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  1. Armageddon (1998) and Deep Impact (1998)

    Has anyone ever wondered why people in NYC lived happily until the moment the wave hit in DI, despite the fact the world was preparing for those imapcts for months? I mean, sure, at the point the first one hits people might have believed to die anyway - but there is actually a man reading a newspaper right until the water hits him. Some journalists seem to have taken their jobs really seriously to publish a newspaper on doom's day
  2. Not really feeling the trailer... but I guess it will be a good movie for christmas.
  3. Can someone already make a good Joan of Arc movie with JLaw as the lead?
  4. Wonder Woman (2017)

    This is so much better than most aof the superhero stuff out there... certainly has so much more emotion than alnost all Marvel movies. I really did not expect much from this... but I was really taken in with an emotional force I never expected from such a movie. It is a 8.5/10 or 9/10 for me - the first act did not click with me very much. But once they reach London it is getting really, really great... and the last act is more mesmerizing than any final abttle I have seen over the last years. Great casting and sets, great humour... and underneath it all a great way to handle the topics of war and human nature in a summer blockbuster flick. I at first had troubles how she accepts the Americans as the "good guys" but even that was addressed later on. What really works great is that we immediately would call her views on war "naive"... however, the way it is presented, this thought is followed right away by "but, fuck, she is right.... why are we so fucked up?". Chapeau!
  5. Didn't think it was as bad as I expected yet I never stopped thinking "Does this rally work with what was set up before?". I also thought the main villain was a bit wasted, while Commodore Faramir was completely useless. The character of Henry, though, is a major failure. OMG. So bad. Badly acted, no charisma, no interesting arc. Carina should have been the lead front and center. Sparrow was bearbale in this and soemtimes even funny... still tragic Depp isn't capable of much more anymore these days. Bloom is pretty awful as well in this. 4/10
  6. MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS | 11.10.17 | Fox

    Sure hope so.
  7. MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS | 11.10.17 | Fox

    I will really try to bring down my excitement for this after seeing the trailer. The beginning looked promising. But the shot through the waggon with all the suspects looks like it belongs to a high school play production. And who the hell cast Depp in this? At least his character shouldn't bother for too long...
  8. Those reviews are horrible. Sad what has become out of this franchise... I was totally amazed by the first one back then.
  9. How did "Pokemon: The Movie" do so good at the box office?

    I actually thought it would have been even stronger, remembering the hype very well as I was 11 at the time and Pokemon was THE thing.
  10. Which films from 2016 will be well remembered in 10 years?

    As movies by the "masses" it will probably only be Deadpool and obviously Rogue One (unless there are so many SW movies by then that people won't be able to tell them apart anymore). Though there are quite some gems in that list that will probably be remembered by people more interested in movies or by those who have acually seen them. Moonlight and LaLaLand... well, I also assume they will be mainly remembered in the form of "trivia" knowledge in game shows (does not change that both are great).
  11. Trailers that were better than the full movie

    Godzilla. Godzilla. Godzilla.
  12. I really think this was a weak teaser... But it also reminded me that Rey is a more likeable character than any of the three original leading characters. And that I will watch this for BB alone. But still, it wasn't a good teaser imho. Thor was better... And I don't hate any Marvel character more
  13. If music has to be this pompous there is a good chance the teaser isn't all that great. The poster is awesome though.

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