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  1. I'm not a hater, I don't want this movie to fail at all, I'm just giving my honest, unbiased opinion. I think the appeal of Godzilla to modern audiences is seeing him as a danger to humans, and that because the 2014 film was sold exactly as that that's why it had such a huge opening weekend - and because the film ended up being something different than that, that's why it got such a negative response. I also believe that's the reason why the sequel had such a disappointing performance, and why Godzilla v Kong has a significant chance of bombing as well. That's just how I see it but I don't mean to get any fans upset, in this forum we usually have a more fun / tongue in cheek tone to our comments, and my choice of words may have made me sound like a hater. But if I'm wrong and the movie succeeds I would actually be very happy for the fans.
  2. 4 years ago today I had my best moviegoing experience, watching my favorite film on opening night in a theater full of other fans. Now there's no theater to go to and we have to watch movies isolated. How things fall...
  3. Damn, the numbers from Italy are so upsetting, and it's sad to have to watch this knowing there's nothing we can do to help. Here in Brazil numbers so far are actually really low for a country this size (1,021 confirmed infected; 18 deaths), but we're scared things escalate because no one here trusts the government to handle anything with competence.
  4. The BOT staff should reopen the Fanboy Wars Thread as an incentive for members to stay at home. Come on, let us fight
  5. It only gets good in the third act, and the last 30 minutes are actually pretty great. I think they made some decisions to break our expectations that ended up compromising the movie. To be more specific:
  6. They should make Godzilla v Kong the first big budget movie released in theaters when things go back to normal. The delayed movies like Mulan, Black Widow, Wonder Woman 84, A Quiet Place 2 have high stakes and studios will probably wait for all theaters to be open, will pick a perfect release date, and give them a proper promotional campaign. Considering GvK is destined to bomb, and is possibly very close to being finished, WB should just make it the first big budget available for theaters to show when they're reopening. It will benefit from people wanting to see any big spectacle on the big screen again.
  7. This will not reach a billion if millions of people lose their jobs because of the pandemic.
  8. They did this to the Anna Kendrick movie Noelle. Why couldn't they do the same with Black Widow?
  9. My biggest fear is how this will impact Brazil's economy. We haven't recovered from the diabolical coup from the elites to impeach our President Dilma in 2016. Unemployment rate is at around 12% which is already painfully high. I worry many business will close and many people will lose their jobs. I don't understand much about Economy, but if coronavirus hits us as hard as it hit Italy, our country will likely collapse.
  10. I couldn't see it in theaters so I didn't read any conversation about this movie in order to avoid spoilers. Finally saw it this afternoon and I'm surprised by how much I liked it, it was almost as good as The Force Awakens, which for me is a perfect Star Wars film. I have no idea what people disliked about The Rise of Skywalker. 4.5 out of 5 stars for me, and I'm so happy they could give Carrie Fisher a proper send-off, she didn't deserve to have The Last Jedi as her last appearance as Princess Leia.
  11. Wonder Woman 1984 will easily outgross any other 2020 WB release so whatever needs to move to get out of its way will be moved.
  12. New Mutant's odyssey to theaters is one for the history books. Imagine if it's actually a good movie and all of those delays completely unnecessary.
  13. I'm way too anxious to focus on any movie or book during a quarantine, I would be checking the news all day.
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