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  1. Very happy to see Civil War breaking out. It deserves it.
  2. I love that they're actually leaning into the musical aspects in the marketing. Very entertaining to see the most annoying people I know get pissed off by this decision.
  3. I feel like the only people who think this is an unimaginative take on Superman are the ones who can't look at this beyond "meh evil superman."
  4. https://www.threads.net/@jamesgunn/post/C5Lp9iegCcv/?xmt=AQGz9JLfrmePoepD-jlCyTeQJhoLGnqOwL2tg1lluQPwMA James Gunn congratulating the GxK team on its opening weekend box office.
  5. WB movie flops: "LOL haha Zaslav the moron loses again!" WB movie succeeds: "Well actually it was greenlit before he signed on so you can't give him any credit."
  6. Ok, so 200M is possible, just like I originally said. Cool.
  7. You say that like being the only animated kids movie for months didn't help Migration a ton.
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