaptation since 2008’s “The Dark Knight,” and helped to set the stage for “Aquaman’s” $1.15 billion global take. With director Patty Jenkins returning — and savvily updating the action from World War I grit to Reagan-era power suits — there’s every reason to expect Gal Gadot’s lasso-wielding heroine will join the billion-dollar club, too. Causes for Concern: Um. Audiences might not dig seeing Diana Prince in shoulder pads? Verdict: Expect “Wonder Woman 1984” to take the box office tiara for the year.
  5. It's kinda badass for a director to walk away from the MCU. It's such an easy job, and you guarantee a fresh certificate in your rotten tomatoes resumee. He could just take the money and do what Feige wants, but chose to stand up for artistic integrity. I actually never liked anything Scott Derrickson did, but now he has my respect. The first Doctor Strange was standard MCU movie, not terrible but not great either.
  6. I remember some "insider" saying Wonder Woman was a mess too. We all know how some bloggers feel about comic book movies that are not part of their beloved franchise. Morbius is a very easy target for these types of rumors, just like WW was at that time, so I wouldn't take any "insider" comment from this type of "journalist" about this. Venom also had a negative campaign from bloggers and it turned out to be a huge hit for Sony.
  7. I hope this is another box office hit for Academy Award Winner Jared Leto.
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