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  1. Samba TV seems reliable to me. Their reports are always somewhat confirmed a month later by the Nielsen ratings, despite being different metrics. For example: if they show Movie A was more viewed than Movie B, Nielsen shows the same thing later.
  2. I think you guys at the mod team should also take a moment to ask yourselves those questions before insulting Snyder fans by calling us weirdos and part of a cult. It's very hypocritical to do that and then demand regular members to be pleasant and respectful.
  3. Snyder fans know how to spell his name, those reviews are fake. I know every fandom has their bad apples, like any other group of people in the world, but I've never seen any attack like this being organized by them. The Snyder fandom always tried to act with positivity and kindness.
  4. The target opening for Suicide Squad 2 is probably anything over $32 million. It will be enough for it to get the positive headlines, as it will be the biggest opening for a WB film since the pandemic and they will probably claim some viewership record on HBO Max too. The box office analysts on the press will say that the same day availability on streaming for no extra cost it's what prevented it from reaching F9 and Black Window's levels.
  5. I've tried but I still can't understand why someone would oppose a filmmaker getting the chance to release a director's cut.
  6. It's not like other DC fans weren't rooting against the Snyder era films back then. This fanbase was always divided.
  7. F9, Black Widow and Space Jam 2 had different release strategies (theatrical exclusive, same day on streaming with a $30 fee, and same day for no additional cost), and they all dropped around the same on their second weekend.
  8. I'm happy for Shyamalan. Hollywood studios need to learn there's still value in auter filmmaking. Even without a great reception from critics and audiences, he sold more tickets on his name alone than one of the most popular toy brands of all time in United States.
  9. “Old,” the newest thriller from director M. Night Shyamalan, is poised to top the domestic box office charts this weekend with an estimated $15.75 million. The Universal film, starring Alex Wolff and Thomasin McKenzie, took in $6.8 million from 3,355 theaters on Friday. Coming in close behind “Old” is “Snake Eyes,” a “G.I. Joe” origin story starring Henry Golding. The Paramount film is poised to bring in $13.2 million at the box office this weekend, which is a bit lower than the $15 to $16 million predicted earlier in the week. “Snake Eyes” brought in $5.47 million on Friday f
  10. I believe in a $50-60 million OW if reviews really are what we're expecting. WB's marketing will make sure this movie is everywhere during that week.
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