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  1. Frankly, this post says a lot about you, not me. I'm by no stretch of the imagination a "youth" - but it really shouldn't matter anyway. I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Have you listened to the video? I shared it for a reason, because it's a thoughtful exploration of transphobia from a trans woman, that - in one place - addresses many of the points made about JK Rowling and her essay/comments. If you're not interested in listening and maybe learning something new, particularly from trans individuals (and we all can learn, myself included), then I don't know what to say.
  2. JK Rowling's transphobia is incredibly damaging not only because of her level of fame (power and status), but because she couches her transphobia in the language of being "concerned" for young people and women (conveniently ignoring trans women and young people in that concern). But hidden in her essay (and her comments elsewhere) are deeply damaging tropes about trans people. And she continued to espouse those damaging views through her platform, instead of actually educating herself. It's disappointing. It's time for people to educate themselves. Here's an excellent video essay f
  3. A nearly $50M 3-day, and nearly $60M 4-day, seems pretty excellent for A Quiet Place Part II, given all of the circumstances. I have to imagine that awareness & advertising was lower than under ideal, non-Covid, circumstances; some people are still hesitant and avoiding theatres; etc. Moreover, I live in the most populous province in Canada, and all of our movie theatres are still closed due to Covid restrictions - which already reduces box office potential domestically. I hope this is a sign of better times to come for the box office - I have definitely missed havi
  4. I'm left wondering how there isn't a thread for this show. [Some light spoilers below] Though not always narratively elegant, perhaps - this show was pretty terrific. It was anchored by a wonderful and understated performance from Kate Winslet, and anchored in a real sense of time and place and character. The twists and turns that land are emotional, based on relationships, and rooted in things like grief and community. Julianne Nicholson is excellent. Evan Peters is adorable (Come on, when he says, "Have a good night, Mare!" and then criticizes himself for having wishe
  5. Because the movie completely sidelined Andrew Rannells in a role with no character arc whatsoever. Cordon's character actually had substance - I wish Rannells was cast in Cordon's role instead. For me, I think the role would have resonated a whole lot more. (Admittedly, I'm not a big fan of Cordon to begin with.) Peace, Mike
  6. Tina and Amy proving they are still the best Golden Globes hosts ever, even in a pandemic year and on opposite coasts. I was excited for this year's ceremony for them alone. I genuinely wish they would just settle into a permanent Globes residency and host every year. Peace, Mike
  7. It's hard to fault them for this decision. Studios and companies are trying to do what makes sense for them given the world we live in now. Covid has changed how we can and want to live our lives, and in turn the media landscape. My sense is that people are still clinging to the notion that there will be a return to normal in the near future. Wonder Woman will be missing out on its box office potential, certainly, but I don't find it particularly persuasive to be looking at the film in isolation at this point. We're 8 months into this pandemic, and theatrical business is still seve
  8. I can relate to this. I haven't read Dune, but I read Lord of the Rings for the first time when I was 12, and a big part of my appreciation for it at the time was that very aspect you identify. As I continue to re-read the book as I get older, I appreciate more about it (and different aspects of it). With the trailer release, I'm now discovering I have a lot of friends who have read Dune and have shared the trailer with enthusiasm. I'm choosing to take this as a good sign. Peace, Mike
  9. I'm pretty excited, but I've been that way for a while, given Villeneuve and the cast. The trailer is good. It isn't mind-blowing or anything, but I'm not at all familiar with the story (I haven't read the book), so I don't know if we ought to expect a trailer like that (if it's more character driven vs action driven, etc). I'm pretty much always going to check out a Villeneuve movie. Peace, Mike
  10. Robert Pattinson as Batman is just doing it for me on all levels. I like the trailer. I think it's overly simplistic to say that this is just another dark batman movie. Burton's take and Nolan's take on Batman were distinct. Likewise, this feels like it has its own style and point of view. Peace, Mike
  11. I'm so ready for this. Everyone looks great, including Kristen Wiig. Peace, Mike
  12. I'm assuming that Canada's box office grosses will still be rolled into the "Domestic" gross, as usual, even though we're being thought of as an international market in this context? I agree that there is a possibility (perhaps likelihood) that Tenet flops - and would have done so domestically even if it had a wide release in the US. We still can't be sure the extent to which people will flock to theatres. We've seen in other capacities that even when restrictions are lifted, it doesn't mean things go back to normal. People still make choices based on what they feel is best for the
  13. Sadly, it is a weak trailer for me. It needed either some beautiful money shots, or some resonant character moments. It didn't deliver on either, and that last bit didn't land. Since the film is being positioned as the return of cinema, I was hoping this trailer would really show us why we ought to be excited for this movie. Peace, Mike
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