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  1. Zack Snyder wouldn't want audiences to see an unfinished, assembly cut of his film. If he's encouraging the release, it's clear to me it's ready.
  2. I was tricked into thinking Servant was a Shyamalan story. He's only the director of the first episode. I'm very disappointed. The other two episodes were pretty bad.
  3. I remember. I'm glad you came to your senses. JLo is amazing and she deserves the Oscar.
  4. Tracy Letts’ Experience Working On ‘Woman In The Window,’ Well, “Kinda Sucked” (...) Letts was brought on to adapt A.J. Finn’s novel “The Woman in the Widow,” the first time he’s ever tackled another writer’s work. The film was directed by Joe Wright and features an all-star cast including Amy Adams, Julianne Moore, Gary Oldman, Anthony Mackie, and Brian Tyree Henry. Originally, it was scheduled for an October 2019 release. After Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, however, the studio decided to send it back to the editing room and push its opening to May 15, 2020. The whole process ended up not being that enjoyable for Letts. “It kind of sucked. It was really hard. It took a long time. It was harder than I thought it was going to be,” Letts admits. “I read the book and I thought, oh this will make a good movie, I can do this job. And then I got into the weeds of it. I was like, oh shit, this is hard. And I was also working with a lot of producers, a director and they had a lot of notes and it was hard. Now I eventually wrote a movie that we were all pleased with. And we shot that film and we all looked at it and we were all pleased with it. And then they showed it to an audience in Paramus, New Jersey, and they didn’t like it. And so there have been some rewrites and re-shoots that I didn’t have anything to do with. So we’ll see what happens.” As to whether Letts is disappointed in that fact? Well… “I suppose. Like I say, I felt we made the movie we set out to make, so I’m a little confused by that,” Letts says. “But it’s a thriller and people have certain expectations about the way a thriller works. So I don’t know, I haven’t seen the redone version and we’ll see what it looks like. You always try to choose those things carefully because it is going to take a lot of time out of your life. So you want to choose those projects very carefully, but there’s only so much you can do to safeguard against intangibles, things you don’t know are coming down down the road.” https://theplaylist.net/tracy-letts-ford-ferrari-20191118/
  5. Pete Hammond’s Notes On The Season: Oscar Screener Viewing Crunch; ‘1917’ Hits The Front Lines Of The Race; JLo And Female-Driven Films Draw The Voters (...) After that it was upstairs to the second reception of the evening with Elbaum, Hustlers director and writer Lorene Scafaria, and star Jennifer Lopez, the latter drawing a constant line of well-wishers to talk about the movie that is consistently looking like it could deliver her first Oscar nomination ever in a role that has produced the best reviews of her film career to date, or at least since Steven Soderbergh’s Out Of Sight at the beginning of her movie stardom. I think it is looking certain she will be a major contender for the Golden Globe (she hasn’t been nominated there since Selena in 1996) and Critics Choice Supporting Actress honors, particularly if you look at the turnout of HFPA members just to this event on Monday. She already has been nominated for two Gothams, a Best Supporting Female nom at the Independent Spirits, and this week was named recipient of the Spotlight Actress honor at the Palm Springs International Film Festival to be presented on January 2nd at their Gala launching the fest which runs thru January 13. She told me the attention she keeps getting for this film has been astounding to her, and she is clearly thrilled. Lopez, Scafaria and Elbaum each told me Hustlers was rejected by every studio and distributor it was presented to until STX came along to give a green light. Apparently the idea, however based on a true story that it is, of a bunch of women drugging their male clients and maxxing out their credit cards, was too much for this still male-dominated industry. This group is having the last laugh as Hustlers has turned into a huge hit. Although there are no plans for a sequel, Scafaria told me she could see it possibly adapted as a Broadway musical some day. You heard it here first, folks. https://deadline.com/2019/11/oscar-screener-1917-jennifer-lopez-hustlers-1202796934/
  6. Getting a Kevin Feige is not as easy as people think. The guy has a vision. MCU movies may be mediocre but Feige knows exactly what audiences want. Every single time. And that's not easy to achieve. To complicate things even more, pleasing audiences is not enough these days. If you don't also please critics, you are seen as a failure. They don't even buy tickets, but somehow if you don't please them it doesn't matter if audiences spend $873 million dollars to see your film.
  7. That helmet, the 80s setting, Steve Trevor's return, Cheetah... I'm getting worried about this film. Hope they don't screw up. The trailer will give us an idea. This has the potential to be the biggest solo superhero movie ever if it's as great as the first one.
  8. I wonder if streaming shows from Apple+ and Disney+ in which the season is shot entirely in advance but released weekly go through some kind of changes with editing and reshoots in later episodes once they start airing. Later episodes could be reshaped based on the response from audience and critics. Like, with The Mandalorian, did they expect that character to become such a sensation? If not, they could increase his appearance in the later episodes. Or in Morning Show's case, that was Apple's big bet but got a mixed response, they could try to fix it. I wonder if they do that. Netflix can't do that because they drop the entire season at once.
  9. Man Of Steel was the first successful Superman movie in over 3 decades. Zack Snyder made the character relatable and interesting again to general audiences, which is something many people at the time thought wasn't possible. Turning Watchmen into a film was also something people claimed impossible. Not to mention Wonder Woman and Aquaman, which were also big challenges. People who believe Zack Snyder has no talent are no better than the ones who believe the Earth is flat. Both deny facts.
  10. TIME MAGAZINE - The 10 Best Movie Performances of 2019 1. Antonio Banderas, Pain & Glory 2. Jennifer Lopez, Hustlers 3. Adam Driver, Marriage Story 4. Taylor Russell, Waves 5. Matthias Schoenaerts, The Mustang 6. Renee Zellweger, Judy 7. Joe Pesci, The Irishman 8. Margot Robbie, Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood 9. Eddie Murphy, Dolemite Is My Name 10. Kristen Stewart, Seberg https://time.com/5737198/best-movie-performances-2019/
  11. Joss Whedon wouldn't be able to "fix" Justice League even if he had 10 years to work on it. Only way he would be able to make a cohesive Justice League movie was if he was able to leave everything Zack Snyder shot in the cutting room floor and start the movie from zero. Zack Snyder's completely original, groundbreaking visuals and storytelling doesn't match with mediocre, lifeless, lazy, sexist, unfunny, ugly, stupid, dull, shitty filmmaking.
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