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  1. Why Legendary has yet to unveil plans for a sequel remains ambiguous, though an announcement could come shortly, according to insiders. Legendary and Warner Bros. declined to comment. (...) Legendary, which forged a distribution deal with Warner Bros. in 2018, was similarly dismayed by the HBO Max decision and threatened to take legal action at the time. The two companies have since hashed out frustrations and settled on a release strategy that satisfied both parties, one that involved paying Legendary the amount it would have received had the movie shattered box office
  2. That HBO Max number is shockingly low. The press was expecting it to break the Mortal Kombat/Godzilla v Kong record, and it didn't come close. Hopefully it means better holds at the box office.
  3. I think ViewerAnon is great, he seems very honest and humble. Other insiders are always caught making stuff up or pretending to be more important than they are. Never saw anything that would make me doubt his reliability.
  4. The Halloween franchise will never end, not after the previous film opened at $76m. Even if the next film bombs, Universal would look at that 2018 opening and try to exploit it again in just a few years. Our beloved franchises will go on long after we're dead. Once the studios master the art of riviving actors digitally, no one will be able to stop them. Jamie Lee Curtis will still be fighting Michael Myers in 100 years from now.
  5. Bloomberg reported in January that Warner's negotiation with talent for compensation was that they would receive their bonuses at half the point they were entitled to initially (meaning: if you would get a bonus when your movie reached $300 million, now you will get that bonus if it hits $150 million). The deal with Legendary could have been based on that same principle, that movies released at the same day on HBO Max would make half of what they would do if they were theatrical exclusives. If Dune is making $300 million worldwide Legendary could potentially be getting paid what WB would owe t
  6. Still not sure how I feel about it. It wasn't satisfying, it really needs the sequel. But I love how Villeneuve just avoided every opportunity he had to make crowdpleasing action and emotional manipulation. It's for films like this that I still admire Warner Bros even with the shitty stuff their executives do now and then.
  7. They will say anything to sell tickets. If WB were already committed to do the sequel, they would make it official.
  8. Yeah, WB didn't even deny Ruby Rose's allegations. But what worries me is that these cynical tactics were successful to shut down the conversation about Ray Fisher's allegations against Walter Hamada, and it could be enough to make people not show support for Rose as well, because they now see this situation as complicated and shady from both sides, when it really isn't.
  9. This is why Disney buying Fox was so bad for the industry, the government should have never let that pass
  10. I haven't read the reactions but if the people who are known for always praising mediocrity are not entirely happy with Eternals, than I'm very interested in this. I already thought it looked promising, but the jokes in the trailers were a huge turn off for me. Anyway even if it's not great for my taste I'll still root for Zhao at the box office.
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