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Bumping this thread back since next weekend's thread will be a shitshow.


Going on topic:


Grinch had a great opening. It'll be interesting to see if it can surpass the 2000 film. With Fantastic Beasts and Ralph Breaks the Internet as big competition, it's up in the air. It'll also be fun to see how Grinch and Ralph compare to one another in terms of runs at the end (at the moment, I'm thinking Grinch will make more). Less impressive openings for Overlord and Spider's Web.


Bohemian also had a great hold. Maybe it will find its way to $200M? At the very least, $175M seems like a likely bar the film will reach.


Copying Gokai Red's posts


The Grinch

Current Gross: $66,000,000

The Grinch (2000): $260,044,825 ($194,044,825 remaining)

Despicable Me 3 (top 5 Illumination): $264,624,300 ($198,624,300 remaining

Home Alone (biggest Christmas movie): $285,761,243 ($219,761,243 remaining)


Bohemian Rhapsody

Current Gross: $100,010,548

Straight Outta Compton: $161,197,785 ($61,187,237 remaining)

The Greatest Showman: $174,340,174 ($74,329,626 remaining)

Double Century Mark: $200,000,000 ($99,989,452 remaining)


Also, the box office just hit $10B in record time. We're right on the verge of breaking 2016's record, especially with how stacked the Thanksgiving and Christmas frames are. And this is in a year where a SW movie flopped. Crazy stuff.


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