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  1. Grosses DOMESTIC (31.3%) $334,147,201 INTERNATIONAL (68.7%) $735,000,000 WORLDWIDE $1,069,147,201
  2. ‘Joker’ Laughs Past $1 Billion At Worldwide Box Office, Fourth Warner Bros-DC Title To Hit Benchmark https://deadline.com/2019/11/joker-billion-dollar-global-box-office-1202785920/
  3. I think 670M OS 325M DOM 995-1B Of course, the push WB gives the film with the awards could carry the film to higher numbers
  4. Its not a feel good movie. While for me its an excellent movie I dont thinks this success is due to repeat viewings I think is just new viewers. Thats WOM.
  5. My prediction after this weekend 625M OS 345M DOM 970M WW It has to stop at some point right?
  6. OMG Its like every market in the world is competing around this movie!! Amazing success for WB and DC
  7. Expect some crazy holds this weekend. Here is even busier than last weekend. That's the power of WOM
  8. Just amazing numbers!! Saw the movie yesterday. People burst into applause at the end. So good
  9. This movie is the definition of hype here in my country and hopefully the same in the rest of Latin America. Without the bad press like the US this could be really big OS.
  10. I don't see any thread for this little movie. If there's any, please close this one. Predict! The movie is shaping day by day to be the biggest October movie ever. Opening between October 2-4 almost everywhere.
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