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The Big Short OS

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France 23 December 2015  
USA 23 December 2015  
Kuwait 31 December 2015  
Serbia 31 December 2015  
Poland 1 January 2016  
Argentina 7 January 2016  
Greece 7 January 2016  
Italy 7 January 2016  
Thailand 7 January 2016  
Mexico 8 January 2016  
Turkey 8 January 2016  
Indonesia 13 January 2016  
Australia 14 January 2016  
Azerbaijan 14 January 2016  
Brazil 14 January 2016  
Belarus 14 January 2016  
Chile 14 January 2016  
Germany 14 January 2016  
Croatia 14 January 2016  
Kazakhstan 14 January 2016  
Portugal 14 January 2016  
Russia 14 January 2016  
Ukraine 14 January 2016  
Lithuania 15 January 2016  
Hong Kong 21 January 2016  
South Korea 21 January 2016  
Netherlands 21 January 2016  
Singapore 21 January 2016  
Spain 22 January 2016  
UK 22 January 2016  
Ireland 22 January 2016  
India 22 January 2016  
Sweden 22 January 2016  
Denmark 28 January 2016  
Republic of Macedonia 28 January 2016  
Norway 29 January 2016  
Romania 29 January 2016  
Hungary 4 February 2016  
Estonia 5 February 2016  
Finland 19 February 2016  
Japan 4 March 2016






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The Big Short earned $7.0 million from 38 markets including 14 new openings, bringing the overseas total to $18.0 million and the worldwide total to $69.6 million. Openers include Australia ($1.4M), Germany ($1.0M), Brazil ($629K), and Taiwan ($277K). Next weekend sees openings in Philippines, Hong Kong, South Korea, the Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, UK/Ireland, and Venezuela.


Source: BoxOffice.com


This is an excellente movie, so glad its doing decent OS


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The Big Short opened in fifth place in the UK with $2 million from 409 locations, the biggest debut in a weekend that welcomed 13 new markets into the mix. South Korea placed third with a $1.2 million bow from 290 cinemas, Spain also finished at #3 thanks to a $1.1 million opening at 325 locations. Other top premiere include a $515k bow at 47 locations in Venezuela and a $439k start in Russia. Australia led hold-overs with $819k from 197 locations in its second weekend to reach a $2.6 million cume. Other top holds include Italy ($603K on the third weekend at 204 sites) and Germany ($544K on the second weekend from 260 cinemas). The BigShort finished the weekend with a total of $10.1 million from 51 markets. The film has grossed $30.7 million outside of North America and $87.4 million worldwide.


Source: BoxOffice.com


Happy for this excellent movie

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Paramount’s Oscar nominee cashed in with $6.8M from 57 markets in the frame. Holdovers have been strong with a $41.8M cume to date. The UK dropped 22% from opening with $4.3M total after 10 days. Korea picked up $683K in a competitive market for a $2.3M cume after two frames. Spain dipped 39% for a sophomore session of $655K and a $2.1M cume, and Venezuela dipped 19% for a total of $1.5M so far. Australia has cumed $3.7M.


Source: Deadline 

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