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Sony Screen Gems/Stage 6’s domestic winner added seven markets in the frame to suck up $5.3M in a total of 14. After two sessions, the cume is $8.6M. Australia was the top new play with $1M from 176 screens (+23% on Lights Out). Spain debuted to $815K from 300 screens, on par with The Purge: Election Year. It’s also the No. 1 Hollywood film in India, earning $685K from 363 screens for 12% ahead of Lights Out. Russia dropped 44% for a $2M cume. South East Asian holds were also strong. There are many markets to come here with Brazil, Germany, Italy and the UK up next weekend


Source: Deadline.com

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Creeping into 16 new markets, Don’t Breathe scared up $9m from its 30 markets for an early $20.3m, ahead of its release in Mexico next weekend.

The horror enjoyed excellent results across Latin America, including number one bows in Argentina ($465k) and Central America ($295k). The UK provided the biggest opening with $1.3m, followed by $1.2m debuts in Brazil and Germany.


Source: ScreenDaily


60M+ OS

87M+ DOM

147M+ WW...incredible success for this movie

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It opened above Lights Out in Brazil and Germany and a bit below in the UK! 


Total Lifetime Grosses
Domestic:     $66,833,158       76.7%
+ Foreign:     $20,300,000       23.3%
= Worldwide:     $87,133,158    



Going to surpass $100m this week! :) 

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Deadline - Inhaling $7.2M in 33 total markets, Sony’s horror winner has taken the offshore cume to $31.7M. There were three new plays this frame including Mexico with $1.2M on 945 screens — triple the opening of Unfriended and 150% ahead of The Visit. Germany was down just 2% for a total $2.6M; the UK has cumed $2.9M; and Brazil is at $2.4M.

Auds held their breath in Latin America with minimal dips (Central America -8%, Colombia -15%, Uruguay -18%, Ecuador -21%, Argentina -36%, and Chile -38%). France and Korea are next among majors, opening October 5 and 6, respectively.


Comscore reports a global total of $107,028,781.

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Horror hit Don’t Breathe scared up $3.4m from its 38 markets for $44.3m ahead of its final key releases in France and South Korea this week. Taiwan opened with a strong $650k from 65 screens to chart second in the market.


Source: Screen Daily

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