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  1. Time to start predicting one of the biggest movies of 2022. New epic trailer premiered today. Hope for a better environment, less COVID and more fans eager to be back on the theaters.
  2. Hello, Just a fun thread to follow the box office run of The Suicide Squad.
  3. Panama Update: Day 26 of the outbreak Total Cases: 1801 (128 new cases, -35% less positives than yesterday) Deaths: 46 (2.55% mortality rate) Men: 59.5%, Women: 40.5% Tests: 9,256 I think the situation is under control, we has a few ICUs available but a modular hospital is going to be ready in two weeks with 100 more. It seem we are the most affected country in Central America and in the top 5 in Latin America but we are doing a lot of testing per million inhabitants. It's sad the situation at Ecuador 😥
  4. Panama Update: March 30, 21 days after the first case Cases: 1075 (starting to see daily decreases on new cases, two days in a row) Deaths: 27 😔 Healed: 9 Tests: 6,582 Population: 4.2M We are already in a obligatory quarantine with only 2 hours a day to do important shoppings (supermarket and pharmacy) but starting April 1st and for 15 days we start something different... Women: Mon, Wed and Fri for 2 hours Men: Tue, Thurs and Sat for 2 hours Sunday no one outside.
  5. Panama Update; 19 days after the first case 786 cases 2 healed 14 deaths (1.78%) 😔 +5.2K test performed According official numbers we are the 4th most affected country in latin america after Brazil, Ecuador and Chile with only 4 million people. But we are the country with the most test per inhabitant in the whole region so that could be misleading (Its impossible we have more cases than Argentina, Colombia and Mexico)
  6. Update from my country 200 confirmed cases to date, still one death and 11 in ICU. Mortality: 0.5% 50.5% of the cases are between 20-59 years. The first reported case of the country is now healed and the worst patient in ICU is now without the ventilators. Still a long way to go, but Im really proud of the way the situation is being handled and the authorities being honest with the people (this is crucial)
  7. Latest update from my little country (Panama/Central America) Day 1: 8 Day 2: 14 (+6), 1 death Day 3: 27 (+13) Day 4: 36 (+9) Day 5: 43 (+7) Day 6: 55 (+12) Day 7: 69 (+14) Day 8: 86 (+17) Day 9: 109 (+23) , today Mortality: 0.917% The government is doing a lot of testing and its actively searching for the cases and isolating them. A curfew was imposed starting today from 9pm to 5am.
  8. 43 cases here in Panama. 7 more than friday. Don't be fool to think that warm weather is going to help prevent the spread. We have temp of more than 30°C/86°F during all year no matter if it's rainy or sunny and the virus is affecting. Thank god our authorities are working in the right way and only 2 people are in icu and all the cases in just one region. PS: we have a really young population so more than 50% of our cases are people between 40-59. No patient over 60 as of right now.
  9. Panama Update (Central America) Day 1 - 1 case Day 2 - 8 cases, 1 death Day 3 - 14 cases, 1 death Day 4 - 27 cases, 1 death President just declare on national television national emergency to fight the spread of the virus.
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