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  1. 25% after 32 reviews CRITICS CONSENSUS It isn't the worst of the long-squabbling duo's feature-length adventures, but Tom & Jerry is disappointingly short on the anarchic spirit of their classic shorts.
  2. I hope he doesn't phone it in like he did with Justice League, that was so generic and forgettable. Even the CW shows had better scores.
  3. Cathy Yan Says She Would Have Loved “More Control” During ‘Birds Of Prey’ & Talks David Ayer’s ‘Suicide Squad Cut Speaking on an upcoming episode of The Playlist Podcast about the release of “Dead Pigs” on MUBI on February 12 (full podcast conversation coming soon), Yan talked about the well-documented challenges she faced working on “Birds of Prey.” As has been reported, Yan’s superhero film went into reshoots and there was speculation that it involved quite a bit of Warner Bros. meddling in the final cut. She herself alluded to that studio interference on Twitter a few months back. So, when asked about her experience working on ‘Birds’ and specifically, the post-production process with WB, Yan definitely agreed there were compromises that had to be made. (...) “I would have loved to have more control over the edit [of ‘Birds of Prey’],” she continued. “But that’s just kind of how it is. I don’t know if there’s a Cathy Yan cut out there, but I think for any filmmaker, all of us are in it because we want to express ourselves as wholly as possible. And to match what you ultimately see on screen with what’s in our head.” She went on to talk about David Ayer’s experience on “Suicide Squad,” which Yan famously expressed sympathy about. Ayer has been championing the idea of recutting “Suicide Squad” to better fit his vision after WB reportedly interfered quite a bit and drastically changed the film in the editing room. “I do know that there was a very different tone of movie that [Ayer] had planned for ‘Suicide Squad’ that never really made it,” Yan said. “And so, if he gets to show his cut or get to take another stab at it, then that’s an insanely wonderful opportunity.” Asked whether her “Birds of Prey” experience has changed her mind about big-budget blockbusters moving forward, such as doing additional DC superhero films, Yan is unsure. “Yes and no,” she said about the experience on “Birds of Prey” influencing any of her future decisions. “I never did [‘Birds of Prey’] in the first place so that I could say I did a big movie or blockbuster movie. I actually very much did it because I thought the script was interesting. And the fact that I got the chance to depict women, especially female superheroes, in a way that we haven’t really seen before, like neither perfect nor weak, you know? I think it’s [typically] either-or really. I enjoyed that challenge of being able to subvert the genre a little bit.” (...)
  4. Comscore Introduces ‘Movies Everywhere’ Cross-Screen Measurement System Full story:
  5. She's beloved in the role and WB made a lot of money out of her casting. It was objectively not a dumb decision.
  6. The acting is way too serious for a plot that sounds very silly. This should have the same tone of Kong Skull Island. I still haven't seen King of the Monsters, it seems so boring.
  7. This is its 7th release date, if I'm counting right.
  8. Last time I saw the CW DC shows they were far from being comic book accurate. I would be worried if the same team would be helping shape up the future of DC Films.
  9. This feels unreasonable, the WB move didn't affect any film of his. Also, didn't they get his sister-in-law's film out of the advertisements, suggesting it will not be part of the HBO Max plan? It's not like the other big studios aren't also sending films to their streaming services, or selling them to Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. I'm sure WB is willing to commit to a theatrical-only release for Nolan's projects.
  10. What are the real WW84 numbers? Exhibitor Relations is the only one I'm seeing with the $1.9 million 3-day number for WW84. But Variety and THR both say the $2.6 million reported by WB is for the 4-day, while Deadline has it for the 3-day. It seems more likely that Deadline is wrong.
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