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  1. Müller simply has to play in the center in the national team... he is wasted on the side. Reus should play there. Özil imho has no place starting right now.
  2. Mostly agreed, I defend Hummels, though. He was left alone by midfield in the way they played against Mexico and now seems to be one of the driving powers to reenergize the Mannschaft.
  3. Another thing: the newer/younger players do not seem to follow the more experienced players as much as it was the case when Schweinsteiger and Lahm were leading the team. Schweinsteiger arguably led the path to victory by himself against Argentina. Usually Kroos, Khedira, Boateng and Hummels are natural leaders as well... but couldn't fullfill that role at all yesterday. Boateng started to a bit by the end, though. Neuer is a center of authority, of course (which you could see when Mexico attacked, otherwise it would have been a much clearer loss) - but a keeper cannot lead a team as a midfielder can.
  4. I added that to my post above but it fits better here: Another fear: the atmosphere in the team. It does not seem to be the easy-going, confident and united Mannschaft. A lot of criticism towards each other, too little communication on the field. It was clear that Mexico would use the speed of their sides... and Germany had no recipe against it. Germany's strength was the ruthless analysis of opponents in the last years. This time it seemed like they were surprised despite Mexico doing exactly what was expected by them. There was a tabloid newspaper that reported a fallout but there was never a real indication that it was true. What is true, though, is that Boateng and Hummels criticized days ago (after the test plays against Austria and Saudi-Arabia) that they were being left alone by mid-field which happened again yesterday. Hummels was furious about that after GERMEX in an interview. The two players that do have some issues right now are Özil and Gundogan after they posed with Erdogan on some pictures. They have been the center of criticism since and both players, as well as the German Football Association didn't handle it very well. I assume Löw decided to give Özil a chance to prove himself and the fans... which clearly did not work. Imho Löw should swap Reus and Özil and move Müller to the center. That should normally be too much offense-power for Sweden.
  5. What makes me cautiously hopeful is that Germany had two weak games in 2014. A draw against Ghana and especially the weak match against Algeria which was almost the end. The games against the US and France were good but also not that amazing. The two really great games 2014 were against Portugal and Brazil and then Germany finally managed not to lose their nerves in the last minute against Argentina as it had happened in the other semi-finals/finals since 2006. What troubles me, as I said before, is the insecurity most German players seemed to have yesterday. I am glad they are not arrogant after their win 2014 and the good performances since 2006. But going the other way and losing all self-confidence without any reason (as the team is a great team on paper and has played well before) is a bit shocking.
  6. I hope England competes again... their last tournaments were tragically bad.
  7. He is very good playing offensive... but he isn't Lahm-level yet who always held the defensive clean. That was the #1 weakness of Germany yesterday, the left-side of Mexico (as it later turned out the left side of Germany was Mexico's weakness as well, unfortunately Germany did not try the left side of Mexico until Brandt came in). I would defend Werner a bit... he really didn't get anything to work with from mid-field (though Gomez did a much better job bringing a bit of chaos into the Mexican defensive). Maybe it was a necessary wake-up call for Germany... what irritated me was that it wasn't vanity or arrogance that hurt them (as it is often the case with champions) but that they seemed quite the opposite: unsure of themselves, insecure, tired, eager not to make mistakes (and failing at it). I think Löw should let Reus and Brandt play from the start on Saturday, push Müller to the center right behind Werner/Gomez. He can still use Draxler as a joker if Brandt does not work... Draxler did not look good yesterday but the mid-field also did not include him in the game, so I am not sure yet about him. But Brandt really created some havoc for Mexico in those last minutes. I would start with Werner again but switch more quickly to Gomez if it does not work out. I hope Hector will return as he was sick yesterday.
  8. Well the world cup in 90 was before reunification (3 months).
  9. Löw took Brandt instead and he almost made the 1:1 today and certainly made the Germans better. he also came in way too late though.
  10. Because he hasn't played well even once when he was in for the German team.
  11. Well deserved loss for Germany. Boateng got better in the second half... Reus and Gomez should have come in much ealier. Kroos, Khedira, Hummels and Müller were shockingly bad. A lot of heart from Mexico, though.
  12. German midfield is shockingly bad. But one has to give credit to the Mexicans as well.
  13. #PORESP today is what football is all about.

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