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  1. Predict! Looks like it will have a worldwide release in October all over the world with the exception of Japan and Poland Source: IMDB
  2. MAMMA MIA! HERE WE GO AGAIN Crossing $250M internationally this past week, Universal’s sequel has now grossed $257.3M overseas and $376.4M worldwide. This weekend, in 53 offshore markets, the extended family put another $5.9M in the songbook. Italy was a new opener this session with $1.6M on 490 screens for No. 1. The UK continues to impress with $82.2M to date, now at No. 4 in the market after dropping just 21%. In total, 35 markets have surpassed the original. Source: Deadline
  3. PanaMovie


    I think around 240M OS is more possible
  4. Yeah...it's HUGE here Panama loves the conjuring cinematic universe
  5. PanaMovie

    Tuesday Numbers

    Crazy Rich Asians is just...
  6. PanaMovie

    Crazy Rich Asians - OS Thread

    80M OS 180M+ DOM 260-300M WW
  7. PanaMovie

    Tuesday Numbers: CRA $5.52M

    And the next weekend with a possible increase? 3 20M+ weekends is possible? Wow
  8. PanaMovie

    Crazy Rich Asians over 150 million club

    I'm in 155M DOM
  9. 350M OS 125M DOM 475M WW Nice!
  10. As the size-shifting Marvel superheroes get ready to buzz into China on Friday, Ant-Man And The Wasp put $5.1M in the nest in 36 markets this session. That takes the offshore cume to $257.2M and sets the movie up to cross $500M globally with $465.6M so far. Italy was the key opener this frame with $1.3M ($2.7M including previews). The No. 1 launch is about 11% ahead of the original Ant-Man. The Top 5 on the sequel thus far are Korea ($42.4M), the UK ($17.5M), Mexico ($14.9M), Australia ($14.5M) and Russia ($13M). Source: Deadline 400M OS (with 120M from CH) 215M DOM 615M WW
  11. I think 285M OS 120M DOM 405M WW
  12. More details Mexico opened to $1M at 511 locations for No. 3 and tracking ahead of the previous film. Russia debuted to $866K at 1,137 to land No. 2 behind The Meg. Central America and Colombia both bowed ahead of MM1. Korea’s been singing along with $12.3M to date in a locally-crowded market with the film now 18% ahead of the original at the same point in release. The UK is, however, the dancing queen with $70.9M so far and holding at -38%. Cher and the gang are now starring in the No. 2 movie of 2018 in the market and Universal’s 3rd biggest grosser of all time locally behind the first Mamma Mia! and Jurassic World. Next weekend adds Venezuela and Japan. Italy tunes in September 6. Source: Deadline

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