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Will Lion King's PTA be topped?

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This was in the early days of online boxoffice prognostications where the source of boxoffice information were trade pubs (usually Variety I think) and newspapers. No websites that I knew of, only newsgroups. It's early June and the major story was 1. Speed and 2. the upcoming launch of Lion King. It had a lot of buzz. We knew it would open big. Low $30s for sure. Big. 


Unbeknownedst to many of us, Disney decides to release it a week early but only in two theaters. The newspapers and trades release the top 10 for that weekend and lo and behold, The Lion King is on it. A $800K PTA!!!!  To this day I haven't seen anything like it. 


Without the saturation of media we see today, many of us boxoffice enthusiasts didn't even realize there would be a limited release prior to it going wide. And to see how well it did playing in two theaters. Wow! Still wow!


Probably the FIRST bonafide shocker in the online boxoffice era (I could write a book about those early days...good memories).  The second came just weeks later....

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I'm sure it'll happen someday with ticket prices going up but not any time soon. For now I'm just interested in what movie is gonna beat Grand Budapest's 203k PTA. La La Land had absolutely everything going in its favor (except I guess being 30 minutes longer than GBH) and still fell short. 

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