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  1. Gucci will cross 75 million domestic. 150 million worldwide. Cases should be down by then. The Last Duel is tough subject matter. 50 million domestic and over 100 million worldwide? I don’t know haha.
  2. They already did. Second highest viewed film on hbo max! It’s like mate, it lost to mortal Kombat. So less than 4 million people viewed it over the weekend and your service has over 40 million people.
  3. Was going to mention this. I think it’s fair to say almost a quarter of the audience is going to think the film is too silly for their taste. Not everyone loves gunn’s style.
  4. The #1 reason this failed is because it was a sequel to a crap film where the hate for the original has only grown in the past five years unlike man of steel or to a lesser extent Batman v Superman ultimate edition which has aged like fine wine. COVID and hbo max are of course secondary factors. This could have easily hit the 35 million mark or even 40 if those two factors weren’t in play. Still, it would have made less than half of the original in its opening weekend. That’s embarrassing. Such a bad idea to make a sequel to this and name it the Suicide squad rather than something m
  5. It was a bad idea from the start in regards to hbomax. Also the spin is crazy. I want this film to make 25 million and see how the trades spin it for their buddies at wb. I mean jungle cruise made 35 million one week before and the delta variant is a secondary excuse. I think that’s the thing about studios. When you have stubborn people at the top, they’ll just make excuses and spin it. Frustrating. Yeah, this weekend is nothing to celebrate. I don’t think we’ll get a suicide squad 3 but Gunn will do something else.
  6. Wb has absolutely ruined the brand and people are just waiting to be fired. I really wonder if they want to burn it down before they leave. These suits act like children.
  7. #1 reason is that it’s a sequel to an awful film. Secondary factors are COVID and hbo max of course.
  8. Just did three theatres in Ontario. Two bigger ones in Toronto and a smaller one from my hometown. Had to estimate the total seats for some of the theatres because we do physical distancing here so if I buy a single seat for myself, nobody is sitting on my left or right. Cineplex just blocks those seats off. Is any US state doing that? I don’t know how much Ontario will help. Maybe it’s doing better in other provinces. T-4 to Thursday night: Scotiabank - IMAX 7:00pm - 97 sold / 400 10:15pm - 58 sold / 400 Regular 7:30pm - 28 sold / 312 8:00pm - 15 sold / 300 10:45pm - 4 sol
  9. The beauty of this post is that I don’t know if you’re trying to be unfunny or if you are actually unfunny.
  10. Yeah. Where are the official numbers? WB is scared to release them. Keep living in your own dream world though. Oh and cool of you to use a ten year old gif. Had that ready eh? Can’t wait to watch the suicide squad fail.
  11. Completely wrong. Sorry, but do some research. It was #1 on the U.K sales chart four times when it was released as a rental/buy. It was watched by over ten million people worldwide in the first 45 days of release. And it wasn’t marketed except by Snyder. WB tried to sabotage it by leaking it and it still found an audience. It was also over 3 hours and 45 minutes long. People are asking for it to continue on hbo max as it’s own universe but wb execs are losers and only care about their egos. That’s the truth. Why not release the streaming numbers if it was a failure? It wasn’t. That’s why WB wo
  12. Is that 6.72 to 6.88 number just for preview shows? I mean Thursday night? Seems improbable as of right now. There’s so little buzz for the Suicide Squad. Seems like nobody wants to watch another film with these characters. Do you have the numbers for Friday? Thank you!
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