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  1. MikeQ

    Monday numbers 1/7 - Aquaman 2.605M

    Thanks to the December holidays and good WOM, of $40M+ openers, Aquaman will be only the third live action comic book film to hit a 4+ multiplier, and it will have the second best multiplier ever behind only Batman (1989). Live Action Comic Book Film Multipliers for $40+ million Openers (3+ multipliers in red) Best Live Action Comic Book Film Multipliers for $40+ million Friday Openers: Rank / Title (Year) / Opening Weekend Gross (Multiplier) Batman (1989) — 40.5 million (6.20) Wonder Woman (2017) — 103.3 million (4.00) Aquaman (2018) — 67.9 million (3.87)^ Batman Returns (1992) — 45.7 million (3.56) Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) — 94.3 million (3.53) Spider-Man (2002) — 114.8 million (3.52) Batman Forever (1995) — 52.8 million (3.49) Black Panther (2018) — 202.0 million (3.47) The Dark Knight (2008) — 158.4 million (3.38) MIB 3 (2012) — 54.6 million (3.28) Iron Man (2008) — 98.6 million (3.23) Ant-Man (2015) — 57.2 million (3.15) Marvel’s The Avengers (2012) — 207.4 million (3.00) ^ Run not yet complete Peace, Mike
  2. MikeQ

    Monday numbers 1/7 - Aquaman 2.605M

    Bohemian Rhapsody and Green Book obviously benefited the most from the Golden Globes, as the Best Picture winners, dropping only 39% and 45% on Monday. But also solid holds from Vice (-57%) and The Favourite (-54%). Peace, Mike
  3. Yes, depending on the calendar configuration, it happens pretty frequently during the December holidays. Mary Poppins Returns will also hit 3x multiplier by the end of its second weekend, even when counting its 5-day opening gross as a 3-day opening. Last year, Jumanji and The Greatest Showman (again, even when counting the 5-day opening gross as its 3-day opening for both), as well as Pitch Perfect 3, Downsizing, and Father Figures, all hit a 3x multiplier by the end of their second weekend. The year before that, Sing and Why Him? hit 3x by the end of their second weekend. Etc. Some years this doesn’t happen as much because of the calendar configuration, but there are still other films that come very close to hitting 3x by the end of the second weekend, and still other films that technically hit 3x as well using 3-day opening, but opened on a Wednesday (which is a frequent occurrence some years, again, depending on calendar configuration). Peace, Mike
  4. Thank you for this. I get what you're saying, it is not original in the sense that they aren't the ones that produced it originally. But, as far as their reach as a platform goes, I would still like to highlight it as an example of their Netflix Original content (whether produced originally by them or acquired) finding global audiences. The series is branded as a "Netflix Original", and released as such (acquired, edited, and released worldwide), and they are producing the third season. Peace, Mike
  5. If Deadline's projection of $51.6M for Aquaman proves accurate, it will best Batman v Superman's second weekend despite opening nearly $100M lower. Obviously the December holiday season aids legs, so I'm not suggesting this is a directly comparable situation, but good WOM (versus what was clearly at least mixed WOM for BvS) is helping give the DCEU a leggy holiday success. Best 2nd Weekends for Live Action Comic Book Movies Title (Year) — 2nd Weekend Gross (Drop from Opening Weekend) Avengers: Infinity War — 114.8 million (-55.5%) Black Panther (2018) — 111.7 million (-44.7%) Marvel’s The Avengers (2012) — 103.1 million (-50.3%) Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) — 77.7 million (-59.4%) The Dark Knight (2008) — 75.2 million (-52.5%) Captain America: Civil War (2016) — 72.6 million (-59.5%) Iron Man 3 (2013) — 72.5 million (-58.4%) Spider-Man (2002) — 71.4 million (-37.8%) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) — 65.3 million (-55.5%) The Dark Knight Rises (2012) — 62.1 million (-61.4%) Wonder Woman (2017) — 58.5 million (-43.3%) Spider-Man 3 (2007) — 58.2 million (-61.5%) Thor: Ragnarok (2017) — 57.1 million (-53.5%) Deadpool (2016) — 56.5 million (-57.4%) Iron Man 2 (2010) — 52.0 million (-59.4%) Aquaman (2018) — 51.6 million (-23.5%)^ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) — 51.3 million (-69.1%) Iron Man (2008) — 51.2 million (-48.1%) Spider-Man 2 (2004) — 45.2 million (-48.7%)* Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) — 44.2 million (-62.2%) Suicide Squad (2016) — 43.5 million (-67.4%) Deadpool 2 (2018) — 43.5 million (-65.4%)*** Doctor Strange (2016) — 43.0 million (-49.5%) Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) — 42.1 million (-55.3%) Man of Steel (2013) — 41.3 million (-64.6%)** *Opened on a Wednesday **Opened on Father’s Day Weekend *** Second weekend was Memorial Day weekend ^December holiday weekend Peace, Mike
  6. Though obviously aided by the December holiday season, Aquaman could have one of the best multipliers ever for a live action comic book movie. Multipliers aren't directly comparable given summer comic book films similarly benefit from summer weekdays, higher opening weekends make a film at least somewhat more frontloaded usually (so high multipliers are generally more impressive the larger the opening weekend), etc - but still, good WOM seems to be driving a strong performance over the holidays. Also, it does seem to highlight how studios have avoided tentpole-ing a comic book film during the December holidays until now. Best Live Action Comic Book Film Multipliers for $40+ million Friday Openers: Rank / Title (Year) / Opening Weekend Gross (Multiplier) (List under spoiler tag) Peace, Mike
  7. What is interesting about Netflix, and unlike any other video subscription service that I know of, is its global reach. Its growth internationally has been even stronger than in the US, and it still has plenty of room to grow in different markets. And it produces a lot of excellent international original content, like the Brazilian dystopian series 3% and the Spanish crime-thriller Money Heist, etc, etc. And the diverse original content that it produces is available globally. They are finding talent around the world, both within and outside Hollywood system, and producing movies and shows that become hits locally and globally. Seeing what is possible with Bird Box and a star like Sandra Bullock, it will be interesting to see what kinds of movies Netflix produces in the future that could become global cinematic hits. Netflix is creating global television, global media, in a way that no one has ever done before. Peace, Mike
  8. This isn’t a perfect movie (if only it were better written - it has clunky dialogue at times), but it could be the most exhilarating fun I’ve had in theatres with a comic book movie. The film excels with a capable director at the helm. James Wan clearly knew the narrative and emotional beats he wanted to land, and the visual style he wanted to capture. It is creative and adventurous. There were moments in the film that gave me spine tingles. The film is visually stunning, and there are entire action sequences that are staged and shot in really compelling ways. Also, it was nice to see Nicole Kidman in a superhero film. Can we get Meryl Streep next? Peace, Mike
  9. Personally, I don’t see it hitting $300M. It is possible, if not likely, that Grinch will have some large drops after Christmas is done, because it fits squarely in the Christmas genre. I’m not sure how relevant Coco or Moana are as comparisons in this case. For example, ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ dropped 40% the weekend after Christmas (when all other films across the board increased that weekend), and then it had sizeable drops through most of January. Therefore, I would caution against expecting it to perform like Moana or Coco. Peace, Mike Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. That is another part of the look I don’t like. Aladdin shouldn’t have an undershirt - just a vest. I genuinely hate to be negative, but the look overall of this movie so far just isn’t for me. Peace, Mike
  11. I totally thought Genie was going to be CGI with Will Smith voicing... whoops. I don’t know about this look. I don’t think I like it. Peace, Mike
  12. If you stand by all of your posts, then your assertion that Tele has somehow been patronizing and disrespectful toward you is bizarre, given your posts are very patronizing and disrespectful toward Tele to begin with. It is therefore not surprising that admins/mods are not sympathetic to your complaint - it doesn’t hold any weight given the comments you immediately threw at Tele for simply expressing his opinion (the tone of which was conciliatory). I’ve learned through the years that my arguments and perspectives are better heard (and ultimately more persuasive/compelling) when I truly hear others out (even if I don’t agree with them) and respond in a careful and respectful way. Otherwise, any good arguments I have to make get lost. If you truly want to strive for productive discussions on this board, I encourage you to take this to heart. Cheers. Peace, Mike
  13. Wonder Woman - 93% Aquaman - 75% (61 reviews in) Man of Steel - 56% Justice League - 40% Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - 27% Suicide Squad - 27% Definitely a good sign for DC, as far as critical reception goes and whatever impact RT has on interest in seeing films. With the huge money it is making in China, and overall positive reviews, it will rack up a lot of money at the worldwide box office, and potentially domestically as well this holiday season. It doesn't need a huge opening to still make good numbers overall, given the potency of the December holidays. It will be fun to track the box office of this along with Bumblebee and Mary Poppins Returns, which are also looking to be positively received. Peace, Mike
  14. MikeQ

    Thoughts on theatre chains in Canada

    Agreed. There is a Landmark theatre in my city, among several other theatres (mostly Cineplex) and it is almost literally the only theatre I go to. Their reserved recliner seating is the best. And being able to order my tickets so easily on the Atom app, which also lets me order food ahead of time and the food will be ready when I arrive at the theatre, makes the whole experience the way I want my theatre experience to be. Peace, Mike
  15. As someone who grew up with Pokémon all around them, and who collected Pokémon cards as a kid, I'm kinda looking forward to this now. I dig the trailer. It's good. It feels like Ryan Reynolds and the writers struck the right tone with Pikachu - he doesn't feel like a schtick; rather, he comes off as funny and adorable. In terms of box office potential, it feels like it could attract Pokémon fans and family crowds. The comedy and tone of the film makes it feel more adult, and yet still adorable and attractive to kids. I guess we'll see how it is looking to do closer to release. Peace, Mike

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