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  1. RO was the best SW movie since RotJ. Not having much hope that IX will feel like a true climax. VIII has been too weak for that. It has too much saving to do to deliver a truly satisfying conclusion imho.
  2. That new trailer is good. When they start singing it was too much of a childhood-geek-moment to ignore.
  3. I want to be IN, my brain screams OUT, though. I already underestimated the appeal of Pokemon Go... But fuck it, I say IN. Just to highlight that I think some people see it as too much of a foregone conclusion that this goes way above 80. Bold and interesting club that takes a chance to be ridiculed within hours of release of Pika.
  4. I have missed this thread when it initially relived the opening weeks. I have come back to this thread over and over again. It still gets me. I was 9, almost 10 when the movie released in Germany. I had become interested in the fate of Titanic when I was 8 - spellbound by a model of the ship I had built together with my Dad. I remember watching this haunting image of the sinking ship for hours which was on the cover of the model's box. My parents knew I was too young to watch it in Germany (it was PG-12 here). But they saw my real historic interest in the ship and I had already started to develop a strong interest in movies, books and stroy-telling in general. So they decided to try and go see it with me, convinced I could handle it. It worked out... the date was January 21st 1998. My father explained to a guy at our local theater why he should allow me to see it. The guy wanted to help but there was press at the theater that day. Due to the enormous success of the movie the theater showed a special matinee and the local newspaper was there to cover the event ("event" meant serving champagne before the movie and in a short intermission - leave it to the Germans to watch this movie in stlye). He finally let me and my parents in. To get me out of sight of the press the manager took me on a tour of the theater during intermission - which was great for 9-year-old-me. Both my family and I fell in love with the movie that day. Back then I was mostly interested in the scenes when the ship was the focus and not so much Leo&Kate (though I later started to appreciate the romance as well). I remember that half a year later I waited for my father until he came home from work, after he had promised me that he would get the VHS for me on his way home. I must have watched the sinking dozens of time in the months after and became more and more of an amateur expert on Titanic (the ship) and got interested in movie-making and acting (acting I still do until this day) more and more. That was also the time I read for the first time that some NZ-dude was going to make a movie out of my favourite book - LotR. So I would argue Titanic has remained the most influential movie I ever saw with a close runner-up being Fellowship of the Ring. And while at times I put FotR as my #1 of all time... it is Titanic in the end. One of the most rewatchable movies of all time - while going on for over 3 hours. What a masterpiece. For anyone interested in Titanic, the ship, visit https://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/ and the project Titanic: Honor & Glory (those guys rebuild the Titanic down to incredible detail at the moment for a video game... on their YT channel is also an interesting real-time simulation of the sinking which takes into account some of the new theories about her plunge that have emerged since 1997).
  5. Well firstly there are much more movies made in NZ these days. Not just those by PJ and team. And secondly doing a smaller production now wouldn't prevent him from also planning a bigger one (like Dambusters).
  6. But since LotR their passion seemed to stand in the way of their projects. I regard them highly... but either fresh blood or a different scriptwriting team might help. Or simply doing something like "As Nature Made Him". Going more the "Heavenly Creature" path. Not a blockbuster.
  7. It isn't? Pity. That was breathtaking. I hope PJ will now finally make a movie out of As Nature Made Him. No spectacle... just drama. And that the script-writing team surrounding Jackson takes a break from the enxt projects...
  8. There are Disney-parade and Cosplay versions of those characters that look better. Dear Lord...
  9. Looks like great fun and fantastic style and visuals. But one cannot ignore how great the first one looked in teasers and trailers...
  10. This movies should have been the story of Grindelwald and Dumbledore from the get go. People are not interested enough in Newt & Company. Instead of making the prequel-moments the centerpieces they feel cramped in and almost like a second narrative when they are the most appealing part of the franchise.
  11. Certainly. Imho the whole franchise should have been focused on Dumbledore and Grindelwald. Maybe three movies covering their path from being students at Hogwarts until their duel in 1945. It seems to move in that direction anyway. A character such as Newt should never have been more than a quirky side-character HP was kind of famous for. Newt is in fact nothing more than a side-character (and that is not Redmayne's fault). Acting as if he is a protagonist that can carry a movie is the franchise's biggest flaw at the moment, together with the over-constructed plot. They either should have come up with a really interesting story that tells us something new about that universe OR tell a true prequel story with characters we know and want to know more about as the leads (Dumbledore, Grindelwald, Voldemort). Mixing the two options was a massive mistake. Now we get some interesting prequel stuff in the middle of a very long new story that has nothing to tell other than Pokemon-like animals popping up every now and then and people needlessly sharing last names with HP characters.
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