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  1. I enjoy this spot/trailer. Even if the movie gets mixed reviews, I'm intrigued enough to check it out. Peace, Mike
  2. Please let’s not start this again. I’m tired of the 2016 vs 2021 Ghosbusters comparisons. Who cares? It’s not a particularly productive or compelling conversation to be had. So far the thread has been mostly focused on how this is a good/solid start for Ghostbusters, and the box office continuing to return to a sense of normal. Hopefully it will leg it’s way out with strong WOM and the aid of Thanksgiving to a great total, all things considered, and that our openers this week will do great too. Can we pretty please keep the conversation focused on this? Just my two cents.
  3. This seems solid for Ghostbusters given the circumstances and the restrained budget. I could definitely see it legging it out and finishing with a respectable total. The film seems like it is a crowd pleaser. I’m curious what the international opening and total gross will be (and the ratio to domestic gross). Every Ghostbusters has done worse internationally compared to domestic. It could be the first to not hit $200 million globally - if it can manage to do so with some great domestic legs, that would be a satisfying milestone to hit. I hope it gets there. Peace, Mik
  4. Recently crowned Sexiest Man Alive Paul Rudd is feeling deeply hurt right now. Peace, Mike
  5. I'm so thrilled that Part 2 is happening. So often this is not the case, so the cynical part of me didn't expect it to be greenlit. Seeing Part One again in theatres this weekend. Peace, Mike
  6. That's entirely fair if it didn't play that way for you. Your experience is valid. I just wouldn't speak for everyone. I haven't read Dune, and knew essentially nothing about the story going into the movie, and Paul's character arc was evident. There are key scenes (and relationships), for me, that defined his emotional (psychological, spiritual) journey - and that culminated in the climax of the film in a satisfyingly character-oriented way. (Also, with a capable Timothée Chalamet.) I need to see the film again (I plan to see it again sometime this week). The film has
  7. I suppose it depends on one's perspective. I think it's possible to be a director who exists in both realities, as you term it, and makes both great commercial fare and compelling films that are less mainstream. Some excellent directors have done both and contributed to cinema and entertainment in pretty impressive fashion, from my perspective. That said, your "toiling away" language suggests you find the MCU franchise not worth a director's time. I can respect if you have strong opinions about the MCU in this way. Peace, Mike
  8. Apparently the full review reads more positively, according to Metacritic at least, where the review has been assigned a '70', one of the higher rated reviews, as opposed to RT's rotten designation. I understand what he means in his quote, so I'd be interested in reading his full review if it wasn't behind a paywall. Peace, Mike
  9. Each person has to decide what the reviews mean for them and what they will get (or not get) out of the film, but reading things like this genuinely keeps me interested in wanting to check it out: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-reviews/eternals-marvel-1235035471/ https://www.slashfilm.com/641297/eternals-review-a-wildly-ambitious-but-tonally-uneven-cosmic-epic/?utm_campaign=clip Peace, Mike
  10. So, this was pretty terrific, and I really hope we will get a Part 2 to complete this story. The movie is an immersion, and the story, characters, score, and direction together make for a genuine cinematic experience, and some beautiful moments. It is also very well paced with a clear narrative. After the stage is set, the story beats and action pieces all hit at the right moment. There is an excellent ebb and flow to the film. There are no long periods of down time, as there is something new that propels the story forward. I don’t know what I was expecting (as someone
  11. Hahaha! Well, nobody's perfect, including me. But thank you (for the first part of that sentence), lol. When I say that the MCU isn't for me, I genuinely don't mean that as a knock on the quality of the MCU - just that, for whatever reason, I haven't been drawn into the universe and therefore haven't seen most of the films, including any of the Avengers films. The films I have seen are the "weirder" or lesser known entities, and I have enjoyed those films. Maybe a time will come when I'll marathon all of the films, and be really blown away being able to see all of th
  12. I'm intrigued, based on the reactions. I haven't seen most MCU films, as the MCU (as a whole) is just not for me, though I do really appreciate the incredible work that goes into building a film universe. So the sound of this having some moments of slower pace, focus on character, etc, is genuinely intriguing. Though, of course, it's hard to know what these comments mean exactly in the context of the MCU and social media reactions. I'm going to wait and see what the full reviews suggest. Peace, Mike
  13. I was intrigued by the apparent direction Matt Reeves was going in prior to this trailer, and after this trailer, I may be the most excited I have been in a while to see a comic book film. This looks like it could be a pretty compelling take on Batman. That final sequence, and in particular that final shot, of the trailer gave me chills. I've seen enough to want to see the film in theatres. We'll see how the film pans out. Peace, Mike
  14. Thanks for this - incredibly informative for someone out of the loop. And this is awful. I hope IATSE gets the better working conditions and pay they deserve. I’m not sure how the studios can, with a straight face, characterize so-called “new media” as experimental or an uncertainty at this point. Streaming shows now outnumber those through traditional means, and are totally where it’s at. Case in point: streamers just swept the major series categories at the Emmy’s. Peace, Mike
  15. Can anyone here provide a helpful article, or explanation, about the streaming compensation issue at hand? Do those who work on productions for streaming have worse working conditions/pay, etc? I’m curious. Peace, Mike
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